Saratoga Federated Church

February 23, 2020 Serve Sunday

Serve Sunday is for anyone and everyone! Invite a friend or neighbor to join you in serving for just a few short hours this day. At Saratoga Federated Church we believe loving our neighbors is a great way to build community.

Below you will find projects fitting a wide range of skills and abilities. If you are able bodied, please consider signing up for an off-campus project. Many of the onsite projects are great for people with limited mobility, and we need space on those projects for walk-ins that day.

Date: 02/23/2020 (Sun.)

Created by:   Jerry Bruce
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Location Time (PST) Available Slot
On Campus  9:45am - 12:00pm  

Food Drive greeter (8)

Greet food donors at the curb and load the barrels. NOTE: Start time for this is 8:30. After the service ends at 9:30, then load food into church truck for later delivery to House of Hope.

All slots filled
Jill Rollinson (2)
Project Leaders (Bill and Jill)
Jay And Kelly Berryhill (2)
Corky Davis
Terry & Sue Johnson
Terry Johnson
Dan Byrne
Blake DaQuino

Painting onesies and packing new baby bags for Heritage Home (20)

Helping the moms at Heritage home by packing "new baby bags" and painting onesies to be included. Supplies are provided.

17 of 20 slots filled
Debbie Lillo
Project leader
inger huber
Stephanie Griffith (2)
Stephanie & Rachel
Kay Lawton
We'll now be out of town, so sorry to cancel!
Peyton Currie
Richard Johnson III
Nancy Kamalski
Marjo Spencer
Terry & Sue Johnson
Sue Johnson
Virginia apt
Sonja Locke (2)
Sonja and Elena
Eleanor Sells
karen wold
Kim Wen (2)

Prayer Team (10)

Spend time in the chapel praying for our neighbors and our community. Optional: walk around the campus, praying for each of the projects and their recipients.

6 of 10 slots filled
Carl Snd Sharon Liljenstolpe
Project Leader
Barbara Clark (2)
Chris and I will both be there~
Susan Nguyen
Tim Cathy Skover (2)

Stuffing Easter Eggs (110)

Stuff 10,000 Easter Eggs for Oakland youth easter egg hunt run by Points of Light. All ages welcome!

105 of 110 slots filled
Al Trimble
Project leader
Suyog Deshpande (2)
Deb Mueller-Barber (3)
Janice Lee
Amy Archer (2)
Amy and Bryant Archer
Janet Cheng (2)
Arleene Tong (4)
Maria Gress (2)
Carolyn Cocanour (3)
Bobbie Comstock, Ron and Jillian Cocanour
Ellen Trimble
Norma Zarnegar (2)
Baktygul Zhumabayeva
Arman Zhumabayev
Shantelle Guy (3)
Melissa Ammerman (2)
with Amaya Valencia (6 years )
Carol Van Buskirk (2)
Unhi Schmid
Olivia (12yo)
Jean Chen
Tom and Norma Coe (2)
Brent Fairbanks (3)
Ray and Mary Coustier (2)
Ann Diercks
Jean Cherniss (2)
Gina Comes
Holly Page (2)
Katherine Tseng
Jack Dunstan (2)
Carson Reis (3)
Myself, nephew and Beth Anne Christensen
Moe Baniani (3)
Maaike Schenone
Caitlyn (Age 11, Olivia Schmid's friend)
Valerie Plummer (2)
Janice Penner
Becky Clewett (2)
Maaike Schenone (2)
Brynna Peer and Riley Schenone
Gregory Wu (2)
Bella Bambas
Joel Kim (2)
+ Yong Cho (from btc)
Cori Chao (2)
Cori & Sawyer Chao (BTC)
Betty Smith (3)
Betty, Aidan, Finn - btc Saratoga
Chase Santaga
Jerry Nistler
Stephanie Chan (2)
Anagha Patil (2)
Aaradhya and Anagha Patil
Camille Pietrow (2)
Kelly Ciccone (2)
Would like to bring my 5 year old to help out as well
Sean Riordan (2)
Derek Shpuniarsky (3)
Natalie Wuelser (2)
Carol Chung (2)
Aravind Vincent (4)
Greg VanWiggeren (4)
Jef Bambas (3)

Z-Centennial Easter project (10)

Work with representatives from the Odd Fellows Lodge to stuff 1000 easter eggs for our joint Easter Egg Hunt - NOTE: This is not the Oakland easter egg project.

All slots filled
Judy Akers (2)
Project Leaders (David & Judy)
Barbara Boone (3)
Karen Seroff (2)
Nick and Karen
Barbara Hall
Amanda Klinger (2)
Matt and Amanda

Z-Childcare (4)

Help care for our 3-month to 2-year olds while their parents serve on other projects.

All slots filled
Amy Sells (4)
Project Leader

Z-Hygiene kits for homeless served by Home First and Downtown Streets (25)

Build Hygiene kits to be distributed to the homeless by Home First or Downtown Streets. All ages welcome!

All slots filled
Gail Kepler
Project leaders (Nick & Gail)
Allyson Lageschulte
Nick Kepler
Rick Wardenburg
Frederick Wardenburg
Dave Jenkins (2)
Dave & Will Jenkins
Dick & Bobbi Brendlen (2)
James Ellingwood
Susan Hall (2)
Sue & Tim Hall
Maria Lippert
Anne Darling
Judy Bartee
Hygiene Kits
Mary Benson
Linda Connors
Rebekah Altman (3)
Diane Janz (2)
Bill and Diane
Tony and Carol Catron (2)
Carl Lewis

Z-Meal Prep for Deacon's pantry (12)

Preparing and cooking meals that our Deacon's make available to serve families in need.

All slots filled
Veronica Miller
Project Leader
Bob Fitt
Theresa Horvath (3)
George, Theresa and Matthew
Joan Robillard
Alexandra Shock
Sandra Tang (2)
with Tony Pecora
Unhi Schmid (2)
Unhi & Hannah (12yo)
Douglas Merrell

Z-Sandwich making. (12)

Making sack lunches for the homeless served by Loaves and Fishes of San Jose

All slots filled
Phoebe Barber
Project Leader
Angela Sheffield (3)
Sue Ranney (3)
Beth Henderson (2)
Unhi Schmid
Grace (12yo)
Richard Johnson (2)
Angela and Richard
Offsite  9:50am - 12:15pm  

Paint prep of Saratoga utility boxes. (12)

Several small teams will each tackle the prepping of various utility boxes in Saratoga for artistic painters to follow. Materials are provided.

10 of 12 slots filled
Kevin Payne
Project Leader
John Kimball
A.J. Szenda (2)
A.J. & Stella
Unhi Schmid
Bob Schmid
Jean-Pierre Wuelser
Spencer Sells (2)
Carl Liljenstolpe
Carrie Priest

Trail clearing at Montalvo (20)

Removing brush, weeds and debris on trails at Montalvo to reduce fire hazard. Bring gloves, loppers, trimming tools.

19 of 20 slots filled
Susan Horn
Project Leader - Richard
Bruce McFarling
Rolf Lips
great idea
Dave Aune (2)
Me & Noah
Ricky Yuen
Jeremy Andrus (3)
Jeremy, Broni, Wesley
Robert Comes
Bob Connors
Julia Jorgenson (2)
John Klimek
Bill Rash
Jim Aanenson
Sky Silberman
Jim Cilker (2)

Video volunteers (3)

Assist Iain in gathering video footage of our serve day. Some experience preferred.

1 of 3 slots filled
Iain Roush
Project Leader

Worship Service at the Saratoga Retirement Center (65)

Bring joy through music! Bill Allison will lead the group in music and readings that engage and encourage our audience. Meet in the music room for rehearsal before heading out together.

16 of 65 slots filled
Bill Allison (2)
Project leader
David Sample
George Wells
Dave Loomis
I enjoy this outreach endeavor because there are lots of smiles in the audience when we sing selections that can remember or relate to.
Stephanie Giamanco (4)
Sophie and Joel will be there to sing with Kids Choir/Choir!
Jane Wadlow
Amanda Andrus (3)
Amanda, Trygve, & Meilyr
Sandra Trowbridge
kay abelar
Linda Jansen

Z-Visitation with shut-ins and retirement facility residents. (11)

Talking with shut-ins at various retirement facilities or elsewhere.

All slots filled
Tom Priest
Project leader
Joan Leonard
Bob Leonard
Scott Kamsler
Mary Priest
Donna and George Lee (2)
Scott Fritz
Geneva Baker
Pat Belote
Henri Jeanrenaud
I will try and visit Lily Jenner my former neighbor and the Franusich who all live at the Sunshine Villa in Santa Cruz
Onsite  1:00pm - 3:30pm  

Meal prep with Jews and Muslims (7)

Join with Muslims and Jews to prepare a meal to be shared with the homeless later in the day. This slot is just for meal prep. PLEASE REGISTER FIRST at then return here to register also.

All slots filled
Ricky Yuen
Jerry Bruce
Project Leader
Mary Jane Bruce
Katie Yao (2)
Sally Bryant
Griffin Pickard
Offsite  1:00pm - 6:00pm  

Meal prep and serve with Muslims and Jews (13)

Join with Muslims and Jews to prepare a meal to be shared with the homeless later in the day. This slot is both for meal prep and then serve. PLEASE REGISTER FIRST at then return here to register also.

12 of 13 slots filled
Neal Locke
Project Leader
Brad Kunkel
Arvin Engelson
Craig Hultgren (3)
Bryan Mcdonald (2)
Bryan & Tallula
Julie Priest
Rosie H
Aravind Vincent
Glenn Aby

Z-Install a swing set (3)

Assemble and install a swing set at one of the BAHC homes in Hollister.

All slots filled
Joe Madden (3)
Project leader, w/Glenn & Jack Aby
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