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2019 Cook Wissahickon Choir - Spaghetti Dinner Volunteers

It's the Cook-Wiss Choir Annual Spaghetti Dinner. 

Featuring Spaghetti, Bread, Meatballs, and Beverage

Proceeds benefit the Cook-Wissahickon Music Department

Tickets will be sold at the door - Adult $8 & Children $5

Also featuring 50/50 raffle & bake sale


BUT...It's a fundraiser,  we need help.

the actual event is 6pm-8pm, but we'll need to set up and clean-up

If you are signing up your student and/or spouse to be server or busser, please add their name in the comment.

if you're signing up to donate sauce, pasta, bread, baked goods and/or cutlery, please comment with quantity and what kind. 



Date: 02/08/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm EST

Location: Cook-Wissahickon School

Created by:   Cook-Wiss Theatre
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Available Slot

event outreach

1 week to go, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE for volunteers and customers


bakesale booth sales (3)

take a shift at the bake sale booth!

All slots filled
Shakerah Tyler
Valeria Escobar
Stephanie Viola
Happy to help

bake sale donations (10)

please comment with which bake sale item & how many

All slots filled
Shakerah Tyler (3)
1 pack of oatmeal raisin 2 packs of chocolate chip
Ashley Rummelt
Rice krispie treats
Mr. Ramos
homemade cake
Chelsea Flesher
choc chip cookies
Ms. Rockemore
Red Velvet Cupcakes(24)/ Vanilla Cupcakes(24)
Beth Ryan
Dan McGurk
Jill Duffy
chocolate pretzels

bake sale manager

coordinate the donations, set the prices

Shakerah Tyler
Available I can take charge of bake sale

50/50 seller (4)

2 teams of 2... sign up for #TeamJoanne or #TeamMarian

3 of 4 slots filled
Joanne Weill-Greenberg
Kellie Ryan

dishes (4)

it's important that we clean up as we go. As when the event is over we need to quickly leave the building

3 of 4 slots filled
Kathleen Herrman
Grace 4th grade
Stefanie Tuleya
Dan McGurk

trash take out (3)

Sign up your #crescendo - when the event is done we need to leave quickly, so it's important to have the trash taken out throughout the evening


bus & wipe tables (6)

Sign up your #crescendo

5 of 6 slots filled
Valeria Escobar
student volunteer
Leigh Gangloff
Emma Derck
Leigh Gangloff
Leigh Gangloff
Beth Ryan
Will help with clean up
Will Schell
happy to help!

donations (baked breads) (12)

please comment with how many baguettes/rolls/loaves you plan on bringing in. (frozen garlic bread, baguettes to toast, etc

8 of 12 slots filled
Kim Rauscher (2)
2 Loaves of Italian bread
Joanne W_-G
Either frozen garlic bread or baguettes- 2
Daniel McGurk (4)
frozen garlic bread to bake
Matt Patete
2 dozen 12 inch rolls plus garlic butter spread

bread baker (2)

bake the garlic bread at school

1 of 2 slots filled
Samantha Li
Help bake garlic bread!

donations - beverages (12)

request of 4 cases EACH of any of these: bottle water, iced tea (brisk), fruit punch, juice boxes, soda.

4 of 12 slots filled
Kelly Roane
3 cases of water
Joanne W-G
Case of bottles water
Beth Rogers
will bring water/juice
Gretchen Heacock
I will supply 4 cases of soda.

Cooks (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Danielle DePaoli Patete
Matt, of course
Melaniw Martin
Here’s my required comment...

donations - plates, cutlery, papertowels (10)

5 of 10 slots filled
Carma McDaniel
Angie Dixon
3 paper towel rolls
Leigh Gangloff
Beth Ryan
Cutlery , plates
Dan McGurk
plates if needed

50 meatball sized crock pot (8)

All slots filled
Carrie And Fran Corcoran
I’ll bring mine
Jasmine Fields (4)
Will bring 2 exrtra large kettles and 2 regular ones
Margaret Neary
Will bring 1 crockpot
Colleen D’Agostino
I’ll bring one large crock pot
Chelsea Flesher
will bring 1 crockpot

meatballs (8)

50 meatballs each. (no pork)

5 of 8 slots filled
Carrie And Fran Corcoran (2)
Will get turkey meatballs-(BJ brand)
Margaret Neary
50 meatballs (no pork)
Daniel McGurk
Matt Patete
10 lbs of meatballs

donations (plain sauce - no seasoning) (8)

25 jars of sauce total. Please comment with how many jars/bottles of sauce/gravy you plan on bringing. 3-4 suggested

All slots filled
Mr. D (2)
Stefanie Tuleya
4 jars
Kathy Harker (2)
2 large jars
Margaret Neary
4 jars of plain sauce
Melanie Martin
4 jars
Chelsea Flesher
I will bring 4 jars

bread tongs (2)

bring some dollar store tongs

1 of 2 slots filled
Angie Dixon
5 tongs

salad donations (4)

2-3 bags of salad each.

All slots filled
Jasmine Fields (4)
Will provide caesar salad

Donations (butter/ oil (2)

one stick of butter and/or some oil for pasta for the kiddos that don't want "GRAVY"

All slots filled
Carrie And Fran Corcoran (2)
Will get 6 sticks

donations (seasonings/parmesan cheese (4)

please specify what you are bringing, THANKS

All slots filled
Carrie And Fran Corcoran (4)

server spoons (2)

bring some dollar store spaghetti spoons

All slots filled
Shakerah Tyler (2)
I will bring the spoons and salad tongs!

donations (uncooked pasta) (4)

we're looking for 25 boxes of pasta all together. Please comment with how many boxes you plan to bring. 4-6boxes suggested donation

All slots filled
Ashley Rummelt (2)
a total of 12 boxes
Angie Dixon
6 boxes
Kellie Ryan
Will bring 7 boxes to make it 25 total

event coordinator

want to take a bigger role to make sure this event runs smoothly?

Jasmine Fields
Let's do this :)

ticket sales (4)

all sales at the event.. 4 needed to start.

All slots filled
Beth Rogers
Jill Duffy (2)
with my husband

ticket sales manager

come earlier, get change for the cash box.

Dan McGurk

?? needed?? hot plate or sterno set up (4)

TEnTATIVE as we're using the NEW kitchen for keeping the cooked pasta & sauce warm before serving.

All slots filled
Jasmine Fields Fields (4)
Can bring all

front of house (2)

All slots filled
Jasmine Fields (2)
Will coordinate

bringing big spaghetti pot (6)

can we borrow your pot for the event?

All slots filled
Jasmine Fields Fields (4)
Can supply all
Jasmine Fields (2)
Will provide all

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