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Art Prize 2018

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Art Prize 2018 - Participation Information

On Friday, September 28th all Innocademy students will be traveling to Art Prize in Grand Rapids! We will be leaving Innocademy at approximately 9:10am and returning to school approximately 2:10pm.

The trip is really exciting and something staff and students alike look forward to each year! In order to make groups of students/chaperones for that day, we need your help!

In an effort to make sure that we are not paying for transportation that we don't need, we would appreciate your family designating your plans for that day and then pledging to adhere to those declared plans as the trip date arrives. With 305 students and approximately 50 staff and volunteers, you can imagine the difficulty in rearranging groupings and transportation for last minute changes =). We absolutely understand that life happens and you or your child might wake up sick that day, but if we can limit those changes by making early decisions about what your family will be doing, that would be incredibly helpful! THANK YOU!!!! 

There are 3 options we would like you to consider:

Option #1 - You are transporting your OWN students to and from Art Prize, walking around during the day and do not need to check in with Innocademy Staff before, during or after the trip. You do not need to meet us at school that morning or return to school when you are finished. If you have arranged to take someone else's child, that is for you to work out with those parents PRIOR to the trip day, please! Thank you!

Option #2 - You wish to chaperone the trip. This means that you will meet at Innocademy that morning, ride the bus to and from the event, chaperone your own children and, possibly additional children (we try to keep the groups no larger than 5 students per adult). Please keep in mind that siblings under 5 years old are not allowed to ride the bus per ZPS transportation department rules. The cost for each student and parent is $5.

Option #3 - You are unable/do not wish to chaperone, but your child(ren) will be attending school as normal that day, riding the bus to and from the event with Innocademy students/staff. We will assign them a staff or parent chaperone. The cost for each student is $5.

Please plan on completing this sign up no later than Tuesday, September 18th at 8:30am.

Looking forward to a FANTASTIC adventure in art!

A sack lunch will be made available for students and adults for the cost of $2.60 if ordered prior to Tuesday, September 18th at 8:30am. After this time you will be responsible for providing a sack lunch for your student and adult if needed!

Date: 09/28/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 9:10am - 2:10pm EDT

Location: Innocademy

Created by:   Renee Frye
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Available Slot

Option #1 - I will take my own students to/from Art Prize (156)

All slots filled
Laura Dykstra (2)
Trevor and Levi
Ann Lukas
Shawn Lukas
Stephanie Chrisman
I’ll bring Mileah and Bryson
Deborah Thorp
Lleyton, Ainslee and Pierson
Abbie Koster (2)
Ashton and Brode
Erika Deemter
Rebekah DeVries (3)
Isaac, Adeline, Brayden deVries
Sarah McKay
Willow & Violet
Shana DeWent
Kaiah, Isaac, Isabella, Milah
Autumn Lunsford (4)
Lunsford Kids (Naomi 6th, Roman 3rd, Isaiah 2nd, Ivy K)
April Ruggles (2)
Gwen and Ian
Crystal Brink (2)
I will take Wyatt & Lennon
Tyler Towne
Stephanie Beelen
Cameron and Emmett
Jessica Eberly
I will take Makayla
Dana Durham
Audrey, Carson and drew durham
Melissa Meyer
Greg & Gabe Meyer
Alicia Peck
Henry Peck, Evelyn Peck, Hudson Peck
Tiffany Martinez
Amelia and Seth
Jessica Luepke (2)
Cruz + Hunter Luepke
Tonya Frifeldt
Owen & Liam will be with us
Isabella Cuevas
India (kinder-Las Huellas)
Corey Post
Addilyn Post
Kelly Tuttle (2)
Juliette &Makayla
Janelle Goltz (2)
Charlee and Jade
Rivka Hodgkinson (3)
Tzaddik, Baruch, Amittai
Jami Troutman (2)
Tiffany Kraker
Kenlie, Audyn, Emmy, and Anthony
Juanita Morris (3)
Ken Pletz
Gordon Pletz
Toni Wever (2)
Adeline and Thomas
Jessica Knott
Carter Knott
Amber Darsch
Jayce Darsch
Mellissa Zoerhof
Andrea Kring
Rachel Kring
Kirsten Kincaid Nykamp
Elle & Reed Nykamp
Lindsay Lieberman
Lindsay Lieberman
Alexis/Alley Sall
Stacy VanSingel (4)
Chloe Jacob Ryah & Lilly
Tamara/Ryan Crawford (2)
Justin and Evan
Rebekah Oegema
I'll be taking Brennan Oegema
Kari Beckman
Meghan Lopez
Bella and Alea Lopez
Amanda Heys-Westendorp (2)
Savannah & Deacon Westendorp
Jenna Fisher (3)
Laura Katona
Ashley Step
Macade Step
Katelyn LaButte
Bryanna and Alyson
Stephanie VanderYacht
Renee Nyhof
James Nyhof
Laura Payne
Jayme R
Zavion Morin
Mindy Hutt
Brody Hutt
Rachel Arens
Cora Arens
Erica Alfaro (3)
Carson Alfaro, Selah Alfaro, Dexter Alfaro
Cara Maat (2)
We will take Jonathan and Caleb
Michelle Sweet
Oliver Y5SI
Heather Guerra
Teagun Guerra
Caryn Huffman (2)
Tegan and Madix
Monica Morin
For Student: Jaden Morin
Abbie Petroelje
Oliver, Teddy and Lane
Carrie Danek
Jennifer Gunter (2)
Henry & Ivan Gunter
Renee LaVere (2)
Dia & Colin LaVere
Aleshia Rizor-Bensinger (2)
Jamie Tenhagen
Sonja Garcia (2)
I sonja Garcia will bringing Brayden Tenhagen &Emorson Haaksma
Kendra Owens
Ryann Owens
Kate Nguyen (2)
Rafa and Luca
Kimberly Mol
Nyah Mol
Heather Bauman
I’ll bring Myles
Heather Dibkey
Logan Dibkey
Steve Meeuwsen (3)
Kate & Christian
Mary Beth Boekhoven
Liliette Boekhoven
Valerie Batema (2)
Gavin and Talia
Kristie Aukema
Grace Aukema
Jeanette Alvarado
Nayeli & Jaileen Cruz
Laura Arens (2)
Judah and Ezra Are s
Charity Vera
Kingston & Kase
Carolyn Fitzgerald (2)
Clare & Sam Fitzgerald
Valerie Dietsche (2)
Sawyer and Faith
Michelle Williams (2)
Chayce & Eastyn Williams
Heather Little
Marcy Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez
Amy Brouwer (3)
I'll bring Gage, Bryce, and Alli
Courtney Bosch
Kayla Jekel (2)
Ethan Jekel, Gabrielle Jekel
Heidi Wolters
Andrea DeWard
Micah DeWard
Wendy Timmer
Brenden, Madison, Alyson Timmer
Lisa Adkins
Mason Adkins (student) and family (3)
Katie Valencia (2)
Julianna Gracia (2)
Kai Gracia Zachary Gracia
Amanda Villarreal (2)
Scarlet and Trenton Villarreal
Becca Bishop (2)
Michelle Williams (2)
Chayce & Eastyn Williams
Marci Michmerhuizen (2)
Jenna Rotter (2)
Gabe and Abby Missenis
Jenna Voss
Tammie Wiersema (2)
Brooke and Olivia
Rachel Rhoda (4)
Bryce, Kam, Grey Rhoda

Option #2 - I wish to chaperone and ride the bus to/from Art Prize (17)

All slots filled
Marina Tronrud
Bob Bouwkamp
Isabella Urivez
Josh Holtrop (3)
Nicolynn and Riella Holtrop
Lindsey DeJonge (2)
Fynlee DeJonge
Mia Mahaney
Skyler Mahaney
Stephanie Lara
Mary VanEenenaam
Rose Rodriguez (2)
Would still like order a bag lunch if possible
Thuy Kleikamp (2)
Scott & I will chaperone
Wendy Cheek
Joelle Gamez
With Xavier
Anna Kalmbacher

Option #3 - I am not chaperoning. My child(ren) will be traveling to/from Art Prize with innocademy (99)

All slots filled
Keyley Pickard-Hammond (2)
Mackenzy and Jaxon Hammond
Kayla Westveer
Jorge Garcia
Allison Nies (3)
Mackenzie Nies, Kaylee Stryker, Gabriel Nies
Lucy Reynolds
For Christopher Seay
Noemi Hoven
Brianna Hoven
Monica Kraai
Kyla Kraai
Katherine VanSweden
Jacob VanSweden
Heather Keesler
Regan Keesler
Jessenia martinez
Delyla Martinez
Caitlyn Rus
Madisyn and Khloe Rus
Shona Bedgood
Seth Bedgood will be going with Tiffany Martinez
rhea suravaram
Krista Deur (3)
Myleigh/Mady/Charlie Deur
Peyden Eggerding
April Best
Alma Valenzuela
Olivia Valenzuela
Sarah Boes
Kevin Boes
Renee Frye (3)
Seth, Emma , Anja
Kayleen Conrad
Carter Nienhuis
Amy Richards (3)
Kaisinn and Jack and Sam Richards
Jennifer Myers (2)
Mason and Aubry Myers
Angie Smith
Patty Garcia-Almaguer (2)
Gio and Martin
Deb Weiss-Gelmi
Everett and Emerson
Brittnee Blom
Ezra Blom
Jaxon Cullom
Sara Cooney
Nicola Kraft
Jeshua kraft
Sara DeVries (2)
Sami & Isaiah DeVries
Sonja Trent-Brown
Michael Brown, Jr.
Tiffany Anderson
Anupama Vurugonda
Nicole Cory