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Open dates: 5/26, 6/28, 7/6, 7/13, 7/26, 7/27

Dear Kol HaLev chaverim (friends):
Our community kiddushim (plural of kiddishm the prayers over wine and challah, and the meal that follows) are a high point in the communal life our congregation, a time when we can come together to nourish our souls, hearts, and friendships, as well as our bellies. This is why all Kol HaLev members take a turn hosting Kiddush at least once a year, even if they are not regular service attendees.

At Kol HaLev, kiddush host(s) set out the wine, grape juice and challah before the service ends. Most people provide an additional nosh, as simple as humus and chips or cut-up veggies or fruit or more substantial fare (bagels with cream cheese, cheese or tuna/egg salad with crackers or assorted dessert, espcially if hosting kiddush in honor of a celebration. NB: All food service during kiddush must be dairy or parve and nut-free.

For more details, download the complete, recently-revised instructions for hosting kiddush, including set-up, clean-up and food suggestion:  Shabbat Morning KiddushFriday Night/Kabbalat Shabbat Potlucks and Non-Friday Night Potlucks.

If you've never been to kiddush, drop in for kiddush on a Saturday and see what it's like. (Members are always invited to attend kidddush without without attending services.)

Scroll down the lists of dates until you find an open date you want. Log in and sign-up. Make a note of the date; you'll also receive an emailed reminder from the office as your date approaches.

Some dates have need one kiddush host; others need two. This is because attendance is higher at Shabbat services which coincide with Hagiga, our children's education program. If you'd like to co-host a large Kiddush on your own, simply enter your name in both slots. If you'd like to increase the number of co-hosts, you can add a second or third slot if needed. 


Once you've signed up to host a kiddush , YOU CANNOT CANCEL! According to our kiddush policy, YOU are responsible for making sure your kiddush date is covered. It is usally not difficult to find another member willing to switch dates with you or a friend willing to cover your kiddish date for you. Here's how:

1. Examine the names of those members already signed up here. Contact someone hosting on a date that's good for and ask them to switch with you. (You may have to negotiate a three-way switch to get everyone a date they want).
2.  Find someone who has not yet signed and offer them your spot. Compare the names of those signed up here against our membership list.
3. If you make a good-faith effort to find someone to trade with or cover for you, you may ask Deb in the office  to assist you.

  "It's the day before I'm supposed host kiddush and I'm sick"! Ccontact Deb to let her know; someone will find members to step in.
  "I accidentally signed up on the wrong date!"  Immediately sign up for the right date; immediately email [email protected] with the correct date and the date chose accidentally. 

You can find more information about hosting Kiddush by clicking here.  You can also contact Deb Senor, our office manager, at [email protected].

Created by:   Kelli Birch
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Available Slot

Kabbalat Shabbat 5/25/18


Irwin Weinberger

Shabbat Service 6/2/18

Leah Kamionkowski

Member Led Shabbat Service 6/9/18

Greg Selker

Shabbat Service 6/16/18

Robyn Novick & Andy Oster

Kabbalat Shabbat 6/22/18


Sue & art Biagianti

Musical Shabbat Service 6/23/18

Margy Weinberg
in honor of all those who supported me during my accident

Experiencial Shabbat Service 6/30/18 (2)

All slots filled
Karly Whitaker
Mira's bat mitzvah
Amy Brodsky
also, Kyle and Tyler's birthday

Shabbat Service 7/7/18

Arnoff Logsdon

Member Led Shabbat Service 7/14/18

Barb Truitt

Shabbat Service 7/21/18

Maxine Brand Leah Gilbert
Maxine Brand in memory of my husband Mark and Leah Gilbert on her 60th birthday

Kabbalat Shabbat 7/27/18


Barbara & Barry Epstein

Musical Shabbat Service 7/28/18

Karly Whitaker

Member Led Shabbat Service 8/4/18

Kevin and Sue Weidenbaum

Shabbat Service 8/11/18

Audrey Warner
In Honor of my Parents

Shabbat Service 8/18/18

Karal Stern
Karal Stern

Kabbalat Shabbat 8/24/18


Dorinda Gershman

Shabbat in the Park 8/25/18

Laurel, Aaron And Charlie Simkoff
In honor of our first Kol Halev experience 2 years ago!

Shabbat Service 9/1/18

Dan And Anne Barach

Member Led Shabbat Service 9/8/18

Bruce & Catherine Fallick

Shabbat Service 9/15/18

Anna Kelman

Musical Shabbat service 9/22/18

Judy Harris
Judy Harris & Alan Lipson

Sukkot Morning Service 9/24

10:30am – 12:00pm


Shabbat Service 9/29/18

Leah Kamionkowski Selma Gwatkin
In honor of their 85th birthdays

Shemini Atzeret Service 10/1



Simchat Torah Service 10/1


Sandy Rosenfield
Sandy and Allan Rosenfield

Shabbat Service 10/6/18

Halle and Benjamin Barnett

Shabbat Service 10/13/18

Louis and Julie Handler

Shabbat Service 10/20/18 (2)

All slots filled
Ronald Kohn
michael armin

Kabbalat Shabbat and Potluck 10/26/18

Dorinda Gershman

Shabbat Service 10/27/18

Catherine & Bruce Fallick

Shabbat Service 11/3/18 (2)


Shabbat Service 11/10/18

Kirby Date and Richard Litwin

Shabbat Service 11/17/2018 (2)

All slots filled
Happy Wallach
Nancy Hecht
Gil & Marcia Goldberg

Shabbat Service 11/24/18

Tamara Duval

Kabbalat Shabbat Service 11/30/18


toby Bass-Trevis

Shabbat Service 12/1/18 (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Sue & art biagianti

Member Led Shabbat Service 12/8/18

Donna and Dick Weinberger

Human Rights Shabbat Service (Hagiga) 12/15/18 (2)

All slots filled
David and Connie Shutkin Friedman
David's father, Joe Shutkin's first Yartzite
Nancy Rubel & Dan Klein Rubel Klein

Shabbat Service 12/22/18

maureen dinner

Shabbat Service 12/29/18

Robin Holzman

Shabbat Service (Hagiga) 1/5/19 (2)

All slots filled
Joanne Federman
Sarah Sobel

Shabbat Service 1/12/19

Deena. And Dick Epstein
Do not need cosponsor

Shabbat Service (Hagiga Limud Consecration) 1/19/19 (2)

All slots filled
Sara and Aaron Manela
Chip May

Erev Tu B'shvat Service 1/20/19

Linda Sylte

Kabbalat Shabbat Service 1/25/19

Just added!!

Karly Whitaker

Shabbat Service 1/26/19

Arnoff Logsdon

Shabbat Service (Hagiga) 2/2/19 (2)

All slots filled
rachel kay
Elana And Matt Richter

Member led Shabbat Service 2/9/19

Alan Federman

Evolution Shabbat Service (Hagiga) 2/16/19 (2)

All slots filled
Katie Bingman
Dan and Anne Barach

Kabbalat Shabbat and Potluck 2/22/19

Karly Whitaker

Shabbat Service 2/23/19

Fred & Marsha Chenin

Shabbat Service (Hagiga) 3/2/19 (2)

All slots filled
michael raddock
Maxine Collin Elise Hagesfeld

Member Led Shabbat Service 3/9/19

Molly Berger

Shabbat Service (Hagiga) 3/16/19 (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Michael and Ann Epstein

Shabbat Service 3/23/19

Allen Binstock

Kabbalat Shabbat Service and Potluck 3/29/19

Arthur Lieberman

Shabbat Service 3/30/19

Linda Gross
Linda Gross and Renee Siegel

Member Led Shabbat Service 4/13/19

Jane Kaufman

Shabbat & Pesach Service 4/20/19 (3)

Reminder: Food should be Pesadich (kosher for Passover)

All slots filled
Elisa Waugh
Happy Wallach
Maureen Dinner

Shabbat & Pesach Service 4/27/19

Food should be Pesadich (kosher for Passover)

Jodi Solomon

Shabbat Service (Hagiga) Senior Siyyum 5/4/19 (2)

All slots filled
Adina Davidson
Jodi Solomon

Member Led Shabbat Service 5/11/19

Martha Schubert
Martha Schubert

Shabbat Service Madrichim Appreciation (Hagiga) 5/18/19 (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Laurel Simkoff

Kabbalat Shabbat and Potluck 5/24/19

Switched: new host Sue Pelleg (was Kirby)

Sue Pelleg
Sue subbing for Kirby

Shabbat in the Park 5/25/19 (2)


Shabbat Service 6/1/19

Robin Shell

Member Led Shabbat Service 6/8/19

Louis and Julie Handler

Shavuout/Yizkor Service 6/9/19


David Conn

Shabbat Service 6/15/19

Switched: was Robyn Novick; now Anna Kelman

Anna Kelman
Anna switched with Robyn (cf. 6/22)

Musical Shabbat Service 6/22/19

Switched: was Anna Kelman; now Robyn Novick

Robyn Novick
Robyn switched with Anna (cf. 6/15)

Shabbat in the Garden 6/28/19

Traci Elgart

Experiential Shabbat Service 6/29/19

Switched: new host Kirby Date (was: Sue)

Kirby Date
Kirby subbing for Sue

Shabbat Service 7/6/19

Brian & Jean Miller

Shabbat Service 7/13/19


Shabbat Service 7/21/19

Deborah Picker

Kabbalat Shabbat Service in member's home 7/26/19


Shabbat Service 7/27/19

Audrey Warner

Shabbat Service 8/3/19

Sue & Kevin Weidenbaum

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