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Trenton City Museum

January 26, Painting the Moon and Beyond: Online Talk with the Artists

Meet the Artists of 'Painting the Moon and Beyond'
Lois Dodd, Jeff Epstein, Dan Finaldi, Elizabeth O'Reilly, Mel Leipzig

Wednesday, January 26
7 to 8 p.m.

Join the Trenton City Museum for an online talk with the artists of this acclaimed exhibition. They will talk about their relationships to one another, how it helps them grow as artists, painting outside at night, and anything you'd like to ask in the Q&A.

Registration required. Watch for the Zoom link that we will send to the email address you provide with this registration.

Image: Left to right: Ilene Dube, Dan Finaldi, portrait of Lois Dodd by Mel Leipzig, Jeff Epstein, Elizabeth O'Reilly, Joan Perkes

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Date: 01/26/2022 (Wed.)

Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST

Location: Via Zoom

Created by:   Trenton City Museum

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Michele BonDurant (2 guests)

Gretchen Jacobs (1 guest)

Martin King (1 guest)

John Goodrich (1 guest)

John Minkoff (2 guests)

Nancy Prusinowski (1 guest)

B At (1 guest)

Adrienne Catanese (1 guest)

Julie Huljack (1 guest)

Lou Schellenberg (1 guest)

Malcolm Bray (1 guest)

Daniel Aubrey (2 guests)

Anna Gosczynska (1 guest)

Paul Osenbaugh (1 guest)

Aurelle Sprout (2 guests)

Lisa Sullivan (1 guest)

Valerie Schlesinger (1 guest)

Celia Reisman (1 guest)

Shruti Ghatak (1 guest)

Penelope Metcalf (1 guest)

Sasha Chavchavadze (1 guest)

Jane Conboy (1 guest)

Michael Perlin (1 guest)

Jeff Epstein (1 guest)

Nancy Glassman (2 guests)

Linda Perlin (2 guests)

daniel finaldi (1 guest)

Greta Schiller (1 guest)

Elizabeth O'Reilly (1 guest)

Karen Wilkin (1 guest)

David Bosted (1 guest)

Haydee Mendez (2 guests)
Can't wait to attend Painting the Moon and Beyond!

Thomas Cantalice (1 guest)

Charles Clark (1 guest)

Terry Haas (1 guest)

Ellen Hayn (1 guest)

Daniel J. Finaldi (1 guest)

Paula VanHorn (1 guest)

Susan Luty (1 guest)

Olivia Spence (1 guest)

Susan Tureen (1 guest)

Charles Lorimer (1 guest)

Ann Van Hise (1 guest)

Meredith Starr (1 guest)

Ellen Tozzi (1 guest)

Carolyn Virgil (1 guest)

Robin Brooks (1 guest)
I am a New Jersey native and a mixed media visual artist. I am inspired by nature in all its guises. I look forward to the artist talk!

Shirley Hicks (1 guest)

Tricia !!! (1 guest)

Colleen Attenborough (1 guest)

D McGeehan (1 guest)

Tracy Everly (1 guest)

Linda McRae (2 guests)

Gary Saretzky (1 guest)


Sunny Kraemer (1 guest)

Laura Zeidenstein (1 guest)

Lois Dodd (3 guests)

Joan Wozniak (1 guest)

Irene Goldman (1 guest)

Kerry Perretta (1 guest)
Wonderful exhibit opening/ reception 20Nov with docu/ talks. Very much look forward to this gathering/ conversations. Happy HOPEFUL New Year to All of us, loving The Arts/ Creatives/ Supporters. xk

Katie Dang (1 guest)

Diana Horowitz (1 guest)

Bill Bakaitis (1 guest)

Janette Maxey (1 guest)

Barbara Lucas (1 guest)

Heather Barros (1 guest)

Patricia Allen (2 guests)

Dan Bauer (1 guest)

Tom Wornom (2 guests)

Josette Urso (1 guest)

Robin Auchincloss (1 guest)
What a wonderful show!

Susan Walsh (1 guest)

Susan Finsen (1 guest)

Patricia Burson (1 guest)

Christine Sinclair (1 guest)

Kamilla Talbot (1 guest)

MaryAnn Yurcisin (1 guest)

Nana Greller (1 guest)

Amanda Wolf (1 guest)

Sig Roos (1 guest)

Susan Stillman (1 guest)

Kellyann Monaghan-Cosentino Monaghan (1 guest)

jackie knight (1 guest)

Christine Jordan (1 guest)

Jill Finsen (1 guest)

Cynthia McGuirl (1 guest)

Amanda Millis (1 guest)

Kimberlee Nentwig (1 guest)

Debra Hoffman (1 guest)

Chuck Sampson (1 guest)

Shelley Phillips (1 guest)

Colleen McKee (1 guest)

Karen Schoenitz (1 guest)

Nicole Sage (1 guest)

George Shechtman (2 guests)

Gail Kinn (1 guest)
Looking forwar!

Terri McNichol (1 guest)

Constance Miller (1 guest)

Myra Lobel (1 guest)

Colette Royal (1 guest)

Véronique Plesch (1 guest)

Michelle Farro (1 guest)

Carl Little (1 guest)
Can't wait.

Ed Duffy (1 guest)
Keep Trenton's lights on with great art...thanks

Carol Hill (1 guest)

Bill May (1 guest)

Amy Weiskopf (1 guest)

Deborah Shappelle (1 guest)

Emily Brown (1 guest)

Katherine Vona (2 guests)

robert henry (1 guest)

Corinne Dieterle (1 guest)

Thomas D'Albro (1 guest)

Judy Pietrobono (1 guest)

Stephen Reszitnyk (1 guest)

Margaret Downing-Dill (1 guest)

Nancy Greene (1 guest)

Rita Baragona (1 guest)

Sheryl Fisher (1 guest)

Ferris Olin (1 guest)

Rebecca Singleton (1 guest)

Shannon Rankin (1 guest)

Alexandra Tyng (1 guest)

Barbara Loring (1 guest)

Kelly Desrosiers (1 guest)

Hart James (1 guest)

Janet Filomeno (1 guest)

John Hein (1 guest)

Sandra (1 guest)

Jayne Chin (1 guest)

Nancy Bea Miller (1 guest)
Looking forward to it!

Richard Bilotti (1 guest)

Phyllis Trowbridge (1 guest)

Liz Aubrey (1 guest)

Donna Kaye (1 guest)

Joy Kreves (1 guest)

Marsha Dowshen (2 guests)

Linda McRae (1 guest)

Sherrill Cohen (1 guest)
Looking forward to this panel discussion!

Martha Otis (1 guest)

Mary Dolan (2 guests)

Karen Brodsky (1 guest)

Monica Carroll (1 guest)

Connie Loukatos (1 guest)

Barbara Friedman (2 guests)

Christa Schneider (1 guest)

Jim Perry (2 guests)

Mary Hamill (1 guest)

Ruth Potts (1 guest)

Marsha Levin-Rojer (1 guest)

Arlene Milgram (1 guest)

Linda Lang (1 guest)

Fran Silverman (1 guest)
Very much looking forward to it!

kate somers (1 guest)

Rita Asch (1 guest)

Karl Flesch (1 guest)

Barbara Harrington (1 guest)

Beverly Fredericks (1 guest)


Eleni Litt (1 guest)
attending via zoom please

Eva Mantell (1 guest)

Dave Hanson (1 guest)

Michael Newman (1 guest)

Bonnie Brennan (1 guest)

Jill Madden (1 guest)

Jacqueline Donadeo (1 guest)

Phyllis Chillingworth (2 guests)
Looking forward!!!

Deborah Oliver (1 guest)

Kaye Collins (2 guests)

Anne Leigh (1 guest)

Aleksandra Seletskaya (1 guest)

Jane McKenzie (1 guest)

Jeanette Anderson (1 guest)

Julie Cavallaro (1 guest)

Margaret Simpson (1 guest)

Kristin Malin (1 guest)

Helene Heather (1 guest)

John O'Reilly (1 guest)

Joan Perkes (2 guests)

Carol Hoffman (1 guest)

Andrew Werth (1 guest)

Susan Hoenig (1 guest)

Louis Picone (4 guests)

Andrea Seabridge (1 guest)

Ilene Dube (1 guest)

Maia Reim (1 guest)

Sarah Unger (1 guest)

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