Flyers Aquatic Swim Team (FAST)

2022-2023 FAST Evaluations

Thank you for signing up for new swimmer evaluations at FAST.  Evaluations will be held Sunday, July 10th from 2-4pm and Saturday, August 6th from noon-2pm, at Pattonville High School.  

Team evaluations take about 10 minutes per swimmer.  While the swimmers are being evaluated, parents will meet with the FAST Administrative Team to go over team policies and procedures and to ask any questions.  At the completion of the evaluation, the coach, swimmer, and parent will meet to discuss the swimmer's group placement.  Once you know your swimmer's group placement, registration will be available online on the FAST website.

The evaluation is used to place swimmers in our year-round training groups and our session-based FAST Prep group.   Swimmers need to be proficient in freestyle and backstroke and have at least the basic mechanics of butterfly and breaststroke to be considered team-ready for FAST Prep.  Swimmers need to be proficient in all 4 strokes to be considered ready for one of the year-round training groups.

The Pattonville High School pool is located at 2497 Creve Coeur Mill Rd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043. 

Please call the FAST Administrative Assistant, Stephanie Seiffertt, if you have any questions about FAST at 314-208-7610.


Location: Pattonville High School

Location: Pattonville High School

Created by:   Angie Dorsey
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy CDT) Available Slot
(Sun. 2:00pm - 4:00pm)

Group 1 (20)


14 of 20 slots filled
Brittany Stuckel
Lucas Stuckel, age 6, swim lessons at Barron since 2020
Amber Mangum
Violet Mangum, 9, 5 years of swim lessons @ Barron
Evan Marciniak
Evan, 10, three years summer swim team
Tracy Marciniak
Ryan, 7, two summers of swim team
Stacey Bray
Grace Bray, 11. 4 years HEAT swim, 8 years summer swim
Kate Walls
Ben Walls, 8, some lessons and summer swim team
Erin Rubinelli
Olivia 2 years summer swim friend of Seiffertts
Brittany Haddadin
Mazin Haddadin, 9, 3 years of competitive swim (in California)
Adam Wheeler
Leo Wheeler, age 9, 3 years summer swim, and 1 season on Heat swimming
Katie Kates
Skylar Kates 9, 2 years summer swim and 1 season on Heat
Emanuel Turja
Emanuel Turja, 10 years old, he has experience, he takes swimming lessons for more than 3 years at little Fishes swing School and is currently on the Bridgeton swim team. He has experience with the 4 styles that you ask for, he is very good at winning fir
Lauren Jenkerson
Thomas, 11, summer swim team 6 years
Lauren Jenkerson
Sam, 9, summer swim team 4 years
Michelle Busch
Jenson Busch, 10, 1 year with STAR in Buffalo at swim lessons when he was younger in Virginia Beach and Buffalo. Just relocated to St. Louis.

Group 2 (20)


3 of 20 slots filled
Carolyn Roach
Cecilia, 8 - several swim camps, swim in lake every summer
Julie Collins
Zoe Collins - competitve awim for 4 years with Ferguson sea lions, HEAT and pirahnas.
Maria Ceja
Emanuel Turja, 10 years old, he has experience, he takes swimming lessons for more than 3 years at little Fishes swing School and is currently on the Bridgeton swim team. He has experience with the 4 styles that you ask for, he is very good at winning fir

Group 3 (20)


6 of 20 slots filled
Sarah Harris
Alexander Carney (10), 1-1/2 seasons of summer swim team with Bridgeton
Vivienne Hurtt
Vivienne Hurtt, 9, 3 yrs summer swim team
Jessica Gerst
Charlotte Gerst, 11, 3 years of Summer Swim Team
Jessica Gerst
Adelaide Gerst (9), and Olivia Gerst (7). Summer swim team experience
Molly Bohrmann
Bohrmann, 14, lots of lessons prior to Covid
Caleb Linkous
Caleb Linkous, 12. 1 summer on the Old Farm Swim Team

Group 4


Erin Rubinelli
Olivia, 2 years summer swim Webster Waves, friend of Seiffertts

Group 5


Ariel Solari
Jimmy Solari, 10, lessons at YMCA
(Sat. 12:00pm - 2:00pm)

Group 1 (20)


All slots filled
Kerry Schindler
Charlie Schindler, 10, has been with Lake St. Louis summer team for 3 years.
Ben Mertens
Barrett Mertens age 12. 5 years summer swim, 2 years Edward Jones ymca swim team, 1 year Heat
Megan Siebe
Mac Siebe 7 summer swim team
Megan Siebe
Leo Siebe 9 summer swim teams
Swapna Dhandapani
Ajay Krishnaa Shanker, 9/18/11 birthday, lessons for 5 years, knows all four strokes, friend of Vrusha Uphadya
Maria Ceja
Emanuel Turja, 10 years old, he has experience, he takes swimming lessons for more than 3 years at little Fishes swing School and is currently on the Bridgeton swim team. He has experience with the 4 styles that you ask for, he is very good at winning fir
Michele Avery
Brighton Frost 9 Bridgeton Swim team
Noelle Trueman
Allison Trueman 3 summers shrewsbury swim team
Jessica Wang
Jessica Wang, 12, in YMCA team and summer outdoor team since age 6
Ginny King
Shelby King,8,Barron swim school finished program and swim team, sunset hills swim team
Zach Evans
Zoey Evans, 11, 5 years on Old Farm Swim team
Kailey Killian
Kailey Killian, 9, 1 Summer on the Bridgeton Swim Team
Ariel Solari
Logan Solari, 7, YMCA lessons
Wendy Tinnon
Ella Tinnon 13 - 1 summer Bridgeton Swim Team
Wendy Tinnon
Leah Tinnon 9 - 1 summer Bridgeton Swim Team
Pranav Achar
Pranav Achar, 9 Years, Pranav has been taking swim lessons at Fast-Pattonville and knows Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly. Would like to go for an evaluation to see if he is ready for the Prep classes
John Schneider (2)
Rose Schneider & Nathan Schneider, 11 & 10, four years competitive swimming experience
Shelley Hof
Lily Hof, 6, 1 year summer swim at Sunset Hills
Kylee Donahue. Age 12. Kylee has swam for FAST in the past. She has been on Bridgeton's Summer Swim Team for 5 years (except COVID year).

Group 2 (20)


16 of 20 slots filled
Rebecca Chibnall
Nora Chibnall, 8, lessons as a child, 3 summers of swim team
Brittany Wallace
Hunter Wallace, 9, 2 years Bridgeton swim team
Kara Gehret
Hazel Gehret, 9, 2 years summer swim Shrewsbury Sharks, 1 year YMCA winter/spring season, Legal in all 4 strokes
Lisa Johnson Haire
Joy Haire, 12, Bellefontaine swim team. FAST 2019
Chris Hawks
Ella Hawks 10 years old swim lessons for 5 years and 2 years of summer swim with Blanchette Barracudas swim team.
Joshua Warren, 13, Belfountaine Swim Team
Lindsey Houston
Nora Houston, 11, 3 years summer swim team and 1 year (2021-22 winter league)
Kevin Stroh
Teddy Stroh, (9 years old, 2 years on Muirfield Swimteam
Kevin Stroh
Scotty Stroh, 5 years old 1st year on Muerfield Marlin Swim Team
Sarah Linkous
Caleb Linkous, 12. 1 Summer on the Old Farm swim team.
Sarah Linkous
Hannah Linkous, 8. 1 Summer on the Old Farm swim team.
Zach Evans
Norah Evans, 7 no experience but is able to swim
Julie Rohr
Sawyer Rohr, 10, 3 years of swim team
Piyush Chaurasia
Parth Chourasia, 12 ,intermediate, former student of FAST
Rebecca S.
ES Pwky competitive, Pwky prep, Y Comp. Private lessons age 2-8 Summer x
Tiffany Roberson
Trinity Roberson 9yrs ,2 yrs @ little fishers. Precomp swim at ymca

Group 3 (20)


4 of 20 slots filled
Anna Mullens
Tyler,14, lessons when you get, no prior swim team experience
Sara Downing
Jonah Day, 10, 3 years summer swim team, 1.5 years YMCA swim team
Dawn Lacy
Aiden Lacy 9, began swim lessons at 6, active member of Bellefontaine for 3 years
Erin Wingbermuehle
Joshua, 11 years (12 on Aug 16th), completed all swim lessons through Y and has participated in noncompetitive swim team through Y

Group 4 (20)


8 of 20 slots filled
Carrie Wilson
Mary wilson. 13, swimming at barrons for>5 yrs
Shannon Diaz
Abel Diaz 7yrs- Goldfish Swim School 3+ yrs, Old Farm Swim Team 1yrs
Aida Alisic
Amina Alisic, 8 yrs old. No professional swim experience
Kate Comstock
Conrad Comstock, 8, Little Fishes/YMCA/The Lodge/ Sunset Hills
Braden Hutchinson
Braden, 12, 1 year of FAST advanced lessons and 1 summer swim team (LOTW)
Brian Akers
Susan Akers, 13, two summer competitive leagues
Marissa Temple
Adelaide Temple, 9, 2 yrs CCRC summer swim team
Caleb Witt
Lilly Witt 10, 1 year summer swim team

Group 5 (20)


4 of 20 slots filled
Rachel Volz
Alexis Dawn Volz (Bridgeton Summer Swim Team Member)
Sarah Pritchett
Owen Pritchett, 9 summer swim team 2 years
Dawn Bunton (2)
Kaitlyn Bunton 10- Parkway Prep last year & Sunset Hills Summer team. William Bunton 8, Sunset Hills Summer team.

Group 6 (20)


8 of 20 slots filled
Corey Hloben
Stella Hloben, 10, 2 years Old Farm Swim Team
NaTacia Zaricor
Knellie ZAricor, 11, Barron Swim school for nearly two years. In the advanced class
Corey Miller
Penelope Miller,8. Ymca and Barron’s for swim lessons for 5 years. Currently in Barron’s advanced class. 1 summer with shrewsbury swim team.
Peyton Vest
Peyton 16 3 years swimming
Kendall Vest
Kendall Vest 13 3 years swimming
Jacob Gutshall (3)
Lily 12, Amelia 9, Juliet 6- Lily and Amelia are legal in all 4 strokes, Juliet is working on breast and fly
(Sun. 12:00pm - 1:20pm)

Group 1 (4)


All slots filled
Diana Hoffman
Asher Hoffman 10, Bridgeton Summer league
Angie Dorsey
Unknown swimmer
Charlotte O'Neal
Charlotte O'Neal, 8, 2 years of summer Old Farm swim team
Callie Capell
Callie Capell, 12, 4 years Millstadt Dolphins, 1 season winter swim Monroe County YMCA

Group 2 (4)


All slots filled
Shannan Griesmsn
Mary Katherine Griesman, 12, 7 seasons of summer swim, winter warm ups, and last year Tsunami
Jing Liu
Evan An,8, freestyle and backstroke
Megan Siebe
Max 7 one summer swim team
Leo Siebe
Leo 9 one summer swim team

12:40-1:00pm (4)

Group 3

3 of 4 slots filled
Jennifer Prouhet
Brooklyn, 7, Bogey Hills summer swim team and lessons
Jayden Dawkins
Jayden Dawkins 15, swims for Bellefontaine Neighbors and IWA
Matt Wiesehan
Lillian Wiesehan, 8, 2.5 yrs swim lessons at Barron's just moved to Barron's swim team level.

1:00-1:20pm (4)

Group 4

2 of 4 slots filled
Michelle Busch
Jenson Busch, 10, has been swimming on the STAR swim team based in Buffalo for this past season. He was at Learning 1.
Emily Buss
Emily Buss, 17, 5 years
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