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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Fund - Windmill

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 3 - 7, 2021. Let's show some love and appreciation for all the hard work teachers do to educate our kids. If you can spare $5.00 or more, please signup below. You will then be taken to WePay to pay online for your donation.

CASLV PTO will then purchase gifts & goodies for all the staff.

Please remember to enter your child's name and grade in the comment field so that we can create a list for the thank you card. We will share with you the gifts that we purchase via email and in the PTO newsletter.


Thank you for your support!


Created by:   Alisa Low
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Available Slot

Windmill Teacher Gift Fund (1000)

($5.00 each)

Teacher Appreciation Week May 3 - 7, 2021 | Gifts for Windmill Teachers & Staff. You will be taken to a 3rd party site, WePay to complete your payment.

358 of 1000 slots filled
Encarnita Somoso (2)
Ceazar Somoso, 7B Thank you for being patient with my son. I know we made the right decision to transfer him to CASLV for this school year. We truly appreciate your effort and dedication as teachers.
Beverly Davison (4)
Jack Davison, 7th grade, We greatly appreciate all of the hard work the teachers have done this year!
Hank Hughes (5)
Hank Hughes Grade 5 -
Dominique Kubowicz (3)
Filip Kubowicz, 5th grade.
Laura Stavely
Abby Harris 7th grade. Thank you for all of the extra help you gave to Abby. This year hasn’t been easy for anybody so know how much you’re appreciated for all that you do.
Rebecca Jankauskas (6)
Viktorija Jankauskas Grade 7: What a ride this year! Despite the challenges put forth, all the teachers and staff at CASLV made the best of the situation and we are SO grateful! Thank you for all you do!!!
Erika Dawson (6)
Lucas Dawson - Grade 7 and Noah Dawson - Grade 5. We appreciate all of your hard work during this very challenging school year!
Melody Fay, 5th, Thank you for teaching me and making sure I do my schoolwork.
Yvette Chapman (2)
Kiera Chapman 5th Thank you to all the wonderful teachers for all the work they do.
Harpreet Kaur (2)
Khushi Padam, 5th
Zebediah Malbas (4)
Zebeduah Malbas 7th..Thank you all for all your hardwork and sacrifices
Samantha Clarke (4)
Jett Clarke 5th grade. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate you all!
Michelle Scanlan (2)
Dillen Scanlan, Grade 5. Thank you for all the you do! We are very appreciative of all the wonderful teachers at CASLV
Tristan Robb
Colton Robb 6th grade. Thank you for everything you have done for us!!!
Brea Silva (4)
Aedan Silva, 6th, Thank you!!!!
Erin DeLetto-Miranda (2)
Sofia DeLetto- 5th Thank you for all that you do!
Amy Benham-Munoz (8)
Noah Munoz, 5th - Thank you all for hanging in there during this crazy year! You are appreciated!
Amber Thielman (10)
Madison Thielman, 6, thank you to all of the teachers for helping Madison stay focused and successful during this tough year. We appreciate you!
Luiza Rena (2)
Christian Rena, 5th grade-Big thanks to all teachers and staff! Special thanks to Ms. L and Mrs. Moon for your patience and understanding!
Marissa Griffen (2)
Jane Duran
Michelle Caoagas (6)
Deacon Caoagas- Big thank you to 7F! (Kissel, Marul, Hanna, Cobanli, Aytac, Belarmino)
Erin Law (4)
Benjamin Putzier - Thank you teachers!!! You are all AMAZING!!!!!
Jennifer Andreevski (4)
Angelina Andreevski - 5th grade Thank you for all you do! Special shout out to Mr. Todtz and Ms. Lehman.
Leanne Duong-Ma (6)
Parker Ma, 7F (Marul, Belarmino, Hanna, Kissel, Cobanli, Aytac) Thank you, Teachers, for all your efforts and support in providing the best eduction for our children!
Ruth Ortega (6)
Roselynn Hernandez- 6th Grade
Reign Beaux Nidal-Smith
Reign Beaux Nidal-Smith
Miho Mitre (18)
Sean Mitre, 7G- Thank you for all your guidance throughout this challenging year!
Nicholle Pendergraft (3)
Thank you for all your hard work with Luke this year!
Troy W.J. Gonzales (4)
Trentin & Ileana Gonzales 6th & 7th grade. We are very grateful for Dr. Atas, Mr. Petty (aka Dream Team), Mrs. Mierau, and Mrs. Mosthaff for her over the mark authentic care for our community!!!
Melissa Robinson (10)
Isabella Robinson 7th grade - Thank you all for the hard work and dedication. We will miss the faculty and staff at Windmill!
Natalie Chio (5)
Nico Chio, 5th Grade. Thank you to all at CASLV Windmill for making this challenging year a great one! Special thanks to Mr. Atas, Ms. Carla, Mr. Petty, and the truly awesome Mrs. Moon and Ms. Lehman! We appreciate you all!
Stella Gabler, 4th grade, Thank you teachers for the hard work and support for our children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Shannon Wittenberger (10)
Kathleen Wittenberger (6) Thank you for all you do! So appreciated!
Gianna Robertson (5)
Gianna Robertson - 5th Grade. Thank you for everything!
Traci Gonzalez (2)
Zoe Gonzalez 6th grade. Thank you teachers and staff for your hard work through these difficult times.
Maja Gavrilovic (4)
Lara Gavrilovic, 7 th grade.Thank you for your hard work!
Janice Peake (2)
MacKenzie Peake (6th grade) - Thank you teachers and staff.
Tobi Yue-pittelli (5)
Nico Pittelli, 5th. Thank you for all you have done for our children!
Vinay Sharma
Sara sharma
Marian Guerra (5)
Maia Guerra, 6th Grade, Thank you for all your work and dedication. We appreciate all of you.
Vida Vicuna
Jhett Vicuna, 5th grade
Christine San Pedro (4)
Jaeden Tongol, Grade 5, Thanks for giving my LITTLE one BIG dreams! You are all amazing. Thanks a million!
Corina Buica
Andrei and I are grateful for all the hard work and dedication the teachers and the entire staff have put in for our kids
Robert Barnes (4)
Lucas Barnes grade 5 Thank you all we love Corral Academy
Sara Ko (4)
Issac Ko, 5th grade Thank you all teachers & staffs for being with our kids!
Emma Tait (2)
Emma T 6TH Thank you Ms. Brown for being such a caring teacher! We appreciate for your hard work! Also Thank you for all teachers.
Alicia Noll (4)
Thank you for all your hard work during this challenging year! 6th Cason Noll
Eliza Zuluaga (5)
Danica Zuluaga 6D, A million thanks to all the teachers and staff, you guys are the best!!!
Natalie Mikroulis (6)
Alexander Mikroulis grade 7 We appreciate all the hard work and dedication from all the teachers at Windmill.
Jibu Kurian
Aleena Kurian, Grade 6, Thank you for everything you do.
Caitlin Balcos (10)
Caitlin Balcos 5. Thank you teachers for all the work that you do.
Sandy Huang (6)
Gongming Huang, 7E Thank you for teaching me many subjects that I didn't know!
Jennifer Collier (5)
Cael Collier, 5th - Thank you for everything you do!
Marisa Palacios (4)
Gaius Palacios, 6, Thank you everyone for a great school year.
Jovelyn Bacani (2)
Joyvius Bacani 7F, We appreciate for all your patience, considerations and kindness through out the school year. We love you all!
Lois Alander
Amanda Rodrick
Liam Rodrick
Margot Goldstein (2)
Thanks for all the hard work this year from Max and Mia 7th grade
Ambreen Islam (6)
Hasaan Jamal, 5th: Thanks you for all you support and kindness; we appreciate everything you do!!!
George Karaivanov
Symeon Karaivanov ,5th Thank you for all you do!
Joe Kimoto (2)
Grade 6. Thank you to all the teachers for everything you do!
Trang Tran
Aileen Pham 7th grade .. Thank to all the hard work you do for our students !! Trang Tran Pham
Mindy Grover
Bryson Grover 7F. Thank you for all your hardworks!
Aster Sigel (Liana Sigel -7th Grade) Thank you so much for all that you do!
Petruta Marchis (6)
Alex Ficior 6th grade Thank you CASLV!
Tzenko Tzakov (4)
George Tzakov 6th - Thank you Windmill teachers and staff for all the hard work and dedication.
Cathy Corino-Jaggi (5)
Kendall Corino-Jaggi Grade 6 Thank you!
Linda Rodriguez (4)
Lucian Rodriguez-7th
Jeswyn Sy (8)
Jared Sy (6E) Thank you to all our teachers who have taught us the lessons we learned this year.
Johanna David (4)
Jaimee David 7E and Jinelle David 5E We appreciate all yours hardworks! Thank you for supporting our kids especially during the online learning.
Kourtney Buck (4)
Thank you for EVERYTHING this year! You are appreciated! Kade Buck and Family
Christie Kim (8)
Julie Kim, 7th, Thank you teachers!
Emily Hwang (15)
Judy Hwang 5th grade. Thank you for all teachers and staff. We appreciate you all.
Holly Klan (2)
Mark Klan 6D- Thanks for all the hard wrok
Sharon Reyes-Bompat (9)
Tristan Bompat, Grade 7F, Marul, Belarmino, Cobanli, Aytac, Kissel, Hanna, Harper, Pena and Cengiz. Thank you Teachers for all you do.
Diane Brown (5)
Ryland Brown wants to thank his 7th grade teachers for their dedication and support this year. Thank you Dr. Belarmino, Mrs. Cobanli, Mr. Hambleton, Mrs. Kissel, Mrs. Pena and Specials Teachers!
Rina Gangozo (6)
Katelyn Gangozo 5E- Thank you to all hardworking teachers and staff. We appreciate your kindness, support, and dedication to all your students.
Nasim Fusco
Leila Fusco, 7th grade. Thank you for all you do!
Sophia Luque (2)
Yamir Maldonado, 5
Loveli Andrews (2)
Loveli Andrews, 6th Grade. Thanks to all my teachers for their encouragement this year!
Shiho Jewell (5)
Jonah Jewell 7, thank you so much for all you do!
Ermando Iacono (8)
Ermando 5F. Thank you for your amazing job! You are awesome!
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