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Jesus Pursuit Church

Church Picnic

Hey JPC fam and Pinkston wedding guests! We are so looking forward to celebrating our dear friends and gathering together! Please look over the list of items we need for the picnic and sign up to bring an item(s). If you have any questions contact Jordan, [email protected] Thank you!

Date: 09/19/2020 (Sat.)

Time: 5:30pm - 9:30pm PDT

Location: The Ranch On Beaver Creek, 34296 Kowitz Rd, Lebanon, OR 97355

Created by:   Jordan Joy

Will you be attending the event?
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White Rice (10) - 10 cups of rice
  All slots filled
Karen Koerner (10)
Can of Refried Beans (10) - We will heat, just bring #10 can
  All slots filled
Dana Goelzer
Tami Huston (3)
Catherine Byrd Byrd
Alice Kropf (2)
Alicia Lindsay
Elaine Sorensen
Pam Ward
Reser's Resturante Style Salsa (Chilled Section) (10) - 24 oz
  9 of 10 slots filled
Bobby Carty
Ann Cline (3)
Jim Colley (3)
Alice Kropf (2)
Juanitas Tortilla Chips (8) - 1 bags
  All slots filled
Dana Goelzer (2)
Monica Shaha
Amy Zaharris (2)
Debra Bybee
Rebecca VanSpeybrock
Bobby Carty
Sour Cream (6) - 32 oz container
  All slots filled
Tami Huston (3)
Hannah Norfleet
denise kean (2)
Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese (5) - At least 2 lbs
  All slots filled
Dana Goelzer
Tami Huston (2)
Monica Shaha
Debra Bybee
Hot Sauce (3) - 1 big bottle
  All slots filled
Hannah Norfleet
Catherine Byrd Byrd
Laurie Reitz
Limes (3) - 1 bag cut in quarters
  All slots filled
Tami Huston (3)
Salad (5) - One bowl with dressing
  All slots filled
Vicki Harris
Diane Taylor
Catherine Byrd Byrd
Alice Kropf
Janet Schmidt
Dessert Item (8) - 1 homeaid or store bought item
  All slots filled
Tami Huston (2)
Jamie Shannon
Home made cobbler and whip topping
Bruce Arnold
Veralee Bontrager
Jacob Looper
Karen Koerner (2)
Wholey Guacamole (8) - Pre-packaged so it stays fresh longer!
  6 of 8 slots filled
Monica Shaha
Mary Carty
Ann Cline (2)
Tina Corey
Robin Wilson
Responses:     Yes: 30     No: 2     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 74     Maybe: 0

YES (30) -  

Pam Ward (2 guests)

Elaine Sorensen (1 guest)

Robin Wilson (1 guest)

CINDY ADAMS (3 guests)

Janet Schmidt (4 guests)

Alicia Lindsay (3 guests)

Laurie Reitz (2 guests)

Frank And Kelly Ball (4 guests)

Alice Kropf (1 guest)

Tina Corey (3 guests)

Catherine Byrd Byrd (3 guests)

denise kean (1 guest)
denise kean

Jim Colley (2 guests)

Diane Taylor (2 guests)

Ann Cline (1 guest)

Glenda Mainord (1 guest)

Mary Carty (1 guest)

Bobby Carty (1 guest)

Karen Koerner (8 guests)

Jacob Looper (1 guest)

Rebecca VanSpeybrock (2 guests)

Debra Bybee (2 guests)

Veralee Bontrager (2 guests)

Bruce Arnold (1 guest)

Jamie Shannon (2 guests)
So excited to see God restore and renew your marriage and family!

Amy Zaharris (6 guests)

Vicki Harris (1 guest)

Hannah Norfleet (2 guests)

Tami Huston (9 guests)

Dana Goelzer (2 guests)

NO (2) +  

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