Worship Service Announcement

Beginning May 30, 2021, we will no longer be pre-registering attendance.  You do not need to sign up in advance to attend services.  Please see below for other important updates:

  1. Worship services will require attendees to wear a mask; exceptions will be for 12-foot distanced worship leaders and music leaders (see below).
  2. Congregational singing will be allowed (masks worn).
  3. Music Worship leaders who are fully vaccinated can sing closer together and without masks, unvaccinated music worship leaders will maintain a 12 foot distance from any unvaccinated or unknown vaccination status person, and can also continue to sing unmasked.
  4. The same rules apply for Congregational worship leaders (preachers, liturgists, etc.)
  5. We will no longer take people's temperature, nor formally record attendees.
  6. When there is inclement weather we will continue to skip a pew for the entire sanctuary, but only will designate half of the sanctuary with the six foot space in a single pew. Non vaccinated persons will be encouraged to maintain social distance of 6 feet from any person of unknown vaccination status. We will utilize the air filtration system when indoors (windows open with fans, and air conditioning on when appropriate).
  7. We will not pass the peace in a physical way, nor have coffee hour at this time (both inside and outside).
  8. Worship services will be held outside as the preferred location.
  9. We are still discerning the availability of tech team for live streaming, and/or recording over the summer, and a second later service in the sanctuary.
Created by:  Matthew Medearis

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