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Check Day - April

Dear Volunteers,

Our next Passport Check Day is coming up on April 27, Friday.

We would love to have you join us to test the students. If you would like to help this month, please sign up! (We need at least 25 volunteers to have things run on time!).

Check Day is from 8:30 am to approximately 10:40 am. You may stay for whatever time that works for you!

We will provide Starbucks coffee and pastries for volunteers.

We hope to see you on the 27th!


Following are instructions for those who are new (or in case you just need a reminder):

·         We will meet in the Ben Rush Commons at 8:25 am. Enter the building through the main entrance and turn left at the cheetah. Please sign in at the office before you go to the Commons.

·         We will begin checking around 8:30 am, just after student announcements.

·         Please make sure you are familiar with the guidelines listed below to ensure we are all providing the same level of service to each student.

Guidelines for Passport Checkers:

 - Checkers should be familiar with all the items on the Level 5 map. One can access the study maps online at - Password - HelloWorld (case sensitive). Copies of the map for each month will also be available during checking.

 - Greet each child with a smile, and by name, if possible.

 - Hand the child a toothpick for pointing to the items in each level, on a blank map of the world, which is available at the checking station.

 - Ask the child to point to the items in Level 1 and highlight each item on his/her passport, as it is located. If the child does not start at Level 1, start where he or she begins. (But encourage them to start with Level 1.)

 - If all of the items in Level 1 are successfully located, go to the next level.

 - Ask the child if he or she has studied other levels and would like to continue. Students may do levels out of order or skip a level to go to another level.

 - Proceed as in Level 1 until the child cannot locate any more items. If a child can locate only one or two items in a level, do not continue with that level. There isn't time to spend guessing.

 - If the child does not locate all of the items in any given level, he does not get a postage stamp for that level.

 - For each level successfully completed, the child will choose a postage stamp to glue into his or her passport when he is finished checking. It works best if the checker puts a spot of glue on the page for stamps and the child places his chosen stamp(s) on that spot. For students who complete all five levels without help, the student rings the bell. Everyone claps and cheers to celebrate their accomplishment.

 - Kindergarten and first grade students all get at least one stamp regardless of their ability to locate the items. If they know one or more levels, give them 'additional' stamps for the levels they know. For those students who don't know any or all of Level 1 items, please teach them on the spot and give them a postage stamp for that one level.

 - Students in all other grades need to know all items in a level to get a stamp.

 - When checking Level 5, the checker will say the name of the country in parenthesis, and the student will say the name of the capital. Some names are hard to pronounce, so give credit if the student comes close.

 - Return the passport to the child and be sure to keep the toothpick for the next child.

 - When checking is complete, return the materials to the designated bags on the tables and return them to the Passport Club bin. Return all Level 5 maps and blank maps to the bin as well.

Thank you for your help with making the Passport Club available to all the kids at Ben Rush.


Date: 04/27/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 8:25am - 10:30am PDT

Location: Ben Rush Commons

Created by:   Ipsita Das
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Ashwini Gopala Raj Urs
Will join at 8.45 am
Archana Sood
Will be volunteering from 8:25 to 10 am .
Suhasini Avvaru
Punam Tiwari
Rajni Doyle
Passport check day
Cheri Hoggard
I can be there 8:30-10:15
Punam Tiwari
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