Temple Ner Tamid

Potluck Dinner with Henry Sapoznik

Award-winning author, record and radio producer, banjoist and klezmer music performer Henry Sapoznik joins us this year for our Annual Artist in Residence weekend on Shabbat Shira--the Song of the Sea, the oldest song in the Torah.

Friday evening, January 18, Henry will participate with Cantor Meredith Greenberg as he integrates Yiddish gems throughout the service. Services at 6:30 pm; community potluck (dairy—no meat or shellfish) dinner at 7:30 pm. A 30-minute concert will follow dinner.

This weekend has been made possible by Marge & Paul Grayson in memory of Elinor Neifeld z”l.

Date: 01/18/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm EST

Location: Temple Ner Tamid

Created by:   Laurie Schifano

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Main Entrees
  4 slots filled - more available
Steve Penney
vegetable quiche
Julie Blackman
Zucchini quiche serves 12-15
Daniel Shapiro
Quishe or Pasta dish
Side Dishes
  13 slots filled - more available
Lynn Abelson
Green salad
Vicki Pollack
Dairy Kugel, Serves 16-20
Barbara Krentzman
cut vegetables and dip
Joyce Slous
Some sort of salad
Ronni Pressman
Bringing soup.
Judy Rich
Will bring veggie dish or salad
Joanmarie Kalter
will think of something!
Cynthia Sadler
Chocolate Babka
Alice Kurtz
Spinach loaf
Diane Lavenda
Large salad
Lynda Indek
Chummus & Crackers
Amy Karas Plaut
Moroccan carrots
Claire Keyles
Hot and Cold Beverages
  8 slots filled - more available
Phyllis Berman
1 case seltzer
Crystal Van Horn
Will bring seltzer
Jean Siegel
Bottle of wine
Moses Oliva (3)
2L Carbonated Beverages
Alan Fisher
bottle of red wine
Julie Dobrow
will bring some kid-friendly drinks
Paper Goods
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Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 38     Maybe: 2

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 1     Maybe: 0

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Claire Keyles (2 adults)


Amy Karas Plaut (1 adult)

Eileen Opatut (1 adult)

Daniel Shapiro (2 adults)

Julie Dobrow (1 adult, 1 child)

Diane Lavenda (2 adults)

Alice Kurtz (2 adults)

Alan Fisher (1 adult)

harvey morginstin (2 adults)
Challah (2) with raisins and from Alice:blintz soufflé for12.

Cynthia Sadler (1 adult)

Joanmarie Kalter (1 adult)

Julie Blackman (2 adults)

Judy Rich (2 adults)

Ronni Pressman (2 adults)

Moses Oliva (2 adults)

Jean Siegel (2 adults)
Bottle of wine

Crystal Van Horn (1 adult)
Will bring seltzer

Joyce Slous (1 adult)

Barbara Krentzman (2 adults)

Vicki Pollack (2 adults)

Phyllis Berman (1 adult)

Steve Penney (1 adult)

Lynn Abelson (2 adults)

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