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Lassiter Pope Kell NJROTC

Holiday Party RSVP 2022

The LPK NJROTC Holiday Party will be on Friday, December 2nd from 6pm-10pm at the Northhampton Clubhouse, 3200 Talimore Circle, Marietta, GA 30066. If you plan on attending please RSVP below. 

UPDATE: The CPO is discounting the cost of attendence for non-CPO members and guests to $10.  For those that have already paid, the Treasurer will be crediting your account. Please RSVP BY 12/1 at noon. It is the absolute latest that we can confirm numbers for food.

(Payments can be made payable to LPK NJROTC CPO or email [email protected] to request an invoice that can be paid online.)

Thank you!

Date: 12/02/2022 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm EST

Location: 3200 Talimore Circle, Marietta, Georgia 30066

Created by:   LPK NJROTC

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 85     No: 2     Maybe: 3    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 111     Maybe: 3

YES (85) -  

Christiana Scott (3 guests)

Shep Worden (1 guest)

Cody Uden (2 guests)

Brailynn Ray (2 guests)

Abraham Mendez (2 guests)

Reid Wooden (1 guest)

John Walker (2 guests)

Harrison Crockett (1 guest)

Leslie Ramirez (2 guests)

Cole Loveless (1 guest)

Michael Mclawhorn (1 guest)

Harrison Crockett (1 guest)

Patrick Helton (1 guest)

Colin Rex (1 guest)

Luke Powers (2 guests)

Chase Patterson (2 guests)

Foluso Lawal-Solarin (3 guests)

Owen Smith (1 guest)

Miles Harpe (1 guest)

Cole Loveless (1 guest)

Journey Smith (1 guest)

Salvador Serrato-Taylor (2 guests)

Charles Tapley (1 guest)

Cody Uden (1 guest)

Lucienne Preston (1 guest)
Period queen

Austin Pueschel (1 guest)

Jas Marshall-watts (1 guest)

James McLaughlin (1 guest)

Anthony Grimaldi (1 guest)
my plus one

Joshua Guzman (1 guest)

Paco Rosa (1 guest)

Aidan MacIsaac (1 guest)

Matthew Schneider (1 guest)

Charlie Norris-Rocaberte (1 guest)

Steven Rainey (1 guest)

JJ Norris-Rocaberte (1 guest)

Oliver Jackson (1 guest)

Bridget Walsh (1 guest)

Aiden Clark (1 guest)

Wesley DeMicco (1 guest)

Griffin Carter (1 guest)

Aiden Roszelle (1 guest)

Lukis Muse (1 guest)

Jamie Reinhardt (1 guest)

Sarah Ball (1 guest)

Jonathan Crowder (1 guest)

Haiden Miller (1 guest)

Aarish Lokhandwala (1 guest)

Charlotte Jones (2 guests)

Nathan Ramos (1 guest)

Lawson Delage (1 guest)

Oré Lawal-solarin (1 guest)

Shuaib Massoud (1 guest)

Zach Mcmahan (1 guest)

Jake Johnson (2 guests)

Nicole John (1 guest)

Zachary Wagner (1 guest)

Gunnar Castellow (2 guests)
it would not let me change the other RSVP to two people

Evan Thomas (1 guest)

Connor Morog (2 guests)

Dylan Morog (2 guests)

Atom Wegener (2 guests)

Anzal Rehan (1 guest)

Nicole Cadavid (4 guests)

Hayden Krueger (2 guests)

Anthony Grimaldi (1 guest)

Benjamin Harrison (1 guest)

Ava Roberson (1 guest)

Angel Olguin-osorio (1 guest)

William Arkenberg (1 guest)

Patrick Tilt (1 guest)

Lauren Roper (2 guests)

David Lovell (1 guest)

Kristen Lovell (1 guest)

Ashton Smith (1 guest)

Sam Wilson (2 guests)

Greer Dey (1 guest)

Ellis Foster (2 guests)
It’s the swim season so you should probably count me as 3 people. Just so y’all don’t run out of food ;)

Nicole Cadavid (1 guest)

Joao Rosa (1 guest)

Gunnar Castellow (1 guest)

Nicolas Giusto (1 guest)

Indy Bishop (1 guest)
Might bring another person, probably not.

Wyatt Phillips (2 guests)

Ian Pope (1 guest)

NO (2) +  

MAYBE (3) +  

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