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Grace Bible Church

Fall Potluck

Join us on Sunday, October 27th after Sunday School in the lower level for a Fall Fellowship Potluck.

To ensure enough oven space, outlets and refrigerator space are available, we need to vary the types of dishes that are brought. Please sign up below to help us organize the event.

Thank you!

Date: 10/27/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 11:45am - 1:30pm EDT

Location: Grace Bible Church

Created by:   Grace Bible Church

Will you be attending the event?
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Crock Pot Meal (15) - Please bring dish cooked and ready to serve. Do NOT bring a serving spoon.
  11 of 15 slots filled
Rick Simon
Diane Ramage
Abby Pawling
Judy Deery
Pulled Pork
Denise Gehman
Karen Renner
Sloppy Joe
Cathy Wooler
BBQ and rolls
Karen Tybring
Lara Timblin
Nicole Bennett
Susan Swartley
chicken ham rolls
Main Dish Casserole (20) - Please bring dish cooked an ready to serve. Do NOT bring a serving spoon.
  6 of 20 slots filled
Sue Mininger
Hamburger casserole
Nancy Tuttle
Hamburger Casserole
Tamara Smith
Carol Doyle
Sliced ham
Ginny Close
chicken casserole
Debbie Piccolo
Side Dish/Salad (15) - Do NOT bring a serving spoon.
  10 of 15 slots filled
Michelle Carbaugh
Annette Beyer
Mary Lynne Moyer
Glady York
Mildred Nace
Mike Knepp
Naomi Curry
Juanita Woertz
Nicole Broxterman
mac and cheese
Marie Rogers
Dessert (12) - Please bring dish cut and ready to serve. Do NOT bring a serving spoon.
  11 of 12 slots filled
Kaley Ehret
Jayne Dressler
Jennifer Dressler
Marge Moyer
Jess Gardner (2)
Sticky Buns
Pat Antell
Joseph Carella
Diane Cooney
pumpkin c-chip
Jolyn Cwynar
blueberry muffins
Irene Potts
Chips (2 Bags) (3) - Please bring 2 bags of chips
  All slots filled
Jack and Babs Merzig (2)
Potato chips and Doritios
Jennifer Gontarz
Responses:     Yes: 39     No: 2     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 103     Maybe: 0

YES (39) -  

Debbie Piccolo (2 guests)

Ginny Close (2 guests)

Susan Swartley (1 guest)

Nicole Bennett (5 guests)

Jennifer Gontarz (2 guests)

Lara Timblin (4 guests)

Irene Potts (1 guest)

Jolyn Cwynar (3 guests)

Diane Cooney (1 guest)

Marie Rogers (3 guests)

Nicole Broxterman (5 guests)

Jack and Babs Merzig (2 guests)

Juanita Woertz (2 guests)

Karen Tybring (2 guests)

Naomi Curry (3 guests)
David and Naomi C. and 1 guest

Carol Doyle (1 guest)

Pat Antell (1 guest)

Mike Knepp (1 guest)

Mildred Nace (2 guests)

Glady York (2 guests)

Cathy Wooler (2 guests)

Karen Renner (6 guests)

Denise Gehman (3 guests)

Jess Gardner (4 guests)

Marge Moyer (2 guests)

Judy Deery (2 guests)

Mary Lynne Moyer (2 guests)

Abby Pawling (4 guests)

Tamara Smith (4 guests)

Jennifer Dressler (4 guests)

Annette Beyer (2 guests)

Jayne Dressler (2 guests)

Joseph Carella (1 guest)

Michelle Carbaugh (6 guests)

Nancy Tuttle (2 guests)

Kaley Ehret (5 guests)

Diane Ramage (2 guests)

Rick Simon (3 guests)

Sue Mininger (2 guests)

NO (2) +  

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