Donations for the Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar Donations

The Christmas Bazaar is an important fundraiser for St. Mark Church.  Your donation below will help us create items for the Bazaar.  100% of the raffle ticket and craft sales will go back to the Church. Donations can be dropped off in the bin in the Kerin Center hallway (outside the Parish Hall).  Thank you for your support!

Created by:   St. Mark Christmas Bazaar

Available Slot

Canning Jars 12 pack of 1 quart, 4 cups, 32 oz (5)

New or gently used


Canning Jars 12 pack of 1 pint, 2 cups, 16 oz jars

New or gently used


Flour - 5# bag (3)


White Sugar - 4# bag (5)


Brown Sugar - box (5)


Uncooked Quick Oats - cannister (2)


Chocolate Chips - bag (15)


Rice Crispies - box


Cocoa Power - cannister (3)


M&Ms - medium bag, PLAIN milk chocolate (15)

Christmas ok


Mini Marshmallows - 10 oz bag (4)


Raisins - 20 oz container (5)


Dry Roasted or Salted Peanuts - 16 oz jar (8)


Bay Leaves - jar


Beef Bouillon Cubes - jar (2)


1 lb bag dried black beans


1 lb bad dried navy beans


1 lb bag dried baby lima beans


1 lb bag dried lentils


1 lb bag dried red lentils


1 lb bag dried black eyed peas


1 lb bag dried pinto beans


1 lb bag dried red kidney beans


1 lb bag dried split peas


1 lb bag dried great northern beans


1 lb bag dried white beans


Thin Christmas colored Ribbon (3)


Wide Ribbon (5)




Gift cards

Grocery store, Target, and Michaels gift cards


Used printer cartridges


Book of Stamps (12)


Local Restaurant Gift Cards (5)


Movie Theatre Gift Cards (5)


Local Spa/Nail Gift Cards (5)


Lowes or Home Depot Gift Cards (5)


Wine Related Accessories


Beef Jerky for Military (5)


Fruit Snacks for Military (5)


Dried Fruit for Military (5)


Chapstick for Military (5)


Eye Drops for Military (5)


Antibacterial Wipes for Military (5)


Granola Bars for Military (5)


Box of 100 #10 white Envelopes (5)


Plain zipper style QUART size bags (5)


Plain zipper style GALLON size bags (5)


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