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Time is running short and our seniors need the support of underclass families more than ever this year! Join parents and community members as we create a night to remember for the senior class of 2021. Check out the list below for the best way you may be able to donate your time. Click on the sign up and add your name to the slot. We will send you reminders and supply you with instruction. Together, we can make Grad Night 2021 happen! 

**Dates and times listed represent the pre-event set up, post event break down, and the event itself. Actual volunteer times may vary in preparation for event.



Created by:   Nikki Tillotson
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (PDT) CHAIR & Volunteer Positions
05/29/2021 (Sat.) BGN Container @ 2283 Camel Road.  9:00am - 12:00pm  

Volunteer MOVE-IN (pre-event) (20)

Volunteers needed to move props and supplies from Container to BHS.

19 of 20 slots filled
Trish Alava
Amy Stewart
nikki tillotson
Judi Brink
Shanti Regis
Susan Black
Molly Manoukian
Rhonda Hathaway
Suzanna St Jacques
Natalia Maciel
Patricia Flynn
Stephani Carro
I have a truck if that helps
Kathleen Lugliani
Carrie Brook (3)
Carrie, Josh, Elijah
Carrie Todd
Valerie Miramontes
Amy Cerna
I’ll drag mike along

Volunteer JUNIOR CLASS Move In (10)

Junior Class students earn a $25 credit toward registration for their senior year.

4 of 10 slots filled
Michael Pitta
Nicolas Miramontes.
Alika Rosales
Erika Grossi
06/04/2021 (Fri.) Benicia High School  10:00am - 9:00pm  

Volunteer Set up (20)

Aid with set up of grad night decor, games, lights and fencing. 20 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Lucia Diaz
Trish Alava
Amy Stewart
I can be there to help from 2-4
Judi Brink
Bibsy Torres
Gilbert & Linda von Studnitz (2)
We can help from 11-2:00
Susan Black
Not sure I can stay the whole time but will try
Kiana Wong
Patricia Flynn
Can stay until 2pm
Marita Herren
Sarah Otanez
I can help until 1pm
Carrie Brook (2)
Carrie, Elijah
Carrie Todd
In available at 2:30
Amy Cerna
I can be there 1230-3.
MIna Kravitz
Can help from 6pm to 9pm
Mary Hickey
I can come after work ~730pm till 9pm
Wendy Komori Stager
can come in afternoon
Elizabeth Edwards
We can be there at 10am
06/05/2021 (Sat.) BHS  8:30am - 10:30am  


Monitor check in for VIP Graduation day parking fundraiser. Shift two (1230-230pm) is subject to change due to Graduation alterations

All slots filled
Ms. Wheat (Leadership Students) (2)
Position Filled
Benicia High School  10:00am - 7:30pm  

Volunteer Set up (20)

Aid with set up of grad night decor, games, lights and fencing. 20 Volunteers needed

12 of 20 slots filled
Elizabeth Edwards (2)
Mark/Liz Edwards
Lisa Valentine
Judi Brink
Rhonda Hathaway
Michael Armstrong
I can volunteer to help with set up in the morning before graduation. I’m sure my daughter does NOT want me there. Morning before graduation only . Thx
Suzanna St Jacques
Kiana Wong
Signing up for daughter Kiana wong
Alisa Keffer
Amy Cerna
Mike agreed to do security but I don’t see a box for that
Michael Lauffer (2)
Michael Lauffer + Erin Mahaney
BHS  12:30pm - 2:30pm  


Monitor check in for VIP Graduation day parking fundraiser. Shift two (1230-230pm) is subject to change due to Graduation alterations

Benicia High School  7:30pm - 1:00am  


This Chair is responsible for decorating bathrooms as they wish as long as it is in line with the theme of event. 1 Volunteers needed

Eliza Best


Boxer Bingo – Planning and executing set up of area. Obtain needed items for room, boxers, bingo etc.



Coordinates Coffee Shop and oversees it on Grad Night. Planning and execution design of room. Orders supplies & foods. 2 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Lisa Koenen
mandy zimmerman


Carnival Games Set up and Decorations – This Chair is responsible for setting up (constructing booths setting up the carnival games and decorating the area) Touch ups may need to be done Saturday/Day of the event.


CHAIR CASINO (Black jack/cashier) (2)

Casino/Cashier – Coordinates Plan and implement all aspects of Casino, including all games and supplies needed in the casino (Black Jack), Cashier, Seating Areas. Move supplies from Container and ensure all aspects of Casino are set up. Communicate st

1 of 2 slots filled
Sarah Ferrucci


Solicit donations form local businesses and community members. 2 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Trish Alava
Zoraida McNorton
Do you start soliciting now? Are there instructions? :)


Plan, purchase and prepare food for event as needed. Order rental equipment as needed, Hot dog machine, popcorn guy, cotton candy machine, Yogurt Machine. Order Pizzas and supplies.

All slots filled
Carrie Brook
Josh Brook


Rental Games and entertainers as needed. Outdoor games, bingo cards/balls, DJ, Henna tattoo artist, caricature artist. 2 Volunteers needed



Set up area for Henna tattoo artist.

Eliza Best


Set up locker room/area. Obtain grocery bags, Obtain Labels for student attending.

Tabatha Gomez


2 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Maureen Pinlac
Lori Butler-Alvarado


Memory Hall/Video – Coordinates Memory Hall Video. Collect pictures and produce slide show video. Obtain, different class pictures for other schools (Elementary and Middle School) 2 Volunteers needed



Take pictures of all area before students arrive. Take pictures during event. Take red carpet pictures as students arrive.

Carol Northen


Purchase prizes for main raffle. Obtain names from registration. Set up and take down prize area. Raffle of Gift prizes through out event. Distribute prices to locker room.

Molly Manoukian


Plan and recruit Hair dressers and/or Barbers. Set up Salon Area. Manage/Host Salon area during event. 2 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Audry Fry
Julie Brink


Security-- Oversee aspects of security for Grad Night weekend, including Communication with security staff/volunteer coordinator; Work with Grad Night Chairman, Benicia PD and volunteer staff to monitor fencing and behavior during event.

Juan Gomez


Set up/Take down Coordinator – This Chair is responsible for the Move days. Insuring items get moved to Grad Night location from the containers and coordinating moving items back after event. 2 Volunteers needed



Manage social media pages for Grad Night; share and post pics, information about tickets, raffles, events and volunteers to instagram, facebook, snapchat, etc.

Jelissa Rippee


Design and set up/break down twinkle light display for grad night

Bibsy Torres


Coordinate volunteers at grad night event. Set up for volunteer check in, prepare name tags and check in volunteer staff. Issue braclets.

Micheal Lauffer

Volunteer CAFE (4)

Aid with serving and brewing coffee drinks in cafe. 4 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Danny Humann
Thelma Bentley
Diana Morales (2)

Volunteer Carnival Games (20)

Run carnival games during event. 12 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Grace Jarmel
Autumn Jarmel
Kristen Mandal
Erika Johnson
Mauraga Ruiz
Leigh Willis
Michell DeStefans
Michael Pitta
Marissa Sierras
Caleb Rickard
Chelsey Andrada
Kari Troedson-Diaw
Shanti Regis
Sarah Otanez
Chloe Cheung
Ava Cheung
Barbara Sloan
MIna Kravitz
Kelsey Whalen
Maci Wolf

Volunteer Casino Cashier (4)

Distribute and manage chips/cards in casino. 4 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Monica Boyle
Jennifer Gouvaia
Sarah Ferrucci (2)
sarah ferrucci and robyn meitz

Volunteer Casino Dealers (Black Jack/Texas Hold 'em) (10)

Deal Black Jack or Texas Hold 'em in Casino

8 of 10 slots filled
Chip Reynolds
Robert & Destiny Chambers (2)
Robert and Destiny volunteering for this
Jimmy Ferrucci (3)
Mike Meitz, Marco Ruiz
Joel Lopez
Rey Trias

Volunteer Food Court (8)

Aid with preparation and/or distribution of food (hotdogs, nachos, funnel cakes, etc.) 8 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Lucia Diaz
Gina & Augustine Rodriguez
Bibsy Torres
Joanna Kachuck
Sarah Pappakostas
Christie Pitta
Lisa Wymer
Michele Reyes

Volunteer Locker Room (5)

Manage personal items in locker room. 3 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Karly McClean
Cierra Williamson
Dianne Fua
Gady Rivera
Brendan Rivera

Volunteer Registration Table/Check in (9)

Check our seniors in during the event. 7 Volunteers needed

All slots filled
Judi Brink
Tracie Manipis
Cheryl Broomall
Ali Dykstra
Kelsey Ruiz
Stacey Hart
Dianne Fua
Zoe Pitkin
Koe Alava

Volunteer Security (14)

Aid with security, monitor students and perimeter of Grad Night. 14 Volunteers needed

12 of 14 slots filled
Jason Brink
Bret Beard
Dave Fry
Johnathan Gomez
Carrie Brook (2)
Josh, Elijah
Joseph Siino
Michael Cerna
Victor Maciel
Nathaniel Zavitz
Assisting Johnathan Gomez
Chris Holguin
Chris Holguin
Assisting Jonathan Gomez

Volunteer COVID protocol monitor (4)

All slots filled
Natalia Maciel
Kiana Wong
Laura Stevens
Trish Alava


Licensed stylists only. WE LOVE YOU!

5 of 12 slots filled
Jeremy Broderick
Jared Thomas
Edrich Makabali
Dylan Webb
Dann Arandia

Photography Assistant

Tayla Rund
06/06/2021 (Sun.) Benicia High School  10:00am - 1:00pm  

Volunteer BREAKDOWN (20)

Volunteers needed to return items to MRP room @ BHS

9 of 20 slots filled
Amy Stewart
Judi Brink
Susan Black
Rhonda Hathaway
Patricia Flynn
Michele Reyes
Molly Weaver
Michael Lauffer (2)
Michael Lauffer & Erin Mahaney

Volunteer JUNIOR CLASS Breakdown (10)

Juniors will earn a $25 credit toward registration for their senior year.

5 of 10 slots filled
Ciaran OConnell
Quinton Rivero
Diego Menjivar
Linnea Lauffer (2)
Linnea Lauffer and Olivia Kamm
06/10/2021 (Thu.) BHS Grad Night Container 9:00am - 12:00pm  

Container Cleanout (15)

We need assistance prepping the container, which means cleaning out items that will no longer be needed. This will prepare us to receive the carnival and misc supplies as part of the Saturday work.

3 of 15 slots filled
Susan Black
I can stay from 9-1030
Judi Brink
Nikki Tillotson
06/12/2021 (Sat.) Meet at BHS MPR room (old gym)  9:00am - 2:00pm  

Volunteer MOVE OUT (20)

Volunteers need to move props and supplies from BHS back to BGN Container.

13 of 20 slots filled
nikki tillotson
Judi Brink
Rhonda Hathaway
Carrie Brook (4)
Carrie, Josh, ELIJAH, Jakob
Susan Black
Julie Brink (5)
Julie, Jason, Jenna, Jordan & Bret

Volunteer JUNIOR CLASS Move Out (10)

Juniors will earn a $25 credit toward registration for their senior year.

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