Saratoga Federated Church

February 24, 2019 Serve Sunday

Serve Sunday is for anyone and everyone! Invite a friend or neighbor to join you in serving for just a few short hours this day. At Saratoga Federated Church we believe loving our neighbors is a great way to build community.

Below you will find projects fitting a wide range of skills and abilities. If you are able bodied, please consider signing up for an off-campus project. Many of the onsite projects are great for people with limited mobility, and we need space on those projects for walk-ins that day.

Confirmation students and parents should sign up for the Confirmation project.

Date: 02/24/2019 (Sun.)

Created by:   Jerry Bruce
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Location Time (PDT) Available Slot
On Campus  9:45am - 12:00pm  

Cooking for Deacon's pantry (12)

Preparing and cooking meals that our Deacon's make available to serve families in need.

All slots filled
Veronica Miller
Project Lead
Michael Miller
Theresa Horvath (3)
George, Theresa and Matt
Kate Dennis
Nate Dennis
Suzanne Ranney (2)
Dave & Sue
Geneva Baker
Maelynn Sutterln (2)
Phil and I will attend

Easter Egg Stuffing (120)

Stuff Easter Eggs for Oakland youth easter egg hunt run by School of Urban Missions. All ages welcome!

95 of 120 slots filled
Al Trimble
Project Lead
Ann Diercks
Steph Giamanco (4)
Bob Goedjen
Angela Sheffield (4)
Ellen Trimble
Sandra Trowbridge
Janet Cheng (2)
Janice Lee
Karen Seroff (2)
Nick Seroff
Dan Byrne
Jean Chen
Ali Olivo (4)
kay abelar (5)
John Dunstan (2)
Kay Lawton
Karen Wold
Diane Janz (2)
Diane & Bill
Ron Plummer (2)
Jeff Cherniss (2)
Jean & Jeff
Karen Dilullo
Jack Mallory
Sue Johnson (2)
Terry and Sue Johnson
Tia Marciel (4)
Tia, Hannah, Gianna, and Matthew
Derek Shpuniarsky (3)
Derek, Ava, Brynna
Mike & Carol Van Buskirk (5)
Our extended family will join us
Natalie Wuelser (2)
Tracy Hall
Karen Cassel
Alison C Davis (2)
Al & Corky
Jerry Nistler
Ray and Mary Coustier (2)
Marjo Spencer
Pat Wolff
Jack Mallory
Debbie Lillo
Greg VanWiggeren (4)
Greg, Michelle, Daniel (16), Timothy (13)
Katie Currie (5)
Currie Family
Sean Riordan (2)
muriel & Norman Alexander
John Cagliostro (3)
John, Christina and Ryan
Cheryl Hoffer
Richie Johnson
The Tulee Family (2)
The Tulee Family
Christy Rohrig (3)
Kim Wen (3)
Bill Rash (2)
Two people

Food Drive greeter (4)

Greet food donors at the curb and load the 2 barrels. NOTE: Start time for this is 8:30. Finish time is by 10:00am

3 of 4 slots filled
Jill Rollinson (2)
Carl Liljenstolpe

Greeting Cards-4-Soldiers (15)

Assemble and write greeting cards to be sent to US military personnel around the world. Children welcome!

8 of 15 slots filled
Ruth Cormier
Project Lead
Allyson Lageschulte
Mary Benson
Karen Colson
Lisa Wuelser
Beverly Turner
Katherine Tseng
June Valentine

Hygiene kits for homeless served by Home First and Downtown Streets (40)

Build Hygiene kits to be distributed to the homeless by Home First or Downtown Streets. All ages welcome!

All slots filled
Gail Kepler
Project Lead
Tom/Ellen Hogue (2)
Nick Kepler
Dick Brendlen (2)
Dick & Bobbi
Betty McGuire
Allen Branch Branch
Susan Hall (2)
Randy & Mary Dunagan (2)
Monica Lin (5)
Robert Storton
Sandra Tang (3)
Tracy Fell
Anne Darling
Sophie Kroesche
Kathy Kroesche
Harry & Claudia Peabody (2)
Deb Sells (3)
Carolyn Cocanour (4)
Heather Hopfensperger (2)
Chris is will be coming. As well
Stacey Szenda (2)
Stacey & Stella Szenda
Joe & Angelica Solis (2)

Prayer Team (10)

Spend time in the sanctuary praying for our neighbors and our community. Optional: walk around the campus, praying for each of the projects and their recipients.

2 of 10 slots filled
Barb Clark
Project Lead
Sharon Liljenstolpe

Sandwich making. (12)

Making sack lunches for the homeless served by Loaves and Fishes of San Jose

All slots filled
Terri Goehner
Project Lead
Julia Jorgenson (2)
Virginia Apt Apt
Robin Lutgert
Carrie Awbrey
John Klimek
Craig Awbrey
Cheryl Bringazi (2)
Laurel Perusa
Tony Catron
Tony & Carol

z-Childcare (4)

Help care for our 3-month to 4-year olds while their parents serve on other projects. Age 14 and up. NOTE: this starts at 8:30am.

All slots filled
Dresden Erickson (4)
Project Lead
Offsite  9:50am - 12:15pm  

Cleanup, yard work, organizing & Brunch. (20)

Organizing a maternity closet, yard work, clean up and Brunch at Cityteam's Heritage Home

16 of 20 slots filled
Marcia Wright (2)
Project Lead
Rebekah Altman (2)
Mother and teen daughter
Ruth & Glen Peterson (2)
Amy Sells (4)
Jeannie Hilt
Tracy Leonard (2)
Julie Cabrales (2)
Elena Locke

Confirmation project (30)

Cleaning rooms at JW House. Meet in the Madhouse at 9:30 after the special 9:00 service. NOTE: This project is ONLY for confirmands and their families.

17 of 30 slots filled
Matt Hall
Project Lead
Justin Gabriel (5)
Jessica Bandy (2)
Angel Maszy (6)
Mike, Angel, Cameron, Clara, MC and Cooper
Myles And Shannon Hart (2)
Joe Silva

Gardening, clean-up & repairs (10)

Various clean-up, gardening and repair tasks at the Saratoga Elementary community garden. Bring gloves.

All slots filled
Kevin Payne (2)
Project Lead - w/small group
David Pidwell (2)
Dave & Tina
Keith fraker
Jason Ediger (2)
Jason and Grayson
Jim Aanenson
Ricky Yuen
Max Murphy

Video volunteers (3)

Assist Iain in gathering video footage of our serve day. Some experience preferred.

2 of 3 slots filled
Iain Roush
Project Lead
Brent Fairbanks

Visitation with shut-ins and retirement facility residents. (18)

Talking with shut-ins at various retirement facilities or elsewhere.

11 of 18 slots filled
Tom Priest
Project Co-Lead
Joan Leonard (2)
Judy Stokes
Linda Ikeda (2)
Project Co-Leads (Russ & Linda)
Eric Leonard
Betsy Hoch
Mary Priest
Patty Weber
Henri Jeanrenaud
Visitation of shut-ins

Worship Service at the Saratoga Retirement Center (40)

Bring joy through music! Bill Allison will lead the group in music and readings that engage and encourage our audience. Meet in the music room for rehearsal before heading out together.

18 of 40 slots filled
Bill Allison (2)
Project Lead
George Wells
Bob Elliott
Venna Bishop
Dave Aune
Judy & Don Simpson (2)
Jane Wadlow
Judy & Don Simpson (2)
Richard Wolden
Lawrence Ealy
Jeanette Lindsay
Shelley MacAllister
Mouna Raad
Ellie Raad
Cynthia Mantell

Z Handbell Choir (8)

The SFC Handbell Choir will present a handbell musical program.

All slots filled
Mary Norton (8)
Project Lead
1:00pm - 3:30pm  

Meal prep with Jews and Muslims (7)

Join with Muslims and Jews to prepare a meal to be shared with the homeless later in the day. This slot is just for meal prep. PLEASE REGISTER FIRST at, then return here to register also.

6 of 7 slots filled
Cheryl Colombero
dale Engelson
Jerome Kraus
Douglas Merrell
Ron Cassel
Kevin Friesen
Christine Rose
1:00pm - 6:00pm  

Meal prep and serve with Muslims and Jews (13)

Join with Muslims and Jews to prepare a meal to be shared with the homeless later in the day. This slot is both for meal prep and then serve. PLEASE REGISTER FIRST at, then return here to register also.

11 of 13 slots filled
Arvin Engelson
Project Lead
Bryan Mcdonald
Arthur Gallun (2)
Elaine & Sandy
Neal Locke
Chris Pitman
Sonja Locke (3)
serving only, 3:30-6:00
Kevin Friesen
Tallula Mcdonald
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