Day of Service

Day of Service Project Sign-up

At this time we will be closing sign-ups, however please feel free to come to the opening ceremonies at 8am on the high school football field.

We appreciate your help in advanced!!


Day of Service Committee 

Date: 09/15/2018 (Sat.)

Created by:   Wild Cat
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Available Slot

Kindness Kits (10)

Assembling kits with hygiene items, food, drinks, and scarfs/hats/gloves

All slots filled
Becca MacMurdo
Krisa Heyob
Beth Smith
Stephanie Klemm
2X lg
Sharon Gieringer
Kristel Drew (3)
(1) Adult Large (2) Adult Small
Heather Borntrager
Miranda Meibers

Lending Library (20)

Install the Lending Libraries in the 10 communities.

5 of 20 slots filled
JamieLyn Johnson
JamieLyn Johnson-LEADER
Pam Hopkins
Carrie Haessig
Carrie Haessig (XXXL)
Rebecca Osborne
Katelyn Scheid

Landscaping (10)

Weed, plant, and mulch the area by the flag poles.

6 of 10 slots filled
Don Weber
Sally Jones
Leader. Lg t-shirt
Anna Herrmann (4)

Kindness notes (40)

Write inspirational notes that will brighten someones day! They will be placed in the kindness kits and other bags that are distributed throughout our community.

All slots filled
JamieLyn Johnson
JamieLyn Johnson-M
Laura Meyers
Lesley Fette
Julia Harmon
Shirt Size- Adult Medium
Kennedy Ashley
Shirt Size: Adult Small
Maddy Pittman
Adult medium
Seth Tumlin
Erin Linko
size medium
Sophia Fanelli
Adult medium
Sharon Gieringer
Andrew Dillman
Rachel Duerler
Julie Duerler
Adult small
Carrie Haessig
Carrie Haessig
Rebecca Osborne
Joyce Steinfort
Mary Whitmore
Ali Whitmore
Rita Skeen (10)
Group from Miami Whitewater UMC
Sheila Reynolds
Amber Lammert
Riley Lawhorn
Missy Dummitt
Liz Davis
Susie Kessler
Garryn Cavanaugh
Jesica Shane
I will have my 4 & 6 year old.
Karen Russell (3)
1adult and 2 kids
jace loos

Junior Baseball Field (10)

Spread dirt on fields

All slots filled
Hayden Bill
Shirt size-medium
Blake Keppler
Kyler Esterman (2)
Lori Esterman
Will Nieman (2)
1 large shirt and 1 medium; will and Michael Nieman
Jeff Enneking
Jeff, Brady, Cam will help
David Gozdiff
XXL shirt
Jacob Gozdiff

Spirit of Harrison Drive (10)

Spirit of Harrison canned food, personal care items, and cleaning supply drive.

All slots filled
Cyndi McClure-Hoerst
Rebecca Osborne
Carrie Haessig
Beverly Kater
Leola Rider
Judy Walsh
Heather Weston (3)
Fran Petredis McConnell
Fran McConnell-petredis size med

Retire Flags (10)

6 of 10 slots filled
Olivia Long
Art Bryant
Pastor Kathi Elliott
Boy Scout Troop 408
Spoke to Travis McCormick. We will take the lead on this if that's OK
Will Janszen
Anthony Montemurro

Roadside Clean-up (40)

There will be different locations to clean-up. If you have a certain area please list it in the comments part.

23 of 40 slots filled
Jessica Andress (5)
LEADER; Shirt size: Adult Small + my husband and kiddos
Lisa Bowman (2)
Husband (Darren) & I - can help where need is greatest.
A. Rae Noyes
Just tell me where and when to go and what to bring.
Dawn Marlowe (3)
West Rd between Dry Fork and Carolina Trace both sides / or where else you would like us.
Cheyanne Fausz
Clayton Purdy
just tell me what to do and when to do it
Caleb Herrick (2)
Jack Webster
Chris Engel (2)
Kendall Curry
Sam Engel
Samuel Herrmann
Ken Saxon
Christine Curry

Community Garden (30)

Harrison Elementary, Whitewater Valley, and Miami Whitewater United Methodist

14 of 30 slots filled
Willisa Redford
Will lead up garden at Whitewater Valley Elementary
Justin Fuhrmann (4)
Assist at Whitewater Elementary
Pamela Hasenohr
Will help at Harrison Elem. XLg.
Mike Mains
Assist at Whitewater Elementary
Dan Simpson
Leader at Miami Whitewater UMC Large shirt
Mia, Sydney, & Lucas Neckel (3)
The Neckels will help with the garden and other projects at WVE
Quannah Newton
Will help out with whitewater
Brookelyn Siebert
Harrison Elementary -Medium
Jennifer Bornemann

Registrar to Vote (5)

Help people get the forms.

3 of 5 slots filled
Cindy Abrams
Size M
Marguerite Boeckmann (m)
David Pandorf

New Baltimore Playground (10)

Clean-up, install new basketball nets, and spray paint.

9 of 10 slots filled
Patty VanCleve
I will help lead the project.
Jen Davis
adult lg
Carrie Hursh (2)
Jennifer Strong (2)
2-Small, 3-xs
Katie Enneking
Margie Brown
Angie Wallace

Rock Painting

This is an event that is for kids pre-k-8th grade. We will hold this event on a weeknight prior to Sept. 15th.

54 slots filled - more available
Patty VanCleve
JamieLyn Johnson
JamieLyn Johnson-M
Becca MacMurdo (3)
Laura Meyers
Lesley Fette
Krisa Heyob (3)
Jennifer Strong
Adult medium
Cyndi McClure-Hoerst
C Clemow (4)
4 grandkids
Shelly Jung (2)
Heather Borntrager
2 adults and 1 child attending
Angela Markarian (3)
Juliet Sipniewski
2 kids & 1 adult attending - 2 YS shirts
Nicole Hiler (2)
8 year old girl
Alyson Seipelt
Crosby Leadership Team can paint rocks at school and have for clean up day.
Fran Petredis McConnell
Fran McConnell-petredis
Katie Enneking
Adult medium, adult XL, child large, child medium, child small
Dawn Broxterman (3)
Dawn Broxterman
Natasha Neumann
Small t-shirt
Lainey Neumann
Youth medium
Kaidence Neumann
Youth medium
Nina Martin (4)
Melanie Moore (5)
Moore girls - we will paint 100 prior to the event and will share with our Harrison ROCKS Facebook group.
Jessica Andress (2)
Shirt size: Child Medium (1), Child Small (1)
Miranda Meibers (2)
Jesica Shane (3)
I will have my 4 & 6 year old.
Sue Kinnett
Jayden Crone
Stacey Woods Yinger
Kim Hotel

Community Center Trail Clean (20)

Clean-up of the trails in the community center.

10 of 20 slots filled
Tammy Knock (2)
We would love our volunteers to bring the following: -Yard-work gloves and protective eye-wear -loppers (that can cut 3/4 branches) -Felcos (hand clippers) -leaf rakes **if anyone is susceptible to poison ivy, it's a good idea to wear long pants/shirts
Jack Phillips
Nicole Hiler (4)
Kellie H. (2)
T-shirt adult-medium
Jim Eckel
Already ordered shirt Adult Medium

Clothing Drive (10)

Collection of clothing

1 of 10 slots filled
Raileigh Legner

Willow Park (10)

Clean-up of Willow Park

1 of 10 slots filled
Cheryl Oeters - Leader

Shawnee Springs

Play games, read, watch television with the elderly.

28 slots filled - more available
Josie Doty