Interfaith Families Project

2019 Passover Seder Potluck 4-14-19

The IFFP Passover Seder Potluck will take place on Sunday, April 14th at 11 AM after the Seder Service. Please REMEMBER to bring a small sheet of paper along with your dish marking the ingredients. We have some members with food restrictions/allergies and we want to do our best to accommodate everyone.

IFFP will be providing drinks and eating supplies.

Also, please remember that EVERYTHING needs to be vegetarian.


Date: 04/14/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm EDT

Location: Charles E Smith Jewish Day School

Created by:   Miranda Hovemeyer

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Appetizer (1 appetizer = 20-30 small servings) (20)
  1 of 20 slots filled
Heidi Friedman
Sesame-free hummus
Main Dish (1 main dish = a 9x13 pan or 12 pieces (i.e. pasta)) (20)
  5 of 20 slots filled
Suzanne Isaacs (2)
(2) cheese and onion quiche
Veronica Sholin
Dana Dirker
Gluten free
Irene Landsman
veggie quiche
Side Dish (1 side dish = approx. 5 cups) (12)
  7 of 12 slots filled
Heidi Anderson
Bean & Corn Salad
Trina Leonard
Veronica Sholin
Sally and Barry
Kale & cranberry salad
Becky Oyewamide
Leah Walker
Debra Thompson
Mac and cheese
Dessert (2 dozen cookies or 1 cake/pie ) (10)
  5 of 10 slots filled
Sara Wilensky
Nophar Palumbo
Kerry Green
Yvonne Quilop
Leah Walker
Responses:     Yes: 18     No: 5     Maybe: 0     No Response: 102

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 65     Maybe: 0

YES (18) -  

Debra Thompson (5 guests)

Rob Liebreich (3 guests)

Claude Dahan (1 guest)

Irene Landsman (2 guests)

Leah Walker (6 guests)

Beth McCracken-Harness (2 guests)
Grace and I will be there. Looking forward to it!

randi field (3 guests)
We're coming with matzoh, coffee, etc. Looking forward to it!

Yvonne Quilop (4 guests)

Kerry Green (4 guests)

Becky Oyewamide (4 guests)

Sally and Barry (2 guests)

Nophar Palumbo (5 guests)

Dana Dirker (4 guests)
Please let me know if someone is both GF together with vegan and I will make my dish vegan as well.

Veronica Sholin (8 guests)

Trina Leonard (2 guests)

Heidi Anderson (3 guests)

Heidi Friedman (3 guests)

Suzanne Isaacs (4 guests)

NO (5) +