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Special Education- Brouillard

The Cutler Special Education Teachers joined together to request an iPad to be used with students. They would prefer one with camera capabilities. Please contact [email protected] if you have fundraising ideas for this purchase for Cutler School.

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Thank you!

Created by:   Friends of Cutler

Available Slot

iTunes Gift Cards

to purchase apps for student use on school iDevices.


iPad with camera capability

to use with students.


Spelling Game- SP2 Shell Spell (ff-ll-ss) $15 _id=56


Spelling Game- SP3 Duke the Duck Flies South (k, ck) $15 _id=57


Spelling Game- SP4 Dutch March (ch, tch) $15 _id=58


Spelling Game- SP5 The Huge Bridge (ge, dge) $15 _id=59


Phrase/Sentence Game- SG5 Nomad in the Desert $22 _id=40


Syllable Snake Board Game- $22.00


Diamond Trail Board Game- $22.00


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