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2019 Cosby Post Prom Food/Drink Donations

The Cosby Post Prom is quickly approaching!  We need LOADS of food and drink donations to make this event a success.  

Please sign up if you are able to donate food or drinks.  Slots are also available for gift card donations. 

Please drop off donations at the front office until Thursday, April 11th.  Make sure to label your items POST PROM. Donations will be accepted throughout the day from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm.  


Tootsie Rolls. 100 bags

Mini reece cups 100 bags

Mini snickers 100 bags

Kit Kat 100 bags

Jelly Beans 60 bags

Red Hots 60 bags

Mini milky way 60 bags

Blow pops 100 bags

Hersey Kisses  50 bags white choc. And 60 bags choc

Gummy bears 100 bags

Gummy worms 100 bags 

Sweat starts 100 bags

Ring pops. 100 bags

Jolly Ranchers 100 bags

Skittles 80 bags

Please contact Alicia Scott with any questions or concerns at [email protected].

Please consider also signing up for a volunteer slot the day of Post Prom.  We can’t do it without your help!  The link to volunteer your time is:


Date: 04/09/2019 (Tue.)

Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm EDT

Location: Cosby High School Front Office

Created by:   Cosby PTSO
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Available Slot

Dropoff up to 4/11/19

Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb, Mountain Dew (700 cans)

67 slots filled - more available
sandra mangini (12)
health science
Carolyn White
Mountain Dew, Coke cases
Marianne Pecoraro
ring pops,skittles
Sheronda Nicholson
24 pack. Coke/Sprite
Bradley Flynt (4)
Coke and diet Coke
Charlee Eberwien
Autumn Walser (3)
Three cases of 12 sodas
Jennifer Cousins (2)
Dr. Pepper - 12 packs
Cindy Reasoner
12 pack Mt Dew
Michelle Jackson (3)
Jamie LaRou (24)
Dr Pepper
Tara Carter (4)
I will get non carbonated drinks like lemonade
The Holbrooks (4)
Snack food/Chips/Granola Bars etc
Hope Murphy
Sherry Smith (4)
4 12 packs of soda
Maria Cox
(4) containers twizzlers; (2) containers mints

Dropoff up to 4/11/19 (2)

Pick up heated food the night of event. Location Chic-Fil-A @ 14101 Hull St. Rd, Chesterfield

All slots filled
Paula Meier
Scott Simpson
Health Science can only pick up 4/13 not on 4/9

Dropoff up to 4/11/19

Gift Cards ie. Walmart, Costco, Sam's

20 slots filled - more available
Suzanne Gullerstedt (2)
Carolyn White
Christy bartholomew (2)
Tammy Newman (2)
Health Science - Chick-fil-A
Lisa Carawan (2)
Mary-Anne Krause (2)
Jennifer Cousins (2)
Kelly Shaw (2)
Bonita Walker
Jamie LaRou
Wal-Mart gift card $30
Kathleen David
Tara Carter
$50 to Walmart
Jennifer Holbrook
Regal Cinemas

Dropoff up to 4/11/19

Cups - Please purchase a 30 count box at minimum (Available at Sams Club and Costco)

13 slots filled - more available
Lisa Carawan (2)
Heather Reinecke
Maria Puletti
Lisa Carlock (2)
Jennifer Cousins (2)
Sherry Cutchins
Kathleen David
Melissa Mann (3)
Melissa Mann

Dropoff up to 4/11/19 (10)

Water bottles - 6 packs of 40 count

All slots filled
Andrea Dodson (2)
April Maurer (2)
I will donate 2 cases
Laurel Moore (2)
Mary Simpson (4)

Dropoff up to 4/11/19 (5)

Napkins - Walmart, Costco for suggestions

All slots filled
Heather Reinecke
Lisa Lee
Dawn LoBosco (3)

Dropoff up to 4/11/19 (10)

Individual Chip bags 600 bags (small ones)

All slots filled
Kathy Herceg
I will bring 60 mini chip bags.
Christine King (3)
Christy bartholomew
Monica Fecht
Maria Puletti
50 count box
Kristen Annet
Bradley Flynt (2)
Big boxes

Dropoff up to 4/11/19 (5)

Beef Jerky Strips - 20 Bags

3 of 5 slots filled
Julie Barbaro
Mary-Anne Krause
Sarah Thomas

Dropoff up to 4/11/19 (10)

Brownies - 400 needed

All slots filled
Julie Hallberg
Do these need to be store bought?
Mary Simpson (4)
Julie Barbaro
will bring GF
Jennifer Cousins (4)

Dropoff up to 4/11/19 (10)

Candy for Buffet

All slots filled
Dawn Wilson (6)
Hershey Kisses and Jolly Ranchers
Marianne Pecoraro
Dr Pepper
Susan Thornton (3)
Tootsie Rolls and Kit Kats

Dropoff up to 4/11/19 (5)

Plates - Walmart has a Great Value Pack, 200 count

All slots filled
Charmagne Hamlett
Heather Reinecke
Lisa Lee
Carolyn White
Monica Fecht

Dropoff up to 4/11/19 (10)

Cookies (variety flavored) - 600

All slots filled
Kelly Shaw (4)
Sheronda Nicholson (2)
Large packages from Costco
Kristen Annet
Mary Simpson
Charlee Eberwien
Susan Blackwell

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