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SSPP Women's Evening Cafe

Advent by Candlelight

We are looking forward to seeing you at our event featuring Heather Makowicz who will offer inspiration on "Reclaiming Sacred Rest".  Please consider bringing a snack or beverage to share. 

Date: 12/12/2022 (Mon.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm EST

Location: SS Peter and Paul Parish Hall

Created by:   Carla Krieman

Will you be attending the event?
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Main Course Item (10) - 24 Servings (ie snack size wraps; Pasta, Meatballs, quiche, etc)
  9 of 10 slots filled
Judy Magee
Loretta Bevilacqua
Stuffed Shells
Mary Beckert
Carol Bove
Penne Alfredo with chicken
Carla Krieman
Sue Zalot
Patti Rath
Baked Ziti
Kathryn Kerns
Mary Lou Ryan Ryan
Appetizer (20)
  All slots filled
Kym Ebert
Pepperoni and Cheese Bites
Geri Lessley
Andrea Bigelow
Marlene Babiec
Joanne Dearlove
Patti Rath
Hot Artichoke Dip
Carole Kelley
jayne lytle (5)
Maria Edwards
Barbara Bonini
Sue Ciorletti
Mary Ellen Maranella
Joanne Grier-Schipper
Will bring a Veggie tray
Suzanne Misciagna
Mary Devenney
Daianna Lima
Dessert/Cookies (10)
  All slots filled
Mary Doherty
Mary Jane Lorenz
Karen Gibson
Marlene Vergillo
Janet Day
Patti Mccombs
Jeanette Russo
Sour cream cookie’s
Linda Cabrelli
Marian Sweeney
Barbara Downing
White Wine (12)
  All slots filled
Linda Czachor (2)
Kym Ebert
Kym Ebert
Kelly Schaffer (2)
Denise McKeon
Laura Stevenson
Let me know what i can do to help
Susan Hunt
Priscilla Burt
Diana Pompei
Lindsay Smith (2)
Red Wine (12)
  All slots filled
Donna Teti
Sr Sheila Galligan
Eileen Reday
Pat Kennedy
Eileen Solarz
Sandra Datil (2)
Joanne Dearlove
Pat Sincavage
Sabrina Kish
Rita Veit
Look forward to it!!
Karen Serafino
Pack of 12 Water Bottles (10)
  All slots filled
Michele D'Alessandro (2)
Bridget Magee (3)
Kimberly Hynes
Sandra Datil
Jessica Warfield
Karen Darlak
Marianne Plucienik
Non Alcoholic Beverage (6) - Gallon
  All slots filled
Maliya Piergalline
Sally Austin
Jacki Delaney
Apple Cider
Diane DiProspero
Audrey Krieman
Eve Hill
Book Sales (4) - Assist Heather with Book Sales
  1 of 4 slots filled
Events BSHS
Refreshments Helper (4) - Help with Beverages and Buffet Service
  2 of 4 slots filled
Karen Giuliano
Reema A
Registration Helper (3) - Registration/Greeter
Clean up Helper (6) - Clear tables, pack up decorations and supplies; Kitchen clean up
  1 of 6 slots filled
Geri Lessley
Responses:     Yes: 80     No: 0     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 100     Maybe: 0

YES (80) -  

Cristina OBrien (1 guest)

Mary Lou Ryan Ryan (1 guest)

Events BSHS (1 guest)

Reema A (1 guest)

Daianna Lima (1 guest)

Mary Devenney (1 guest)

Nancie Evans (2 guests)

Judy Balongue (1 guest)
I’ll either bring a bottle of wine or an appetizer. Looking forward to it.

Kathryn Kerns (1 guest)

Tamara Shields (2 guests)

Suzanne Misciagna (1 guest)

Karen Serafino (1 guest)

Mary Phillips (2 guests)

Rita Veit (1 guest)

Marianne Plucienik (1 guest)

Lindsay Smith (1 guest)

Joanne Grier-Schipper (1 guest)

Mary Ellen Maranella (1 guest)

Eve Hill (1 guest)

Diana Pompei (1 guest)

Priscilla Burt (1 guest)

Sue Ciorletti (1 guest)

Audrey Krieman (1 guest)

Karen Darlak (2 guests)

Barbara Bonini (1 guest)

Karen Giuliano (1 guest)

Jessica Warfield (1 guest)

Diane DiProspero (1 guest)

Jackie Farley (1 guest)

Sabrina Kish (1 guest)

Pat Sincavage (1 guest)

Candy Kulzer (1 guest)

Maria Edwards (1 guest)

jayne lytle (2 guests)

Jacki Delaney (1 guest)

Carole Kelley (1 guest)

Patti Rath (3 guests)

Sally Austin (1 guest)

Joanne Dearlove (2 guests)

Marlene Babiec (1 guest)

Sandra Datil (1 guest)

Maliya Piergalline (2 guests)

Sue Zalot (1 guest)

Susan Hunt (1 guest)

Eileen Solarz (1 guest)

Carla Krieman (1 guest)

Maria Davis (1 guest)

Pat Kennedy (1 guest)

Laura Stevenson (1 guest)

Andrea Bigelow (1 guest)

Barbara Downing (1 guest)

Carol Latina (8 guests)

Marian Sweeney (1 guest)

Cindy Coyle (1 guest)

Eileen Disio (1 guest)

Geri Lessley (1 guest)

Linda Cabrelli (1 guest)

Jeanette Russo (2 guests)

Carol Bove (2 guests)

Eileen Reday (1 guest)

Patti Mccombs (1 guest)

Denise McKeon (1 guest)

Kathy Hochhaus (2 guests)
PleSe add Angela Mull, parishonet

Mary Beckert (1 guest)

Sr Sheila Galligan (1 guest)

Janet Day (1 guest)

Kimberly Hynes (1 guest)

Donna Teti (2 guests)

Marlene Vergillo (1 guest)

Loretta Bevilacqua (1 guest)

Karen Gibson (1 guest)

Bridget Magee (1 guest)

Kelly Schaffer (1 guest)

Elizabeth Walls (1 guest)

Michele D'Alessandro (1 guest)

Kym Ebert (1 guest)

Mary Jane Lorenz (1 guest)

Linda Czachor (1 guest)

Mary Doherty (1 guest)

Judy Magee (1 guest)

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Want no ads? View Plans