Larimer County Republican Party

PCP Training

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Date: 05/14/2022 (Sat.)

Time: 12:30pm - 3:00pm MDT

Location: 2700 South Lemay Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80525
2700 S Lemay Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525

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YES (91) -  

Bruce Fishburn (1 guest)

Roger Good (1 guest)

Elizabeth Mulhern (1 guest)

Tina Schulte-Olesky (1 guest)

Randy Crider (1 guest)

Pearl Tyndall (1 guest)

Gertrude Bougher (1 guest)

Tom Wessel (2 guests)

Catherine Parkhurst (1 guest)

Stephen Ponce-Pore (2 guests)

Travis Franklin Franklin (2 guests)

Melanie Stough (1 guest)

Robert Paterson (1 guest)

Stephen Ponce-Pore (2 guests)

Carolyn Goodwin (1 guest)

Carl Almgren (1 guest)

Douglas Braden (1 guest)

Scott Krening (1 guest)

Heather Leppert (1 guest)

Robin Morris (1 guest)

Russell Sinnett Sinnett (1 guest)

Jon Mallo (1 guest)

Suzy Davis (1 guest)

Carol Primmer (2 guests)

Barbara Jo Choury Choury (2 guests)
Trudy will be coming with me.

Jim Combs (1 guest)

david wiegand (1 guest)

Ron Battke (1 guest)

Lisa Hecker (1 guest)

Nolan Brown (1 guest)

Michael Dalrymple (1 guest)

Raymond Lucas (1 guest)

Ron Weinberg (1 guest)

Franco Wederski (1 guest)

DeAnna Wederski (1 guest)

Jack Rhyan (1 guest)

Michael Caldwell (1 guest)

Anne Slack (1 guest)

Charity Cottle (1 guest)

Linda Noffsinger (1 guest)

Patricia A Clark (1 guest)

Daniel Barr (1 guest)

Mike Westlund (1 guest)

Matt Miller (1 guest)

James Martin (1 guest)

Tasha Carr (1 guest)

Matt Wyatt (1 guest)

Karren Drew (2 guests)

Sandra Gust (1 guest)
God Bless America!

Jerry Helton (1 guest)

Erik Lode (1 guest)

Eric Dobbs (1 guest)

Becky Palfreeman (1 guest)
Scott (my husband) is the PCP, but he’ll be out of town and would like me to take notes.

Lori Goebel (1 guest)

Julie Deters (2 guests)
Julie Deters and Glenn Frank

Pati Thomas (1 guest)

Marie Boll (1 guest)

DeWitt Drew (2 guests)

Mickie Nuffer (1 guest)

Brian Smith (1 guest)

Tiffany and Garrett Breitbarth (2 guests)

judith kob kob (1 guest)

Thomas Hepting (1 guest)

John Wilkins (1 guest)
Looking forward to the training. Thank you.

Michael Hayes (1 guest)

David Sislowski (1 guest)

Patrick Hooker (2 guests)

Chris Kelly (1 guest)

Darin Barrett (2 guests)

Gene Schleiger (1 guest)

Vickie Reinke (2 guests)

Bonnie Hautamaki (1 guest)

Randy Fitzgerald (1 guest)

David Leighton (1 guest)

Stephen Jordan (1 guest)

Renee JOHNSON (1 guest)

Hannah Michaud (1 guest)

Larry Haagenson (1 guest)

Joy Schneider (1 guest)
I may arrive a little late.

Rene' McCormick (1 guest)

Andrea Nehrbass (2 guests)

tracey hartke (1 guest)

Luiz Neves (1 guest)
Looking forward to this!

Scott Engles (3 guests)
There are two of us coming, but this is inconsistent with SignUpGenius' "How many will be attending, including yourself?". Sounds like the number of "guests" includes the PCP themselves. It needs clarification.

Phoebe Carlene McWilliams McWilliams (1 guest)
Will you be sharing a list of PCPs' contact info? I hope so.

Teddy Irvine (1 guest)

Dr. Donna Walter Walter (1 guest)
Looking forward to this. Thank you.

Richard Mulhern (1 guest)
looking forward to this training!

Lisa Meyer-Mowbray (2 guests)

Richard Casey (1 guest)

Mary Jones (1 guest) at cinamark 5/2 or 5/4 or 5/7 over internet.

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