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Gresham Prayer Partners 2020-2021

We are excited about the opportunity to continue our partnership with the teachers, staff, and administrators at Gresham Middle School. Because of the restrictions in place at Knox County Schools, the principal has requested that this year's Gresham Prayer Partner Ministry is all digital

As a prayer partner, here are some ways that you can support GMS:

  • Pray for your GMS partner by name each day
  • Once a month (or more), email your GMS partner with encouragement, scripture, and prayers for successful days.
  • In addition to your monthly email, email a Birthday eCard to your prayer partner. For a summer birthday, send this in early May.
  • Consider sending a $10 eGift Card for Christmas
  • Do not send handwritten notes, cards, or other goodies. These items simply aren't practical at this time as Fountain City UMC Church Office Staff are working remotely and Gresham Middle School is restricting visitors and deliveries. Please help us by honoring Principal Parker's request for exclusively digital communication.

This is indeed a special opportunity to share our faith with our community when they need our support the most! Please review the available Gresham Staff below and click on the Sign Up button beside their name to "adopt" that Staff Member.

You will receive a confirmation email from [email protected] Reminder emails will be sent each month from [email protected], so please add these addresses to your contacts. If you have any questions, please contact the FCUMC Church Office. Thank you for making this ministry a success!

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Available Slot

Bob Adamcik, Music Appreciation

[email protected] Birthday: June 2

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Jacob Adams, 8th ELA

[email protected] Birthday: November 19

Patty McMahon

Rachel Babelay, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: May 2


Chris Barkley, PE & Wellness

[email protected] Birthday: February 18


Katie Bellnier Thomas, 7th ELA

[email protected] Birthday: November 23

Pam Howerton

Aderon Billingsley, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: April 20


Charles Birden, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: June 28

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Jania Blakley, ELL

[email protected] Birthday: February 3


Davis Bodie, 8th Social Studies

[email protected] Birthday: October 23

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Cathy Bolton, Social Worker

[email protected] Birthday: March 6

Gail Clift

Tara Butler, Guidance Counselor

[email protected] Birthday: August 8

Susan Vines

Robin Campbell, Psychologist

[email protected] Birthday: September 13


Tyler Cate, PE & Wellness

[email protected] Birthday: November 1

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Lindsey Clark, 6th ELA

[email protected] Birthday: June 3


John Coppeans, Art

[email protected] Birthday: August 31


Vincent Dave, 6th Social Studies

[email protected] Birthday: January 27


Christine Dawson, 7th Math

[email protected] Birthday: September 20

Pam Howerton

Sunny Day, SPED TPP

[email protected] Birthday: October 25


David Dial, 7th Science

[email protected] Birthday: November 7


Derek Dixon, Educational Asst

[email protected] Birthday: May 28


Crystal Dougan, Librarian

[email protected] Birthday: April 15

Sandy Cannon

Tina Dyer, Cafeteria

[email protected] Birthday: December 20

Gail Clift

Kim Egan, 8th Math

[email protected] Birthday: October 19

Kim Meade

Kimberly Fine, Cafeteria

[email protected] Birthday: June 29

Mary Fredna Danford
Kimberly requested Mary Fredna Danford

Heather Fox, 6th ELA

[email protected] Birthday: June 3

Kim Gentry
I am excited to be your prayer partner.

Haley Gentry, 6th Math

[email protected] Birthday: March 9

Misty Brown

Lucie Gilot, Art

[email protected] Birthday: June 14

Misty Brown

Andrew Gnage, Intervention

[email protected] Birthday: February 28


Sean Greene, Band

[email protected] Birthday: November 19

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Jeffery Herrell, 6th Social Studies

[email protected] Birthday: November 11

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Kiley Heyward, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: October 29

Kim Meade

Kim Holbert, Front Office

[email protected] Birthday: July 2

Conda Mize

Emily Holmes, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: March 7

Sandy Cannon

Hayley Hunter, Assistant Principal

[email protected] Birthday: February 6

Carol Sewell

Ann-Marie Hurst, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: July 8

Betsy Castleberry

Lisa Jack, 6th Math

[email protected] Birthday: March 14


Mary Jennings, 7th Science

[email protected] Birthday: April 8


Jade Jernigan, 7th ELA

[email protected] Birthday: January 26

Misty Brown

Nicole Leatherwood, 6th Science

[email protected] Birthday: June 13

Kim Meade

Peggy Keck, 6th Social Studies

[email protected] Birthday: August 17

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Tobi Kilgore, Assistant Principal

[email protected] Birthday: June 18


Beth Krouse, Speech

[email protected] Birthday: March 24

Liz Brown

Matthew Lay, PE & Wellness

[email protected] Birthday: September 3


Kevin Leonard, 8th Math

[email protected] Birthday: April 28


Kristi Letsinger, 7th Social Studies

[email protected] Birthday: June 5

Sandy Cannon

Jamie Lynch, 7th ELA

[email protected] Birthday: March 18

Lynn Dare

David Mabe, Restorative Intervention

[email protected] Birthday: July 26


Lebrandon Marie, Science

[email protected] Birthday: September 1


Jessica McDonald, Assistant Principal

[email protected] Birthday: February 7


Jasmine McKnight, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: April 14


Jessica McMahan, 8th Math

[email protected] Birthday: September 7


Alice McManus, 8th ELA

[email protected] Birthday: May 3

Melissa Greene

Kayla Newland, 8th Science

[email protected] Birthday: March 7

Mary Simpson

Donna Nipper, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: December 24

Sandy Cannon

Tamara Osborne, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: November 12


Jacob Ottinger, 8th Social Studies

[email protected] Birthday: January 17

Melissa Greene

Sandi Palmer, Front Office

[email protected] Birthday: August 13

Betsy Castleberry

Donna Parker, Principal

[email protected] Birthday: March 7

Kristen Burkhart

Pam Phillips, World Languages

[email protected] Birthday: June 1


Jennifer Pointer, Guidance Counselor

[email protected] Birthday: March 19

Susan Vines

Cricket Prentiss, TPACK

[email protected] Birthday: April 29

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Tyler Prohaska, 8th Social Studies

[email protected] Birthday: August 2


Michele Reeves, Chorus

[email protected] Birthday: November 8

Sonja Bock

Nicole Resmondo, 6th Science

[email protected] Birthday: September 14

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Trina Ridenour, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: August 3

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Andrew Ross, SPED

[email protected] Birthday: July 22


Katie Ryan, 8th Science

[email protected] Birthday: May 19


Joel Sampsel, 7th Social Studies

[email protected] Birthday: July 23

Betsy Castleberry

Jennifer Smiddy, 6th ELA

[email protected] Birthday: March 5

Misty Brown

Patricia Stinger-Barnes, 6th Science

[email protected] Birthday: July 8


Kimberly Thompson, Nurse

[email protected] Birthday: October 27

Samantha Hurst

Deana Varner, Bookkeeper

[email protected] Birthday: September 29

Ashley Garren

Trafton Wagner, STEM

[email protected] Birthday: February 25


Kaycee White, 7th Math

[email protected] Birthday: February 24


Sonya Williams, 6th Math

[email protected] Birthday: April 23

Martha(Open Door SS) Routh

Dana Crocker, KPD Officer

[email protected] Birthday: February 11

Sonja Bock

James Nipper, Custodian

[email protected] Birthday: May 1

Liz Brown

Kimberly Mays, SRO Officer

[email protected] Birthday: July 20

Betsy Castleberry

Barbara Marcum, Cafeteria

[email protected] Birthday: April 22


Misty Mynatt, Cafeteria

[email protected] Birthday: January 30


Jandark Hanna, Cafeteria

[email protected] Birthday: March 23


Elizabeth Johnson, Cafeteria

[email protected] Birthday: March 22

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