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The 1 Timothy Memorization Challenge

GBC Family!!! It has been a great joy to memorize Psalm 46 together throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. The pandemic has brought many trials into our lives that God has used to sanctify our hearts and yet by God's grace there have also been many blessings. Memorizing scripture together is definitely one of the blessings! 

Pastor Bryan is going to begin preaching/teaching through 1 Timothy very soon. Therefore, our next memorization challenge will be in 1 Timothy. There are FOUR STAGES within this challenge. Each stage has an increasing level of intensity. Our prayer and goal is that we end up with 100 individuals having memorized the six verses in STAGE 1. It would be incredible if we get 10 or more that memorize the entire book. 

As you complete a stage, we encourage you to challenge yourself to comlete the next stage. You may end up signing up in ALL FOUR STAGES. When you sign up include a note on how you were encouraged during the memorization process. 


Created by:   Heidi Summitt
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STAGE 1: I Have Memorized 1 Timothy (6 Verses)

1 Timothy 1:5; 2:5; 3:15; 4:12; 5:21; 6:11

2 slots filled - more available
Barbara Leitch
First stage done. Now on to the second!
Joe Schreibeis
I enjoyed memorizing all these verses, My favorite - 1 Tim 1:5, "The goal of our instruction is love."

STAGE 2: I Have Memorized 1 Timothy (20 Verses)

1 Tim. 1:5,15; 2:1-6; 3:14-15; 4:12-13; 5:21; 6:6-12

2 slots filled - more available
Barbara Leitch
Now, let's see if my brain can hold phase 3!
John Rasmussen
I have enjoyed being prepared for the passages we study on Sundays!

STAGE 3: I Have Memorized 1 Timothy (45 Verses)

1 Tim. 1:5, 15-17; 2:1-6; 3:14-16; 4:6-16; 5:1-2, 21; 6:3-21


STAGE 4: I Have Memorized 1 Timothy (The entire book of 1 Timothy)

1 Timothy 1:1-6:21

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