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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Fund - Sandy Ridge

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 3 - 7, 2021. Let's show some love and appreciation for all the hard work teachers do to educate our kids. If you can spare $5.00 or more, please signup below. You will then be taken to WePay to pay online for your donation.

CASLV PTO will then purchase gifts & goodies for all the staff.

Please remember to enter your child's name and grade in the comment field so that we can create a list for the thank you card. We will share with you the gifts that we purchase via email and in the PTO newsletter.


Thank you for your support!


Created by:   Alisa Low
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Available Slot

Sandy Ridge Teacher Gift Fund (1000)

($5.00 each)

Teacher Appreciation Week May 3 - 7, 2021 | Gifts for Sandy Ridge Teachers & Staff. You will be taken to a 3rd party site, WePay to complete your payment.

647 of 1000 slots filled
Beverly Davison (4)
Wendy Davison, 9th grade, Thank you to all of the teachers for your incredible work this year!
Dominique Kubowicz (3)
Joanna Kubowicz, 9th grade;
Maria Guillem (3)
Ethan (11th) & Matthew (9th) Guillem. Happy Teacher’s week!
Stacey Wolfgang (4)
Kanoa Wolfgang, Grade 8, Thank you teachers!
Ella Skier (10)
Sammy Skier, 8th grade
Jennifer Mccloskey
Kelly mccloskey, 8th grade
Katherine Lee (6)
Brandon Mao, 9th, thank you so much to all the wonderful teachers
Kristi Subramanian (10)
Aurelia and Rhea Subramanian. Thank you teachers!!
Koreen Anthonette Jorvina, Grade 9. Thank you for being our superheroes during these trying times.
stacy susman (7)
Jonathan Adler 8th grade A big thank you to all the teachers for all the positivity and encouragment you have given this year!
Sandy Webb (4)
Elijah Webb 12th - Thank you to all the teachers for everything you do!
Samantha Clarke (5)
Jordan Clarke 8th grade. Thank You for all you do! We appreciate all of you!
Christine Collier
Amanda Collier 9th grade Thank you to all my teachers this year for being supportive and understanding!
Sherry Marks (15)
Alex & David Danamidis 10th grade. Thank you!
Tristan Robb
Tristan Robb 8th. Thank you for everything you have done for us!!!
Lisa Dias (3)
Moshe Vaz Grade 11
Amy Benham-Munoz (6)
Audrey Munoz, 8th Thank you all for getting through this crazy year and caring about all of your students!
Amy Benham-Munoz (6)
Henna Munoz, 8th Thank you for all of you efforts during this crazy school year! You are appreciated!
Karen Lee
Ethan Lee(10)
Virginia TANENHAUS (6)
Isaac Tanenhaus 9th - Thank you!
Rebecca Wrenn
Ava Wolfe-Wrenn 8th grade. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of my teachers for being so supportive and positive!!
Dayana Ricaldi
this is my first year and i’m so happy to be in this school.
Cynthia Eaton (5)
Benjamin Eaton, 9th grade.
Michelle Caoagas (6)
London Caoagas- thank you to all the teachers esp Meuir, Ellis, Murray, Devine, Hunsicker, Erdogan
Kelli Taguchi (20)
Chris Ferguson 10th grade THANK YOU!!
Tracy Li (6)
Katherine Li 8th grade. Sending a big thank you to all our teachers!
Ruth Ortega (6)
Sebastian R. Hernandez- 9th Grade
Tristan McAffee-Darrough
Tristan McAffee-Darrough, Grade 10
Kristine Newsom (20)
Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you being each day for our students.
Tamara Hammer (10)
Brooke Hammer, grade 10
Jia Mahesh (10)
Thank you to the 8th grade teachers who have been committed to making positive impact in students life. We truly appreciate you all!
Genevie Durano (4)
Sebastian Peterson, 10th grade. Thank you to all the teachers for everything you've done during this challenging year!
Bella Gabler, 8th grade, We appreciate all the hard work and support you give to our children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Donna Grogan
Thomas Grogan 8th grade. Thank you for all you do.
Jacqueline Carman (2)
Alexis Carman
Shannon Wittenberger (5)
James (10) and John (9) Wittenberger
Melanie DuBois (4)
Alexander Bourke, 12 Grade, thank you to all the teachers who have made my High school experience memorable. I will forever be grateful to all of you.
Shannon Wittenberger (5)
James and John Wittenberger
Gloria Mandel (10)
Sam and Chase Mandel
Ofelia Arana (6)
Julian Porter. 8th grade. Thank you
Leilani Armstrong
Leila Armstrong, 8th
Dinorah Castillo (6)
Francisco Medrano. Thank you for all the teacher for their excellent work during this year. We trully appreciated you all.
Leonita Dema (2)
Lyra Dema 12th grade, Arion Dema 8th grade. Big THANK YOU to our awesome teachers!!!
Maja Gavrilovic (4)
Ivana Gavrilovic, 9 th grade. Thank you for your hard work!
Katushca Quea (7)
Ben & Sam WIMSATT (9 th grade) , Alejandro WIMSATT (8 th grade) Thank you, you are all amazing!
Zavian Makhathini (10)
Zavian Makhathini, 11th Grade, Thank you teachers for everything, can't wait to see you in real life next year!
Ana Collado
Adaen Collado 8th Grade. To all the teachers, thank you for your hard work.
Sally Bernard (10)
Jacklyn Bernard, 9 THANKS to ALL my great Sandy Ridge Teachers and faculty.
Kura Rogers Family (4)
Kura Rogers 9th Thank you. We appreciate your amazing efforts.
Jocelyn Peralta (5)
Christopher Faro, 9th grade. Thank you for going above and beyond and having so much patience teaching us. Awesome job!
Lisa Caruso (3)
Kieran, Skyler & Eden Resnick
Anish Ruparelia (2)
Anish Ruparelia-9th grade. Big thank you to all teachers
Alison Ragonese (4)
Marissa & Cade Ragonese 8th grade; thank you for all you do!
Jpeann Franklin (10)
Nyasia Franklin 9
Sora Anton (4)
Sora Anton, 9th grade
Marlene Ricaldi
dayana ricaldi
Mary Feyt (6)
Juliam Feyt Gr 8 Thank you for all you do! Especially this year!
Lin Zu (4)
Eric Wang ,10th Grade
Karina Crosby
Benjamin Crosby, 8th grade. Thank you to all the teachers for your hard work!
Sanya Hamilton (10)
Lucas Hamilton, 9th grade. Thank you teachers for all your hard work, especially during this challenging year!
Gladis Andrade
Christian Wendland Thank you for everything you do for us.
Cassandra Warren (4)
Jaedyn O’Nell 12th grade- thank you so much for all of your hard work and help they this extremely trying year; you are very much appreciated! Thank you!!
Ailin Jiang (2)
Haoran Ma 8th Thank you for teaching us!
Pamela Cinko (2)
Kayla and Kaitlyn Cinko 10 thank you
Gina Noahr (2)
Lincoln Noahr 8 - Thank you for all your hard work!
Edwin Narrido (4)
From Joaquin Sebastian Narrido
Renaye Mendoza (6)
Brayden Mendoza 11th grade, Bryce Mendoza 8th grade
A A (2)
Fardeen Khan
Illeana Fugatt (8)
Illeana Fugatt 8, Thank you for everything you've done throughout the school year. We appreciate you.
Haneef Ahmed (20)
Haneef Ahmed (11th), Abdullah Ahmed (9th)
Valerie Moog (6)
Xavier Moog, 12th grade Thank you to all the teachers, staff, and administrators for all they have done this year!
Jibu Kurian
Adeline Kurian
Donna Stanek (10)
Joshua Stanek, 9 Thank you for believing in me and continuing to support me during this very trying year.
Janet Quintana (4)
Elijah Quintana, 8th grade. Thank you for your dedication, patience and your support.
Cosmas Eze
Chidera Eze, 8 grade I am grateful for your help and motivation. Thank you.
Aaron Roy (10)
A BIG thank you to all our teachers for supporting us throughout this difficult year - Aaron and Neil Roy
Kelly Colian (2)
Angelina Argentino, 10th - Thank you for all that you do!
Beth Kazelskis (6)
Lauren Kazelskis
Zeeshan Syed (4)
Musa Sohail, Mariam Sohail , 10th Grade, Thank you to all the very amazing 10th grade teacher! We really appreciate you.
Ronald Salas (4)
Maria Salas
Liza Enriquez (4)
Anne Celine Enriquez, Gr. 8 ...Thank you for all that you do! Your hardwork is greatly appreciated.
Daniel Dragnev (10)
MIladin Kolev, 11th grade
catherine payne (19)
Evelyn Payne 12 Thank you teachers for all that you do
Winnie Glenn (4)
Erwin Ramos, 12th grade
Josie Bisarra (6)
Aiden Bisarra 8th Grade
Aster Sigel (Isabelle Sigel -10th Grade)) Thank you so much for all that you do!
Juliette Hoang (10)
Troy Elkins, 9th grade. We appreciate all that you do!
Deb Freeth (5)
Preston Freeth, Grade 11, All of you are SO amazing! Thank you for all you do!
Vashika N (2)
Julie Nacua (6)
Jase Nacua, 10th, Thank you so much for teaching me!
Julie Nacua (6)
Chad Nacua, 12th, Thank you so much for all you do - really appreciate it!
Nasir Siddiqui (10)
We truly appreciate the dedication and hard work and help extended by teachers as well as front office staff, thank you
Ses Aquiningoc (6)
Daphne Sierra Aquiningoc 8th grade Thank you amazingTeachers for all your hard work.
Tiffany Diggins (4)
Ryder Buscemi, 9th grade. Thank you!
Christie Kim (6)
Grace Kim, 9th, Thank you teachers!
Joseph Palmarozzo (8)
Thank you! From the Palmarozzo's
Stephanie Marquez (10)
Lorelani Ladislao~Thank you, you guys rock :D
Alicja Marciniszyn (5)
John Marciniszyn (9th) Thank you all teachers!!!
Lisa Farmer (4)
Tyler Farmer, 9th Thank you to all the teachers who have gone beyond to teach our kids in these times.
Kieu Nguyen (2)
Sophia nguyen 11grade and Victoria nguyen 8 grade
Lauren Nelson (8)
Ean Nelson, 9th. Thank you teachers for all of you hard work and dedication. You are GREATLY appreciated!
Dorota Zurek (4)
Felix Siemiatkowski 8th grade, Thank You!
Shreya Govindaraj (5)
Shreya Govindaraj, 10
Gaelyn Fry (4)
Thank you for all you do! - Jaquelyn Fry (9th)
Linda Norris (6)
Bret Norris 11th, Drew Norris 9th. Thank you to all the awesome teachers and staff!! We are grateful for everything you do!
Shiho Jewell (5)
Noah Jewell 11, thank you for all you do! Teachers rock!
Lily Dang (6)
Cole Yokoyama, Gr. 11. Thank you for all you do and a special shout out to Ms. Nourse!
Dylan Dang (5)
Dylan Dang-11th grade. Happy Teacher’s Week! Thank you for all you do!
Hoori Djassemi (10)
Donia Amereh, 8th grade, thank you!
Asif Qureshi (2)
Madiha Qureshi 9th grade/ Hasan Qureshi 8th grade
Tomoko Utsumi (4)
Maiko & Momoka Utsumi
Eddie Carnate (10)
Zachery Carnate 11th Gr
Rayma Larsen (20)
Annabelle Larsen& Severin Larsen
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