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Denverwood LA Agent / Manager Showcase

Denverwood LA Agent/Manager Showcase. Sign up for ONE time slot.


  • All CSA Actors need to sign up for one of the three sessions. Please sign up below.
  • If you are already signed with Denny and/or Justine, please come from 2:15 to 2:45pm Sunday, IN ADDITION TO performing at one of the sessions, to say hello and reconnect! You can check in with your rep(s) and ask any questions you may have in a group setting. You will still perform in one of the Showcase sessions, because they need to see your growth and re-acquaint themselves with you as an actor.
  • CALLBACKS FOR POTENTIAL NEW CLIENTS WILL BE AT 3:00-5:00pm SUNDAY! Please keep this time open in case you get a callback from one of our guests!
  • Location: CSA Lakewood
  • Sign-up deadline: Tuesday 12/11/18. The list will be locked after that.
  • All CSA Students should attend.
  • Performance Material (All Prepared in Advance):
    1. About Me Spiel (You have practiced this in class!)
    2. Monologue (Same one you performed in November.)
    3. Howard Sides (Your scene that you will perform with a reader.)
  • Bring: 2 copies of your headshot & resume, stapled back-to-back.
  • Wear: Cute hip-casual outfit. Solid, bold colors like you wear for your headshots are great!
  • Parents are invited in for a Q&A at the start! Then you will leave and the kids will perform. :-)
Created by:   Colorado School of Acting (CSA)
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (MST) Available Slot
12/15/2018 (Sat.) 10:00am - 1:00pm  

Kids and Tweens 5-12 (13)

11 of 13 slots filled
Zayda Esquivel
Brian Alexander Van Wyhe, 10
Gabi Sommer
Gabi Sommer 9
Stella Legg
Stella 11
Brie Moon
Sophia Moon age 11
Amanda McBride
Ewan McBride (10)
Stella Legg
Stella Legg, 11
Gabrielle Williams
Aaron Michaels - age 9
Ronan Marvin
Ainsley Ross
Ainsley Ross, 9
April Dockery
Neveah Bella
Jeff Pratt
Tatum Pratt

Teens & Young Adults (11)

10 of 11 slots filled
Adam Taylor
Adam S Taylor - 18+
Samantha Peters
Samantha Peters (14)
Ariana Opp
Elissa Opp 13
Nicole Bennett
Alex Bennett
Sarah Hebbard
Sarah Hebbard (16)
Leisa Smart
Zoey Smart - 12
Jessica Ziegler Ziegler
Holden Casey (14)
Kim Thylin
Ashley Thylin 14
Finian O'Neill
Fin O'Neill 18+
Leisa Smart
Logan Smart - 12
3:00pm - 6:00pm  

Kids and Tweens 5-12 (13)

All slots filled
Maycee Taylor
Maycee Taylor, Age 8
Nick Ziegler
age 10
Sienna Martin
Sienna, 10
Silas and Cordelia Horne (2)
Silas (10) Cordelia (6)
Shana Alaniz
Naimah Alaniz, 11 years old
Sanika Kanitkar
Sanika-9yrs old
Sarah Samal
sarah samal , 11
Deepak Khanna
Avi Khanna: 10
Aaliyah Christian
Aaliayh Christian
Cherie Weren (2)
Zander, 8 & Avery, 7
Dawn Brodin
Maiah Elyse

Teens & Young Adults (11)

6 of 11 slots filled
Natalie De Rosa
Natalie De Rosa, 16 (leaving early)
Marissa Sisneros
Marissa 14
Adriana Becerra
Yazmin Becerra 14
Elianna Genevieve
Elianna Genevieve // 17
Micah Taylor
Micah Taylor 17
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 21
12/16/2018 (Sun.) 10:00am - 1:00pm  

Kids and Tweens 5-12 (13)

All slots filled
JoAnn Lopez
Joey DeLeon 8
Dani Bowers
Blaise Bowers, 11
Jay Deshpande
Jay, 9yrs
Jennifer Lawler
Chloe Lawler 7
Katherine Garvey
Brooks Garvey (9)
Renesha Berry
Yanelis Valera, 8
Avery Grace
Avery Grace, 11
Lisa Schnitzler
CC Sanger 11
Tonean Davis
Na'Riyah 6
Beth Toft
Caroline Toft, 10
Stacy Kumar
Talia Kumar, 12
Sheri Poznanovic
Tyler Poznanovic
Lila DeMuth

Teens & Young Adults (11)

All slots filled
Canyon James
Canyon James, 15
Jessica Erling
Violet Erling/15
Jennifer Davis
Kat Davis / 13
Amber Bridges
Colton Parker 13
Jayden Vest
Jayden Vest 16
Daniel Glynn
Daniel Glynn, 17
Adriana Becerra
Yazmin Becerra 14
Andrea Mai
Kieran Mai, 15
Anna Marie Douglas
Dominic Douglas - 13
Elijah Field
Elijah Field 14
Abraham Elahmadi
01/01/2019 (Tue.)  

Unfortunately, I cannot come.

List your name here if you are unable to attend any of the above sessions. We will miss you!

1 slot filled - more available
Denise Ward
Kate Ward. Performances in Annie are this weekend.

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