Bloomington's Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

2021 Walk Sign-up

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. If you are signing up a group, please sign up each participant individually.  If you do not have individual email addresses (ie: children) please use the email link below and email their names, T-shirt sizes and time-slot requested and we can add them manually. 

If you are a SURVIVOR, please answer YES in the sign-up so that we can honor you with a special gift. 

Thank you!

By signing up for a slot you are acknowledging the following:

WAIVER: In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, I hereby for myself, my heirs, and personal representatives assume any and all risks which might be associated with the event. I further waive, release, discharge, and covenant not to sue the sponsors, organizers, volunteers, Fowler Pumpkin Patch and their representatives, or successors and assigns, for any and all injuries or damages of any kind whatsoever suffered as a result of taking part in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and any related activities.  I also agree to the use of any photo, film or video tape of the event for any purpose.

Date: 10/09/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 8:30am - 10:30am EDT

Location: Fowler Pumpkin Patch
4932 N Greene County Line Rd, Bloomington, IN 47403

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Available Slot

8:30 - 8:45 (50)

35 of 50 slots filled
  Trisha Rademachir
Walking in memory of my mom Gloria Dunn
  Keith Rademachir
  Zoey Rademachir
  Andrew Rademachir
  Jay Rademachir
  Cassie Rademachir
  Trenadee Hier
  Keilynn Hier
  Dawn Price
  Adria Price
  Ryan Chester
  Jennifer Woodruff
  Angie Ashby
  Victoria Mann
  Julia Mann
  Paula Arnold
  Rita Prince
  Linda Connors
  Ladonna Thompson
  Bobbette Root
  Armonda Charon
  Tiara Charon
  Brandon Inman
  Conner Charon
  Hunter Charon
  Michelle Smoot
  Klint Smoot
  Mae Smoot
  Kenneth Smoot
  Carrie Porter
  Jan Conder
  Larry Conder
  Shannon Walls
  Edna DePierre

8:45 to 9:00 (50)

41 of 50 slots filled
  Kimberly Price
  Anthony Price
  Hannah Price
  Hadley Price
  Josie Hanners
  River Johnson
  Gloria Britton
  Deanna Sykes
  Kallista Sykes
  Elizabeth Hume
  Sarah Sipes
  Ella Hume
  Dalton Sipes
  Greyson Hume
  Coby Sykes
  Kendyl Sykes
  Denise Schrader
  Terri Sykes
  Lisa Bell
  Charlene Evans
  Dawn Kinser
  Lyndsey Bannick
  Beth Teeters
  Katrina Ramey
  MacKenzie Bell
  Nate Mullet
  Scarlet Mullet
  Valerie Crouch
  Vonda Clay
  Jana Clay
  Henlee Clay
  Patti Kinser
  Shelbee Kinser
  Baylee Smith
  Sydnee Kinser
  Lillee Isom
  Jamie Isom
  Henlee Clay
  Henlee Clay
  Gary Dobson
  Ronda Dobson

9:00 to 9:15 (50)

37 of 50 slots filled
  Ron Mulinix
  Laura J Gillespie
  Leslie R Gillespie
  Barb Hagan
  Gracie Hensinger
If my dog Leeroy can have a shirt, he would wear Adult Small
  Katie Kent
  Debbie Wolfe
Size XL shirt
  Charlotte Clevenger
  RHONDA Lentz
  Melissa Puckett
  Tammey Sipes
  Laury Flint
  Jaclyn Flint
  Jennifer Buchanan
  Richard Buchanan
  Alyssa Kern
  Raelynn Kern
Laikynn Kern size S- youth
  Laura Vaughn
  Gale Savell
  Gerry Norris
  Tonya Peterson
  Brittany Peterson
  Amelia May
  Jesse McCune
  Melanie Bailey
  Mary Nierzwicki
  Frank Nierzwicki
  Nate Richardson
  Laikynn Kern
  Marilyn Clark
  Brandi Markland
  Donna Deckard
  Madi Arnett
  Diana Markland
  Tracy Meadows
  Natasha Mofield
  Rachel Nielsen

9:15 to 9:30 (50)

22 of 50 slots filled
  Michael Shermis
  Melinda Hamilton
  Debbie Wolfe
  Charlotte Clevenger
  Jean Puckett
  Emily McClain
  Zak Szymanski
  Marge Simic
  Kimberly Cox
  Abby Cox
  Madison Lengacher
  Lisa Reed
  Glenda Clymer
  Jean Emery
  Sandy Garrett
  Rhonda Pate
  Carly Naylor
  Jake Naylor
  Josh Naylor
  Hannah Marshall
  Richard Marshall
  Susan Marshall

9:30 to 9:45 (50)

28 of 50 slots filled
  Jill Johnson-Allgood
  Audrey Teasley
  Leah Johnson
  Hayden Johnson
  Barbara Weinberg
  Jean Puckett
  Sharon Kinser
  Reah Bowles
  Kylee Reed
  Tommi Reed
  Sara Shields
  Sandra Downing
  Kelly Shields
  Taylor Sylvester
  Denise Humphries
  Alisah Hilt
  Laura Vest
  Colleen Sheppard
  Tom Sheppard
  Wade Williams
  Kathy Church
32 yr survivor
  Eric Church
  Daniel Vest
  Helena Zuk
  Maria Mastalerz
  Connie Jordan
  Katie Diehl
  Byron Diehl

9:45 to 10:00 (50)

43 of 50 slots filled
  sheri priddy
  Aaliyah Priddy
  michael priddy
  nycholas priddy
  Seth Jackson
  Samarrah Jackson
  Juanita Martin
  Krisana Martin
  Sheila McGlothlin
  Brenda McGlothlin
  Lisa McCoy
  Carol Parkinson
  Susan Merriman
  Rhea Johnson
  Camryn Johnson
  Tish Hammock
  Jeri Betar
  Tia Feller
  Wyatt Deckard
  Zach Deckard
  Robyn Gardner
  Shelly Bundy
Walking for my mom and sister
  Josh Hendershot
  Brylee Hendershot
  Brylynn Hendershot
  Brylynn Hendershot
  Kelsey Mikels
  Walker Hendershot
  Makenna White
  Makenzie White
  Hadlee Mikels
  Logan Mikels
  Bailey Mikels
  Tana Bundy
  Carter Richardson
  Caiden Richardson
  Jackson Sumner
  Josiah Sumner
  Victoria Parsons
  Jason Parsons
  Josie Hendershot
  Jayce Parsons
  Jonah Parson

10:00 to 10:15 (50)

38 of 50 slots filled
  Jennifer VanDeventer
  Melissa Biggs
  Marcella Selburg
  Sydney Selburg
  Teresa Burton
  Laura DeName
  Audrey Windsor
  Payton Windsor
  Amber Zike
  Paula Blewett
  Cheryl Brown
  Wainona Collins
  Kyle Zike
  Kendall Zike
  Jesse Zike
  Vanessa Selburg
  Debbie Brown
  Ashlee Blewett
  Becky Smith
  Bonnie Hawkins
  Kathy Carlson
  Donna Marrs
  Jenni Mann
  Mickiah Mauder
  Brayden Mauder
  Brady Mann
  Zarren Mann
  Shelly Baumgartner
  Tami Hunter
  Stephanie Neal
  Connie McLennan
  Cathy Pratt
  Nancy Woolery
  Jessica Hart
  Grace Hart
  Madilyn Hart
  Mark Hart
  Mike Hart

10:15 to 10:30 (50)

49 of 50 slots filled
  Ali Meyer
  Maggie R
  Samantha Richards
  Charlee Richards
Child of S.Richards
  Kelly Hopkins
  Gary Hopkins
  Carol Wetzel
  Sherry Woo
  Vanessa Woo
  Tammy Berzenye
Im walking for my step mom
  Willa Morgan
2 time Cancer survivor
  Wendy Smith
  Wilma Wood
  Janet Wood
  Susie May
  Heather Finch
  Kayley Finch
  Kaila Doyle
  Sean Doyle
  Amy Arthur
  Michelle McKee
  Violeta G McKee
  John Ryan
  Nancy McKee
  Anna Green
  Stormy McCarthy
  Tammy McCarthy
  Aiden McCarthy
  Emily Birtles
  Natalie Mormino
  Michael Flynn
  Serina Hutchison
  Teresa Wilkerson
  Darlene Stump
  Ashley Kell
  Hailey Kell
  Lisa Lazell
  Mary Coy
  Kenn Coy
  Danielle Bifulco
  Lora Wolven
  Jim Wolven
Husband of survivor
  Roberta Stafford
  Kelley Stafford
  Addi Salvo
  Julia Stafford
  Kassandra Eads
  Rita Bryant
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