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December 5th 2018 Brookwood Employee Appreciation Breakfast (Nut-free foods only)

Hello All!

During the 2018-2019 school year, the PA will be hosting 4 seasonally themed breakfasts for all Brookwood employees. This sign up is for the second breakfast of the school year. Similar to previous years, each breakfast will be "grab n' go" buffet style in the serving area of the cafeteria. This year, we have created sign up slots for certain food items that have been popular in the past as well as slots for seasonally themed foods - or if you're feeling creative, there are slots for you to let us know what you'd like to bring. The offering tends to end up with more of a brunch feel to it, with items such as smoked salmon and quiche as well as assorted cheeses and meats and other sweet and savory items. We are grateful for your help and hope that you will review the notes below for guidelines on how to contribute.


  • All Decor items should be delivered by 2pm the day prior to the breakfast (DUE 2pm 12/4)
  • All food items items should be delivered to the serving area of the cafeteria by 7:30am on the date of each breakfast event. (Employees stop by early as they arrive, so that they can enjoy breakfast before their day starts.)
  • Items that should be served warm should be delivered in that state unless you drop off the day before for reheating the next morning by the kitchen staff (see below)
  • For dishes that require reheating (quiche or casserole type dish) a drop off the day before allows time for the kitchen staff to help reheat the morning of the event
  • If you need to drop off items the day/evening before the scheduled event please follow instructions on your confirmation email
  • All items should be labeled (especially if GF, dairy free, vegan, etc.) with not only the item name but your name as well
  • Overall QTY is 100 people, but please do not feel like you should attempt to feed 100 people with each of your items. We have designed the sign up so that multiple areas are covered and we will assess the projected amount of food and add items as necessary for each breakfast
  • Please feel free to get creative - any seasonally specific items are welcomed & encouraged!

Thank you so much for your help and support!

Questions? Please contact Brookwood Parents' Association Employee Appreciation Committee members Sarah Harrison ([email protected]) or Lindsay Bergeron ([email protected])

Date: 12/05/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 7:30am EST

Location: Serving Area of cafeteria

Created by:   Dec 5th 2018 Employee Appreciation Breakfast
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Available Slot

Winter flower arrangements (med/large) (3)

DUE 12/4 day before breakfast (we typically give flowers to employees after the breakfast - if you would like your flowers or vase back, please be sure to let us know)

2 of 3 slots filled
Katie Bouton
Deborah Jaferian

Small winter flower arrangements or plants (3)

DUE 12/4 - day before breakfast to allow for setup (note: we typically give flowers to employees after the breakfast - if you would like your flowers or vase back, please be sure to let us know)

2 of 3 slots filled
Katie Bouton
Deborah Jaferian
Winter flower arrangement

I have a food item idea of my own - I will tell you what it is in the comments section (3)

Please review sign up options in their entirety to ensure no duplicates

All slots filled
Meg Taraska
Waffles made to order - regular and GF/DF
Kimberly Kahan
Lemon cake
Carol Pruellage
Individual chia puddings with berry topper. I will bring them on ice.

Assorted Seltzer (case) (3)

All slots filled
Emily Sullivan
Thanks you guys!
Leanne Colannino
Got it! I'll bring two cases.
Cynthia Graff
Will do!

1 Dozen Hard Boiled Eggs (2)

Best to deliver them with shell on

All slots filled
Kristen Vinson
I will drop them off the day before
Kate Girard
Will deliver - shell on- the morning of the 5th:)

Doughnuts (2)

MUST BE NUT FREE- CANNOT BE PULLED FROM A SHARED NUT FOOD CASE (half baked is nut free, various local farms have packaged donuts but must confirm nut free)

All slots filled
Cristie Carter
Half baked assortment!
Katesy Townsend
old-fashioned and raised donuts

Large Smoked Salmon Platter (must be plated and ready to go) (3)

(pls also include sides like onion, lemon, etc)

All slots filled
Sarah Wheeler-Gaddipati
Will drop off at 7:30. Thanks for organizing!
Alison Harden
Will bring it by 7:30
Nicole Twomey
Will drop by 7:30 - thanks for organizing!

Assorted Fruit Platter/Bowl (2)

All slots filled
Ava Carder
Will bring cut up fresh fruit in pretty bowl!!
Huong Madrigal
I’m sorry I’m afraid I might not be ableTo cut up fresh fruit but I will find the best platter I can find for the best people ever!

Breakfast casserole (this is not a quiche)

sweet please (savory options within another line item)

Chris Soucy
Blackberry French Toast Casserole

Assorted Cheese & Meats Platter (can also include fruit)

Gina Weishaupt
Cheeses and fruit and meats

Assorted Breakfast Sweets (includes gluten, see other slots for GF items) (examples: seasonal sweet breads, muffins, chocolate croissants, plain croissants with jam, cream cheese pastries, etc) (4)

(please review sign up options below to ensure no duplicates for sweets)

All slots filled
Emily Adamson
cranberry bread
Jen Camp
Gingerbread loaf and Chocolate chip gingerbread loaf
Margaret Hansen
croissants/jam, will drop off Tuesday
Anneliese Wyler
An assortment of mini muffins

Oatmeal in crockpot

(pls provide additonal items for oatmeal like brown sugar, cinnamon, berries, etc)


Berry Scones

Wendy McClain
Will drop off that morning

French Toast Platter or French Toast casserole

Heather Fontaine
Baked French toast casserole with berries

1 Dozen Bagels

Stacey Fabrizio
Assortment and cream cheeses

Seasonally themed cheese blintz or crepes

example: winter berry, chocolate cinnamon, etc.

Sarah Harrison

Breakfast casserole (this is not a quiche) (2)

savory please

1 of 2 slots filled
Chris Soucy
Spicy Tex-Mex sausage & veggie casserole

Bacon/Sausage Platter (2)

All slots filled
Ava Carder
Will bring bacon and assorted flavors of cooked breakfast sausages, turkey, apple, maple, pork etc
Lindsay Bergeron

Savory Breakfast Items (cheddar scones, strata, breakfast fried rice) (2)

All slots filled
Sara Day
Sarah Harrison
Cheddar scones or savory casserole

Vegetable (no meat) Quiche (includes Gluten - see below for GF option) (2)

All slots filled
Kristen Vinson
Tomato/spinach/feta from Henry’s and deliver day before
Martha Tassinari Chan
Will drop day before; likely broccoli + cheese

Meat Quiche (includes Gluten - see below for GF option) (2)

All slots filled
Molly Murphy
I will drop off in the morning
Kristen Vinson
Ham & Cheese, will drop off on the 4th

Granola (No Nuts)

can also include yogurt or be premade parfaits (non dairy yogurt welcome as well!)

Jean Skaane
Homemade nut free granola x 2 with dairy/non dairy yogurt

Avocado Spread + Crackers

Kristen Cotter
Got it.

Gluten Free Meat Quiche

brian tinger
bacon and gruyere chese

Gluten Free Veggie Quiche

brian tinger
broccoli and leek

Gluten Free Muffins

Pls review sign up to ensure no duplicates

Anne Bolno
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