North Ridge Church

Deliver Hope 2020 - North Ridge Church

Thank you for sharing your generosity in bringing joy to children and families in the Marshfield area! 

Please review the available Deliver Hope tags below and click on the button to sign up for one or more tags. You will receive a printable copy of the gift wishes after you sign up (choose the check box, then select the red button at the bottom of the screen).


  • You may purchase some or all of the items listed on the on the tag and include a message for the child or family, if desired.
  • Wrap the gift(s)
  • Attach the gift number (i.e. W1.3, G5.2) to the gift(s) - be sure it is noticable and secured tightly
  • Return gift(s) to North Ridge Church (former JC Penney Store at the Marshfield Mall) by Sunday, December 6th.  

    - Please use the back church entrance from the Peach Street parking lot. 
    - Drop off hours are Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 2 PM or Sundays from 8 AM - Noon. 
     - If you have gift drop off questions or concerns, please contact the church at 715.387.6111

Feel free to share the joy of giving by passing along the sign-up link to your family and friends!

Created by:   North Ridge Church
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Available Slot

G16 Grant School Boy Age: 10

Nerf guns, Nike clothes, Mini skateboards (tech deck), Winter coat (sz 14), Pants (no jeans) sz 14, Shirts sz 14

Carissa Miller

G17.1 Grant School Boy Age: 10

Star Wars, Star Wars-The Mandalortain Darksaber, Snow Boots-Size 5, Pants (size 12), Socks- boys L, Boxer briefs- boys size 10

Amy Mooring

G17.2 Grant School Boy Age: 8

Lego Classic Bricks, Legos, Snow Boots size 8, Sweatpants/Joggers (size 10) ,socks (boys L) ,boxers (boys L)

Amy Mooring

G17.3 Grant School Boy Age: 5

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol Dino Rescue, Snow boots (size 12 kids), snow pants-size 5T

Amy Mooring

G17.4 Grant School Boy Age: 2

Vtech helping Heros Fire Station, Snow boots (size 8 kids), snow pants- size 2T

Amy Mooring

G18.1 Grant School Girl Age: 14

Makeup, Jewelry, Pens/notebook, Pants (Women's 12/14), Sweater (L)

Kris Karpinski

G18.2 Grant School Boy Age: 10

Matchbox cars, Legos, Remote control car, Pants (size 10), Shirts(M), Sweater (M)

Kris Karpinski

G18.3 Grant School Boy Age: 9

Legos, Building kits, Remote control cars, Pants (size 10/12), Shirt (L), Shoes size 7

Kris Karpinski

G18.4 Grant School Girl Age: 17

Makeup, Crafts, Hair accessories, Sweat pants 2XL, Hoodies 2XL, Slippers size 9

Kris Karpinski

G18.5 Grant School Boy Age: 8

Nerf guns, Legos, Remote control cars, Pants (size 8/10), Sweater (M or 8/10)

Kris Karpinski

G19.1 Grant School Boy Age: 7

Roblox, Marvel, Nerf, Long underwear (size 8), Pants (size 8), Boots size 1 1/2

Tina Justice
Justice Fam

G19.2 Grant School Girl Age: 13

Pokeman Go, Skateboarding, Rock music, Long underwear (M), Pants (M), Boots size 8.5 W

Tina Justice
Justice Fam

G19.3 Grant School Boy Age: 15

Building computers, Conservative books, boxing, Sweat pants XL), Long underwear (XL), snow pants (XL)

Tina Justice
Justice Fam

G20.1 Grant School Girl Age: 11

Drawing, Nail art, Minecraft game, Shoes/boots (size 5), Sweaters size 14/16, Undergarments size 14/16

Rachel Rademan

G20.2 Grant School Boy Age: 10

Pokemon, Spiderman, Video games, Sweat pants (size 14/16), Long sleeve shirts size 14/16, Undergarments size 14

Rachel Rademan

G21.1 Grant School Girl Age: 9 mo.

Camo, Unicorns, Elephants, Tops (12 mo.), Bottoms 18 months, Socks

Alicia Frost

G21.2 Grant School Boy Age: 6

Action figures, Puzzles, Legos, Pants size 6, Shirts size 7, Underwear size 6

Alicia Frost

G22 Grant School Boy Age: 6

Legos, Anything Power rangers, How to train your dragon, Dinosaurs, Remote control cars, Shirts (size 10 or 10/12), Pants only elastic pull on waistband (no buttons) size 10, Shoes size 2

Carissa Miller

G23.1 Grant School Boy Age: 9

Fortnite, Legos, Video games, Jeans (Men's 34/32), Snow pants (Men's M), Gloves (L)

Erin & Jake Ewert
Team Whyachi Robotics

G23.2 Grant School Boy Age: 9

Sports, Fortnite, Foreign carJeans (M), Gloves (small boys), Snow pants (M)

Claire Gilbertson

G24.1 Grant School Boy Age: 18

Gift Cards - Gas, Dunkin, Walmart, Culver's, Working with tools/construction, Jeans (Men’s 29x30 Slim/Straight Leg), Long Sleeve Shirts (Men’s M), Coveralls for outside work (Men’s S)

Beth Zarnke

G24.2 Grant School Girl Age: 15

Baking items, Gift Cards - Visa Gift Card, Target, McDonald’s, Cozy Blankets, Long sleeve shirts (Juniors M), Cozy Pajamas/Pajama Pants (Juniors S/M), Winter Boots (Women’s 6.5)

Hailey Bruhn
Emily Bruhn

G24.3 Grant School Girl Age: 14

Cozy Blankets Gift Cards - Visa Gift Card, Starbucks, Target, Painting, Hoodies (size 14 /16 Girls), Winter Hat and Gloves,Snow Boots (Girls 5-5.5)

Hailey Bruhn
Macie Bruhn

G24.4 Grant School Girl Age: 12

Pineapple decor, Hockey, Soccer, Sloths, T-shirts (size 12 girls), Leggings size 10 girls, Pajama pants size 10 girls

Claire Gilbertson

G24.5 Grant School Girl Age: 9

Arts and Crafts, Drawing /Coloring/Painting, Cats, Long Sleeve Shirts (size 8/10), Winter Hat and Gloves, Socks

Lisa Laughnan

G25.1 Grant School Boy Age: 3

Sensory LED floor bubble lamp, Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Triple Loop Kit, Remote Control Mario Kart Car, Marvel Hulk Shoes (Size 9), Pants (no jeans) black, blue, red (5T), Miles Morales SpiderMan outfit 5t

Jamie Peterlik

G25.2 Grant School Girl Age: 2

Balance Bike VTech Explore & Write Activity Desk/Easel/Chalkboard, Trolls World Tour Color Poppin Poppy Doll, Warm/thick Leggings (2-3T), Puma Jumpsuits 2t, Walking Shoes size 6

Marlene Ablett

G25.3 Grant School Girl Age: 4 mo.

Baby Einstein 4 in 1 kick Tunes Discovery Activity Play GyBaby Rattle & Educational Toys,Beiens Soft Touch and Feel Early Stimulation Cloth Book,Juicy Coutour Baby Pram, Juicy Coutour,Fleece Hooded Jacket w/ Faux Fur Pant set, Warm onesies/jumpsuit Puma

Becky Weber

G25.4 Grant School Girl Age: 10

YouTube Planning & making Your Own YouTube Videos for Dummies, SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed, LUXJET LED Floor Lamp Dimmable w/ Remote, Tombik Girls Black Faux Fur Zip Winter Snow Boots (Size 10), HiCool Black Touchscreen, Gloves (S) ,Tik Tok You


G26.1 Grant School Boy Age: 6

Skateboard, Boys Scooter (Non-Folding if possible), Rollerblades (13), Winter Boots (13 Toddlers), Pants (5) , Snowpants (5/6)

Jamie Peterlik

G26.2 Grant School Girl Age: 14

Roblox Card, Mine craft Game for xbox 360, Make up for light skin (please No RED lipstick), Winter Boots (Size 11 women), Snow pants (Women 6), Sweatpants (Women's 6)

Aimee Tippen

G27.1 Grant School Boy Age: 15

Movies gift certificate, Camping / outdoors, The Goonies, Jurassic World-movie, Hoodie: packers, badgers, brewers (Mens XL), Athletic Pants (Men's XL) , Short sleeve shirts (Mens XL)

Kristy Langhoff

G27.2 Grant School Boy Age: 6

Bulldozer, crane, monster truck, Dinosaurs, Big nerf gun, Athletic pants (Size 7 slim), Hoodie: Packers/Brewers/Badgers (size 8), Shirts (size 8)

Jamie Peterlik

G28 Grant School Girl Age: 10

Books: New Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Stuffed Animals ( Like Ty brand ones), Bear books by Karma Wilson, Black Pants- leggings or sweatpants (size 14/16), Sweatshirts- size 14/16, Long sleeve shirts- size 14/16

Stephanie McNamara

G29.1 Grant School Boy Age: 17

Electronics, Video games, Shirts (Mens L), Socks, Sweatshirt zip up hoodie (mens L)


G29.2 Grant School Girl Age: 8

Gymnastics, Arts and crafts, Electronics, Socks, Jeans size 8 girls, Shoes and boots size 2 or 3

Marlene Ablett

G30.1 Grant School Boy Age: 9

Science Stem kits, Laser pegs 4 in 1 construction set, Horse figurines to play with or collect, Jeans (12R or 14R boys), Snow pants (12R boys), slipper socks (boys L)

Faith Storms

G30.2 Grant School Boy Age: 15

Legos, Puzzles, Adult coloring books (Art Escape) and colored pencils, PJ's (Men's S)

Amy Sternweis

G31.1 Grant School Boy Age: 7

Legos, Art and Crafts, Xbox, Pajamas 7/8, Long sleeve shirt 7/8, Pants 7/8

Jacklyn Abegglen

G31.2 Grant School Boy Age: 10

Legos, Arts/Crafts, X-box, PJ's size 8/10, Shirt long sleeve size 8/10, Pants size 8/10

Brittany Schueller
Brittany schueller

G32.1 Grant School Boy Age: 13

Pokken Tournament, DX Nintendo Switch Game, Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Black Kk8 Mini Drone Quadcopter, Adidas athletic pants (Men's M), Adidas basketball shorts (Men's M), Adidas T-Shirts (Men's XL)


G32.2 Grant School Boy Age: 11

Madden 21 NFL PS4 Game, Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo WHITE, Pacrate Stereo Gaming Headset Green, Adidas basketball shorts (Men's M), Adidas T-Shirts (Men's L), Athletic joggers (Men's M)


G32.3 Grant School Boy Age: 8

Best choice product transforming race car orange, Lego speed champion Nissan set # 76896, Roblox gift card, Adidas athletic pants (L/10), Adidas athletic shorts (L/10), Adidas T-Shirts (L)


G32.4 Grant School Girl Age: 20 mo.

Fisher price laugh and learn smart stages puppy-sis, Costway kid outdoor indoor princess play tent playhouse, Fisher price laugh and learn light up learning vacuum, Pajamas shirts & pants, dresses and socks (24 mo.)

Jacklyn Abegglen

W12.1 Washington School Boy Age: 13

Lego sets, HEXBUG nano Nitro 5 pk, HEXBUG nano space cosmic command, Gravity maze marble run, spider robot DIY building kit, Winter boots (Men's size 7 ), Snow pants (men's L), long-sleeved shirts (Men's L)

Joni White

W12.2 Washington School Girl Age: 10

18" girl doll with accessories and clothing,pink & purple Star Belly Dream Lites Unicorn, light up knitting needles/yarn, Ballet lessons,Warm shirts/hoodies/long-sleeved shirts (Size 14/16),Unicorn Hooded, Sleeper/jammies (10-12 or L), sweatpants (10/12)

Kristy Langhoff

W12.3 Washington School Girl Age: 9

LOL Surprise, Girl Lego Sets Kinetic Sand (Pink, Blue, Purple) , Gymnastics lessons, Claire's boutique gift certificate, Shirts or hoodies/long-sleeved shirts (10/12), hooded sleeper (10/12), sweatpants/warm leggings (10/12)

Liz Holmes
Merry Christmas!

W13.1 Washington School Boy. Age: 4

Marvel superheros, Dinosaurs, Trains, Socks 11 child & underwear 5T, PJs 5T, Sweat pants 5T


W13.2 Washington School Girl Age: 1

Minnie Mouse, Baby Dolls, Trolls, Socks 6 child, Pjs 2T, Pants 2T

Laura Zelinski
Laura Zelinski

W14.1 Washington School Girl Age: 11

Wireless headphone, Barbie, Scary books, Sweatpants (2XL), Sweaters (2XL), Shoes size 8

Terry Manthe

W14.2 Washington School Girl Age: 3

Baby shark, Lol dolls, Kid movies cartoons, Shirt (4T), Pjs 4t, Pants 4t

Lauralee Kunze
Lauralee kunze

W15.1 Washington School Boy Age: 7

Cars, trucks, construction, police/fire, etc., LEGOs, Pokemon, Pants (M or size 8/10), Shirts (long or short sleeved) size 10 or M, Pajamas (8 or M)

Jane Becker

W15.2 Washington School Boy Age: 9

Dinosaurs (especially Jurassic Park/World), LEGOs, Cars, trucks, police/fire, etc., Pants/no skinny jeans (M or size 8), Shirts (long or short sleeved) size 10 or M, Pajamas (8/10 or M)

Jane Becker

W15.3 Washington School Girl Age: 12

Cats, Bath and Body Works (fruity stuff), Harry Potter stuff (not books or movies), Leggings/Jeggings (Women's M), Shirts (Women's M), Pajamas (Women's M)

Julie Heck

W16.1 Washington School Boy Age: 6

Hot wheel/Monster trucks, Ryan's toy review, Power Rangers, Shirts (size 6 kids), Sweatpants size 6 in kids, Winter boots 13child /snow pants 6

Julie Heck

W16.2 Washington School Girl Age: 4

Baby dolls, Slime kits, Anna and Elsa frozen, Shirts and sweatpants (size 6x), Winter boots (12 child), snow pants (6X), Leggings (6x)

Marilyn Peterson

W16.3 Washington School Girl Age: 2

Baby alive dolls, Minnie mouse, Sophia the first, Snow pants (size 2/3), Winter boots size 9c, Sweatpants, t-shirt (3T)

Katie Olszewski

W16.4 Washington School Boy Age: 2

Paw patrol, Cars, Ryan's toy review, Snow pants (size 3T), Winter boots size 9c, Shirts and sweatshirts (3-4T)

Katie Olszewski

W17 Washington School Girl Age: 7

Crafts - painting coloring, baby dolls, Playing doctor, Baking-Mixing the ingredients together, Pants (size 10), Shirts (L), Socks (shoe size 3-8)

heather berg

W18.1 Washington School Girl Age: 15

Art all type sculpture painting drawing, Nails and hair, Camping and boat, Hoodies (XL), Boots size 10, PJ's and underwear

Vickie Parker

W18.2 Washington School Boy Age: 12

Bmx biking and fixing bikes, Fishing, Camping boating, Sweater or sweat shirt (Men's M), Socks, underwear (mens small), Baseball hat

Sarah Hilgart

W18.3 Washington School Boy Age: 7

Science and space Legos building, Camping and fishing, Hat mittens, Sweat shirt sweater, pants (size 12), Boots, socks underwear (boys 3 or 4)

Elizabeth Appino

W18.4 Washington School Boy Age: 7

Legos, X box mine craft, Camping, fishing, Sweater or hoody (boys 8), Socks, underwear, Coat/snow pants (8/10)

Vickie Parker

W19.1 Washington School Girl Age: 14

Nail polish, Make up, Pants (M), Shirts - small, Hoodies - Large

Sarah Bissonnette

W19.2 Washington School Girl Age: 9

Barbies, Drawing, Coloring books, Pants (size XL), Shirts - xl, Jackets - Large

Ashley VanDreel

W20.1 Washington School Girl Age: 9

Stuffed dog or puppy, Anything slime, Art supplies(markers, pens, how-to book, etc), Leggings (size XL or 14/16), Socks (Size 4-12), Long sleeve shirts (XL or 14/16)

Kim Oelstrom

W20.2 Washington School Boy Age: 11

Remote control truck, Board games, Mini golf, Sweatpants (men’s L), Socks (men’s medium), Long sleeve shirts (men’s L)

Kim Oelstrom

W20.3 Washington School Boy Age: 14

Remote control truck, Board game or card game, Science experiment kit, Sweatpants (men’s XL), Long sleeve shirt (men’s x large), Socks (men’s L)

Kim Oelstrom
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