McFarlin UMC Missions

McFarlin UMC Angel Tree 2021

Thank you so much for bringing joy to a child this Christmas! Our hope is to bless over 200 children this Christmas, something we could not do without your help.

  • Choose a name from below and purchase gifts.  You do not need to purchase everything on the list! A suggested budget is $100 to $150 per child.
  • Make sure to note the designated color and number for each child.  This helps us keep gifts organized.  Make sure to mark your gifts with this code!
  • You DO NOT need to wrap gifts.
  • If possible, put all gifts into a large trash bag or gift bag.  This helps us with organization.
  • Prior to dropping gifts off at McFarlin, contact Scott Meier (call or text: 405-819-4363) to set a time.
  • Gifts are due by Thursday, December 16.
  • If you shop online, please have gifts sent to McFarlin and addressed this way:
    • Child Color Code and Number
    • McFarlin Methodist Church
    • 419 S. University Blvd.
    • Norman, OK 73069

If you have any questions please contact Scott Meier (call or text: 405-819-4363, email: [email protected]).

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

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Available Slot

Red 14

6 Year Old Male. SHIRT SIZE- 14/16, PANTS SIZE- 14/16, SHOE SIZE- 4.5, FAVORITE COLORS- Blue and Red, WISHES- Spinosaurus, Pokemon Toys, Bakugan

Close Ties Class

Yellow 1

6th Grade Student WISHES- starbucks gift card and reusable cup, 2 strands of indoor LED lights, 60 ft. each

Karen Canfield
Merry Christmas young Lady Starbucks! I’m so happy I can you give a few fun things!

Yellow 4

6th Grade Student- WISHES- Large Nike Shirts, Size 11 Jeans, Size 10 shoes (Blue or purple), Large Nike Sweatpants, size 10 Jordans, Iphone XR Case, Size 10 Nike socks, Large BAPE Shirt, Gatorade water bottle, face care

Adrienne Rollins Rollins
Hunter family

Yellow 5

6th Grade Student- WISHES- Roblox gift card , size 10-12 pants, Fluffy Blanket, Nike Shoes size 5-6, X-small or small Shirts, Vans shoes size 5-6, Jewelry, stickers for computer, lip gloss, crystals, loves elephants

McFarlin Students

Purple 1

10 Year Old Male SHIRT SIZE-18, PANTS SIZE-18, SHOE SIZE-7.5 Kids, Favorite Color- Blue, WANTS- Nike flops, Bulls Hat, Queen Size Comforter (Bed Set), Fortnite V Bucks, Gaming Chair

Crossroads Class

Purple 2

6 Year Old Female SHIRT SIZE- 7, PANTS SIZE-7, SHOE SIZE- 13, Favorite Color- Pink, WANTS- LOL Big Surprise, Frozen Guitar, Cry Baby Doll, Puzzles, Barbie Dream House, Click N Play Pretend Washable Make-Up Set, Socks

Sue Swenson

Purple 3

4 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 6, PANTS SIZE-6, SHOE SIZE- 11.5, WANTS- Remote Control Car, Playdoh, Quad Ride On 6 Volt, Activity Station (Tools or gas station), Lego City Police or Fire Station Play Set, House Slippers, Socks

Sue Swenson Swenson

Purple 4

3 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-5T, PANTS SIZE-5T, SHOE SIZE-10.5, Favorite Color- Green, WANTS- Cars with Car Track, House Slippers, Socks, Puzzles, Magnet Drawing Board, Remote Car, Quad Ride on Toy 6 Volt

Sue Swenson

Purple 5

6 Month Old Female CLOTHING SIZE- 6-9 Month, SHOE SIZE- 3-4, WANTS- Teething Toys, Soft Blocks, Push Walker, Light Up Sensory Toy, Musical and Light Up Toys, Socks

Knoblauch Family

Purple 6

2 year old Male, SHIRT SIZE-4T, PANT SIZE- 4T, SHOE SIZE-8C, WANTS- Size 5 Diapers, Sleepers Size 5T, Toddler Bed, Cocomelon Toys, Blippi Toys, Learning Toys, Blues Clues Toys

Traci Courange
The Courange Family

Purple 7

8 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE-12, PANTS SIZE-10-12, WANTS- Jewelry Box, Winter Boots, Princess Dresses, Hair Stuff, Princess Bed, Bike, Doll House, Jewelry


Purple 8

12 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- M, PANTS SIZE- 12, WANTS- Anything Sonic the Hedgehog, Outdoor Basketball Hoop, Sonic Bedding (blanket and sheet set), Train Set


Purple 9

15 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- Large, PANTS SIZE- 14, SHOE SIZE- Men's 9, WANTS- Black Blanket and Sheet Set, Necklaces, Men's winter gloves, a winter jacket, Harry Potter Books, Bike

Upper Room

Purple 10

15 Year old Female, SHIRT SIZE- small, PANTS SIZE- juniors 1-3, SHOE SIZE- 6-6.5, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WANTS- Blanket Hoodie, Teddy Bear Slippers, 'PINK" Brand jogging suit, Vintage Nike Sweatshirt, Neumel Ugg Boots, "PINK" Brand perfume, Brown Converse


Purple 11

12 Year Old Female, PANTS SIZE- 3/4 Juniors, SHIRT SIZE- Small, SHOE SIZE- 8-8.5, FAVORITE COLOR-Pink, WANTS- Bead Spinner, Fath Books, Nike Hoodie, Seed Beads, Birthday Stickers, Books (contact Scott for list), Burgundy Converse Chuck Taylor


Purple 12

17 Year Old Female, PANTS SIZE- 13/14, SHIRT SIZE-medium, SHOE SIZE- womens 11-11.5/ Mens 10, FAVORITE COLOR- LAVENDER, WANTS- Lavender Crocs, Pajamas, Fuzzy Socks, House shoes, purple satin body pillow, Purple bath towels, purple robe, purple painting

Ethan Becker
Becker Family

Red 1

6 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 7/8, PANTS SIZE-7 or 7/8, SHOE SIZE- 1 Youth, FAVORITE COLOR- Dark blue and Dark Green, WISHES- Barbie, squishmellows, Jojo Siwa, Popits, Barbie Dream Camper DISLIKES- anything baby


Red 2

10 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-12, PANT SIZE-10/12, SHOE SIZE- 5 Youth, FAVORITE COLORS- camo and red, WISHES- Nintendo switch Joy Controllers, nice clothes, Fortnite anything, underwear, socks


Red 3

4 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 4T, PANTS SIZE- 4T, SHOE SIZE- 9 toddler, FAVORITE COLORS- Pink and Purple, WISHES- Barbie Dream Camper, JoJo Siwa Toys, Girly Stuff, Small Barbie House

Lonna Yeary

Red 4

12 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- L, PANTS SIZE- 13, SHOE SIZE-5, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WISHES- Art Set, My Hero Academia Stuff, Make-up Set, DOES NOT LIKE- pink

Laura Lauchner

Red 5

8 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-M, PANTS SIZE-M, SHOE SIZE-3, FAVORITE COLOR- Green, WISHES- Godzilla, Action Figures, Dinosaurs

Jane Cook

Red 6

7 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- M, PANTS SIZE- M, SHOE SIZE- 1, FAVORITE COLORS- Pink and Purple, WISHES- Baby Alive, Barbie, Make-Up Set

Megan Curry
Megan Curry

Red 7

7 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-6, PANTS SIZE-7, SHOE SIZE-1, FAVORITE COLOR- Green, Wish List- Nintendo Switch Games


Red 8

5 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 4, PANTS SIZE - 5, SHOE SIZE-10, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WISHES- Nintendo Switch Games

Lydia Wears
Lydia Wears

Red 9

10 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 10/12, PANTS SIZE- 12, SHOE SIZE- 4, FAVORITE COLOR- Black, WISHES- drawing set, sasuke (anime character), Funko Pop Statue, Drifting Remote Control Racecar

Upper Room

Red 10

8 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE-7, PANTS SIZE- 7 Slim, SHOE SIZE-13, FAVORITE COLORS- Red, White, Purple, WISHES- LOL Surprise Deluxe, Rainbow High Dolls, Baby Yoda Doll

Jennifer May

Red 11

6 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE-6, PANTS SIZE- 6, SHOE SIZE-12, FAVORITE COLORS- Pink and Purple, WISHES- Art Supplies, LOL Surprise, Unicorn Stuff, Puzzles, DISLIKES- Princesses

Meagan Barr

Red 12

12 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- M, PANT SIZE- 14, SHOE SIZE- 7, FAVORITE COLORS- Black, yellow, purple, WISHES- Makeu-, BTs Album, Beads to make Bracelets

The Wesley

Red 13

9 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- Jr. Med, PANTS SIZE- Jr. 4 or 6, SHOE SIZE- women's 5, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WISHES- LOL Dolls, Canvases, Acrylic Paints, Paint Brushes

Meagan Barr

Red 15

4 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 10/12, PANT SIZE- 10/12 (no skinny or slim fit), SHOE SIZE- 12.5, FAVORITE COLORS- Blue and Pink, WISHES- Frozen Castle, Princess Blanket, Rainbow High Dolls


Red 16

6 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 7/8, PANTS SIZE- 7/8, SHOE SIZE-2, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WISHES- Play Tools, Police Car, Legos

Sue Swenson

Red 17

9 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-XL Youth, PANTS SIZE- 14/16, SHOE SIZE-8.5, FAVORITE COLOR- Green, WISHES- Nintendo Control, Motorcycle Toy, Legos

Upper Room

Red 18

10 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- Adult small, PANTS SIZE- 16 Husky, SHOE SIZE- 9, FAVORITE COLOR- Black, WISHES- Trains Legos, Remote Control Car, Hats

New Horizons

Red 19

8 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-7/8, PANTS SIZE- 8, SHOE SIZE- 3, FAVORITE COLOR- Green, WISHES- Anything Spiderman, Anything Pokemon, Football Stuff

New Horizons

Red 20

5 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-5, PANTS SIZE- 5, SHOE SIZE- 10, FAVORITE COLOR-ORANGE, WISH LIST- PJ Mask toys, cars, soccer ball

Traci Courange
The Courange Family

Red 21

10 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 12-14 Youth, PANTS SIZE-14/16 Youth, SHOE SIZE- Men's 8.5, FAVORITE COLOR- Red, WISHES- Waterproof Speaker, Gaming Headset with Mic, Goosebumps Books

Michael Nash

Red 22

8 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 8/10, PANTS SIZE-8, SHOE SIZE-4, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WISHES- Roller Blades, suishy, lava lamp kit, Two Plushy, popit, scienve kit, basketball, crystals art kit, baby dolls

New Horizons

Red 23

8 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 8/10 , PANTS SIZE-10, SHOE SIZE-4, FAVORITE COLOR- Pink, WISHES- Crystal Art Kit, football, Science kit, Two Plushy, Realistic Baby Dolls, Lava Lamp, 6 Pop its, squishy

New Horizons

Red 24

11 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-11/12, PANTS SIZE- 11/12, SHOE SIZE- 5, FAVORITE COLOR- Green, blue, red, WISHES- Lego Minecraft Trading post, Jada Toys Nano Minecraft Metal figures, Sky Rover King (Remote Control helicopter), Alchemy Board Game

Jennifer May

Red 25

8 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 9/10, PANTS SIZE- 9/10, SHOE SIZE-1, FAVORITE COLORS- pink, purple, gray, WISHES- LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club, Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Large Play set, Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink, Fashion Angels DIY Craft Box

Kate Vahlberg

Red 26

5 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 5/6, PANTS SIZE- 5/6, SHOE SIZE-1, FAVORITE COLOR- orange, green, blue, WISHES-Marvel Spiderman 2CH 1 R helicopter, Dojo Battle Electronic Battle game, Robo Alive Dino Wars T-Rex, Nerf Dinosquad Stegosmash Blaster

Upper Room

Red 27

2 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-3T, PANTS SIZE-3T, SHOE SIZE- 7 Toddler, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WISHES- Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Blanket, Theo Klein Cleaning Trolley Toys, VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox, Vtech Pop-a-Balls Bulldozer

Upper Room

Red 28

10 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE-10, PANTS SIZE-10, SHOE SIZE-1, WISHES-Art Set, Shopkins, Ball, Scarf, Gloves, Hat, Hoodie, Pajamas

Upper Room

Red 29

8 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-10, PANTS SIZE-10R, SHOE SIZE-3, WISHES-Star Wars Toy, Basketball, Legos, Winter Gloves, Winter Boots, Pajamas

Ethan Becker
Becker Family

Red 30

5 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-6T, PANTS SIZE- 6 slim, SHOE SIZE-11, WISHES- Popit, Car Track, learning toys, winter gloves, hat, jacket

Sue Swenson

Yellow 6

6th Grade Student- WISHES- Vanilla Bath and Body Works products, fluffy blanket, size 7 pants, Large shirts, Shoes size 7, Large jacket, jewelry, makeup, hats, slime, socks

Upper Room

Yellow 7

6th Grade Student, WISHES- Nike Air Jordans 93 size 5, Walmart Slime Licker-blue

Jake Chapman

Yellow 8

6th Grade Student- WISHES- Nike socks size 8-12, Under Armor Clothing, Tooth Brush, Air force 1, Earring, Chain, Headphones, Hat

McFarlin Church Donations

Yellow 10

6th Grade Student- WISHES- Clothing- Pants size 12, shirt size 12, Shoe size 6 or 7, Justice Earrings, Fidgets, hoodie for pet guinea pig, har ties, hair products, plushies, teddy bears, squishmellows, art supplies, iphone 8 phone case, sewing materials

Amy Craighead

Yellow 3

8th Grade Male- WISHES- Dualshock wireless controller for PS4 (jet black), Adult clothing size small- in need of new clothing, shoes size 11 Mens, New backpack

Kristin Smithmier

Yellow 12

8th Grade Male- Wishes- black and white pre built skateboard from walmart, MakeMeChic Women's Contrast Collar Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Top from Amazon (Apricot Color)

Shelli Jackson
The Jackson family

Yellow 13

8th Grade Male- WISHES- Playstation 4 gift Card (available at walmart), Nintendo Pokemon Sword, Nintendo Pokemon Shield, Venom Let There be Carnage Blu Ray, Youth Large Shirts (Nintendo Naruto, star Wars), Playstation Store Gift Card

Kelli Hopper

Yellow 14

8th Grade Female- WISHES- bluetooth Headphones (wireless or regular), black backpack, Nintendo Switch Majora's Mask Zelda Game, Belt Chain, Brand: Packitcute Cute Dress for Teens Girl Two Piece Set Bunny Prints Casual Cotton Dresses for Spring Autumn

McFarlin Students

Yellow 16

8th Grade Female- Fidget Toys (blak, cyan, pastel), Wired headphones (pink), Fazbear Frights Novels (2,4,9, 10,11&12), Black Platform Boots size 10, Pleated Skirt size Large (pink or black), fingerless gloves (pink or white,), Flute cleaning rod and cloth

Jenni Roberts

Yellow 17

8th Grade Male Student- WISHES- Playstation Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card, size 14 Nike Black Shoes, basketball, Sonic Gift Card

Jennifer May

Yellow 19

8th Grade Male Student- WISHES- Fidget Spinner, Lunchbox, Winter Hoodie, Among Us Minecraft Skins, Chewtoys for dog, Tug of War Ropes, Cat Toys, Gloves, Winter Hat

Shelli Jackson
The Jackson Family

Yellow 20

8th Grade Male Student- WISHES- PS4 Fall Guys, Top Hat, ps4 Resident Evil 7, ps4 Spiderman Miles Morales, ps4 Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3

McFarlin Church Donations

Yellow 22

8th Grade Male Student- WISHES- Massage Gun, LED Strips, Airpods, PS4 Vanguard Call of Duty, baketball, Mens M or L Nike hoodie, MJ Jersey (Mens M or L), Chicago Hat, Vans size 10, Black silk durags

McFarlin Church Donations

Yellow 21

Wishes- Blue furry Cover, Stickers for Computer, Red Pillow, Bath and Body Works Perfume

Tomee Andrews

Yellow 24

Bath and Body Works Candles, Walmart gift Card, Amazon Gift Card, Jumbo Stuffed Animals, Baby Dolls, Hat for Boys, 4XL hoodies, Slim Stuff Shaving Cream, Painting Art Supplies, Eye Shadow Clay

Jennifer May

Yellow 26

Blue High Top Vans size 7.5, Orange Hoodie size Large, Size 3 in Womens Blue Jeans (Skinny Cut), Medium T-Shirts

McFarlin Church Donations

Red 31

9 Year Old Female- SHIRT SIZE- Medium 7/8, PANTS SIZE- Medium 7/8, SHOE SIZE 3, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WISHES- Clothing (Shirts, Pants, Shoes), watch, doll, basketball, books, coloring books, toys

Elizabeth Douma


9 Year Old Male- SHIRT SIZE-10/12, PANTS SIZE-10/12, SHOE SIZE-3.5, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, Black and Gray, WISHES- Anything is appreciated

McFarlin Students

Green 12

8 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE-8, PANTS SIZE- 9, SHOE SIZE- 3, FAVORITE COLOR- Turquoise, WISHES- Makeup

Kristi Cooper
Kristi Cooper

Green 13

9 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- Medium, PANTS SIZE- 8, SHOE SIZE-4, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WISHES- Bicycle

Jane And Charles Brideau

Green 14

7 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE-12/14, PANTS SIZE 15, SHOE SIZE 14/16 Youth, FAVORITE COLOR- Pink , WISHES- bicycle, LOL Dolls, Art Supplies

McFarlin Students

Green 15

9 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- Youth M or 8, PANT SIZE- 9 Youth, SHOE SIZE- 2 youth, WISHES- Art Supplies and books, likes sea creatures

Kristi Cooper
Kristi Cooper

Green 16

6 Year old Male, SHIRT SIZE- Youth Small or 6, PANTS SIZE- 6/7, SHOE SIZE-13 Kids, FAVORITE COLORS-Blue and Orange, WISHES- Trucks, Cars, Books (likes minecraft)

Kristen Howard

Green 17

5 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 5T or 6, PANTS SIZE-7, SHOE SIZE-11, FAVORITE COLOR-Blue, WISHES- Dinosaurs, Godzilla Toys, Mario toys, Clothes, shoes

Kristen Howard

Green 18

10 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- Kids XL, PANTS SIZE- Large or 18, SHOE SIZE-6, FAVORITE COLOR- Pink, WISHES- Make up, Paint, miniatures, beads, anything girly

Madison Hatter
With McFarlin students

Green 19

12 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-30 to 40, PANTS SIZE 32 to 40, SHOE SIZE-8, FAVORITE COLOR- Black, WISHES- Video gaming headset, minecraft video games for PS4, PS4 controller, PS4 Dragon Ball Z Games, soft blanket

McFarlin Donations

Green 20

9 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 9/9, PANTS SIZE-8, SHOE SIZE-1, FAVORITE COLOR- Black, WISHES- Video Gaming Headset, PS4 Controller, Lego Games for PS4, Mario Legos, popits, Roblox

McFarlin Church Donations

Green 21

9 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 10, PANTS SIZE- 10, SHOE SIZE- 7.5, FAVORITE COLOR- Blue, WISEHS- Lamp or room, watch, blue twin comforter, pop its, desk organizer, sketch book set

Devin Couch

Green 22

8 Year old Female, SHIRT SIZE-10, PANTS SIZE-10, SHOE SIZE- 3, FAVORITE COLOR- Pink, WISHES- guitar, dolls and food for dollhouse, skates (3-6), White board with markers, Crib for baby dolls

Madison Hatter
Lulu with McFarlin students

Green 23

7 Year old Female, SHIRT SIZE-8, PANTS SIZE 8, SHOE SIZE-1, FAVORITE COLORS- Pink and Purple, WISHES- Anything Barbie

Devin Couch

Green 24

10 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- Large, PANTS SIZE-16-18, SHOE SIZE- 6.5-7, FAVORITE COLORS- Sea Colors, WISHES- Anything to do with sea or sea life

Jennifer White

Green 25

8 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 10-12, PANTS SIZE- 12-14, SHOE SIZE- 5.5-6, FAVORITE COLOR- Green and Black, WISHES- Sports Items (Likes dinosaurs and skateboarding)

McFarlin Students

Green 26

8 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE 12, PANTS SIZE- M (10/12), SHOE SIZE 4, FAVORITE COLORS- Blue, black and green, WISHES- Bicycle, Elastic waist sweatpants, shirts with prints

McFarlin Students

Green 27

10 Year Old Female, SHRIT SIZE- Kids 16, PANTS SIZE-kids 14, SHOE SIZE- women's 7, FAVORITE COLORS- Purple, WISHES- fidgets, board games, anything for guinea pigs, doll accessories

McFarlin Students

Green 28

8 Year old Male, SHIRT SIZE-10/12, PANTS SIZE- 10/12, SHOE SIZE-3.5, FAVORITE COLORS- blue, gray, black, WISHES- anything (likes games)

Karen Tobey

Green 29

7 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 8, PANTS SIZE- 8, SHOE SIZE-2, FAVORITE COLOR- Pink, WISHES- Hoodies and anything else

Craig&Anna Parker

Green 30

6 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 7/8, PANTS SIZE- 6, SHOE SIZE -13, FAVORITE COLOR- Rainbow, pink and purple, WISHES- LOL Dollhouse, LOL Dolls, Kinetic Sand, Barbies, Calico Critters

Craig&Anna Parker

Green 31

4 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE- 6, PANTS SIZE- 4, SHOE SIZE 11, FAVORITE COLOR- Pink, teal, purple, glitter, WISEHS_ Dollhouse, Kinetic Sand, LOL Dolls, Riding Car, Barbies

Craig&Anna Parker

Green 32

9 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 10/12, PANTS SIZE- 8, SHOE SIZE-2, FAVORITE COLORS- blue, red, green, WISHES- Venom Carnage toys, Hoodie, Xbox Headset

Craig&Anna Parker

Green 33

7 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE- 8, PANTS SIZE- 8, SHOE SIZE -1, FAVORITE COLORS- blue and green, LIKES- Science, sports, video games, WISHES- Ryan's World Spy Gadgets

Leslie Mills

Green 34

4 Year Old Female, SHIRT SIZE 5, PANTS SIZE 5, SHOE SIZE 10, FAVORITE COLORS- pink, purple, rainbow WISHES- My Little Pony, LOL Surprise, Rainbowcorn, Ryan's World

Tammy George

Green 35

9 Year Old Male, SHIRT SIZE-10/12, PANTS SIZE-10/12, SHOE SIZE 4, FAVORITE COLOR- Purple, LIKES- Nature, Science, Sports/X-Sports, Video games, Tumbling Mat

Laura Lauchner
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