Christmas Dinner for the Homeless

Christmas Dinner for the Homeless 2019!

Please join us this Christmas in providing the County's Homeless population with a decadent meal, entertainment and much needed winter clothing care packages. This December will be the 22nd year that our generous community comes together to look after local families and individuals that are struggling. We are in need of cooked food, workers, and monetary donations to purchase care package contents. Please donate through the United Way SLO website ( under the 'Care Packages for Christmas' link or text the word CAREPACKAGES to 44321. Please call Sheri Eibschutz (805-594-1999) with any questions.

Date: 12/25/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 1:30pm - 8:30pm PST

Location: Odd Fellow's Hall at 520 Dana Street in SLO. Doors open at 4:30pm !

Created by:   Sheri Eibschutz
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PRE-SET-UP CREW-Monday, December 23rd 10-11:30 am (12)

Need strong individuals to lift donation boxes on/off moving van.


SET UP CREW-2:00 to 3:15pm (25)

Need individuals willing to lift some boxes.

All slots filled
Tanya Flushman (5)
Happy to help!
Lisa Leutwyler
You know I'll be there from the beginning till the evening is done!
Christie Coyes
I'm excited to help
Mike Coyes
Christies husband happy to help
Mary Bianco
cannot lift heavy boxes
Joy S
with kids
Allison Lebed (2)
plus 2 kids
Heather Weck
Third year helping!
Susie And Ben Lerner (4)
Lerner family of four (teen children) will be there to work
Cathy and Bob Uphoff (2)
Looking forward to it!
Lisa Lazzara
I will also set up and keep replenished bags of dog and cat food in the parking lot.
Marc Johnston
Have participated for many years and have always enjoyed it.
Carolyn Kell (3)
4th year and Loving it
Nancy Vimla
My second year!


A few good men! Bring a jacket!

10 of 12 slots filled
Herb Lubick
Looking forward to it!
Robert Lubick
Noah Alper (2)
Happy to help with security
Iris Greenberg-Smith (6)

CLEAN UP CREW-6:15 to 7:45 pm (25)

3 of 25 slots filled
Lisa Leutwyler
Use me as needed
Patty Jones (2)
Myself and my husband, Fred Jones


2 of 30 slots filled
Sydni Eibschutz
Can't wait!!
Lisa Leutwyler
Use me as needed


Need strong individuals to transfer boxes after the event. Having a truck would be helpful but isn't required.


SERVING AND CLEAN UP-4:00 to 7:15 pm (23)

Please be sure to stay for clean up!!!

All slots filled
Lisa Leutwyler
Liesl Eibschutz
Best day of the year !! :)
Vivian Levy
Excited to help again
Charlie Cohn
Looking forward to it.
Kathie And Dave (2)
Always happy to help
Janice Mehring
Happy to be a server this year
Don Tullman (2)
Patsy and Don Tullman. Excited to help for 4th year. Would love to serve Food items if possible!
Joseph Fram (2)
Bonnie Birch and Joe Fram
Jill Souza
I'll help where needed
Erinn Sawyer (Conner Downs) (2)
Glad to help!
Leola Dublin Macmillan
Really excited to help!
Joe, Barb, Michelle, Christina Miller (4)
We’re excited to help!
sande rutstein (3)
3 of our family look forward to serving
Nancy Bernard




Turkey- 20 lbs. or larger please! (22)

Please bring warm and whole between 3:20 and 3:50pm in large disposable turkey tin. Bring drippings in a separate container so we can use it to make gravy.

10 of 22 slots filled
Sandy Baers
Happy to spread a little cheer
Sheila Spector
Looking forward to helping
Nancy & Hadley Osran (2)
Looking forward to it
Stephan Lamb
A tradition of great worth! Thanks fur all you do
Elisa Feingold
Looking forward to it.
William Alexander
Helene Hamilton
Will make sure it's there
Sean Levahn
This will be my first year! Excited!
Wednesday 3:30

Mashed Potatoes-a LARGE turkey tin full (10)

No powdered potatoes please!!!

4 of 10 slots filled
Kathy and Jim apRoberts
Happy to help
Leola Dublin Macmillan
Allison Lebed
Lisa Lazzara Lazzara
Large tin of mashed potatoes

Stuffing- a LARGE turkey tin full (11)

Please bring warm between 3:30 and 3:50pm

9 of 11 slots filled
Janice Mehring (3)
Carol Sue Berger
Nancy Bernard
Heather Weck
Jacque Moskowitz
Elaine Shani
Happy to help
Susie And Ben Lerner
Lerner family will make with cranberries.

Vegetables-a LARGE turkey tin full (8)

Green beans and/or carrots preffered. NO canned veggies please! Bring warm between 3:30 and 3:50pm.

All slots filled
Vivian Levy (2)
Maple Glazed Carrots
Joseph Fram
green beans special
Brenda Hock
Mixed veggies
Anne Robin
Green beans
Sharon Gottesfeld
Green beans and carrots
Lisa Lazzara Lazzara
Zucchini casserole
Laura Knutson
Green bean goodness!!

Cranberry sauce-homemade-a LARGE turkey tin full. (5)

Please bring cold between 2:00 and 3:50pm.

3 of 5 slots filled
Gail Gresham
My pleasure :)
Karen Blum
Susie And Ben Lerner
Lerner family will make

Homemade Cookies/Bars-4 dozen or more per baker! (4)

Please bring by 3:50 pm! Homemade only please!!!

3 of 4 slots filled
Carrie Trujillo
Chocolate chip cookies
Susie And Ben Lerner
Lerner children will make
Cathy and Bob Uphoff
Christmas types




Soda-need 168 cans total (7 flats of 24) (7)

Flats of 24 needed: 5 Coke, 1 Diet Coke, 2 Sprite. Please list the type/quantity of soda you are bringing. Bring soda cold at 3:50pm.


Water bottles-8 cases needed (8)

List # of cases you're bringing. Bring at 2:00pm

2 of 8 slots filled
Lisa Lazzara Lazzara
I will bring one case of H2O
Nancy Vimla
One case

Gift Cards for Teenagers and single parents-$25-$50 increments (30)

Gift cards should be from: Target, Smart and Final, grocery store or SLO movie theater

15 of 30 slots filled
Laura Cooper
One $50 Target gift card
BJ Semmes
Two $25 gift cards to Target. Thanks to all you volunteers for your hard work.
Frieda Sumpter (4)
$25 each (Target &/or movies)
Elaine Shani (4)
$25.00 gift cards for Target
Andy and Jody Nusbaum (4)
Target cards
Marie Rosenwasser

Canned Yams Restaurant Sized

28 Cans Needed!

Kathy apRoberts
Will get all 28!!

Milk - 3 gallons of 2%

Please bring cold between 2:00 and 3:50 pm

Karen Blum
Donation-could bring all 3

Coffee- 2 large cans of decaf

Please give to Sheri by December 23rd.


Heavy Cream-5 quarts

Please give to Sheri beforehand.

Karen Blum

Butter Pats-500 individual pats of butter.

Bring by 3:45 pm


Turkey gravy packets-need 6

Bring by 2pm or give to Sheri beforehand.


Oven cleaner and sturdy scrub brush

Bring by 3:50 pm


Coffee cups-NO STYROFOAM-need 500

Bring by 2:00pm

Karen Blum
Will get

409 Cleaner-1 bottle plus 4 sponges

Bring by 2:00pm

Leola Dublin Macmillan

Napkins-need 3 Costco 5packs of Vanity Fair Impressions LARGE napkins

Bring by 2pm or give to Sheri beforehand.

Karen Blum
Will get

Yams-14 X-Large Turkey Tins full

Amazing Kayla Plourde will make them all!!


Pies (10)

10 large pies

3 of 10 slots filled
Tanya Flushman
Dave Canvasser (2)
Apple and pumpkin

White HEFTY LARGE STURDY cardboard plates without divisions! Need 500

Please contact Sheri before purchasing.

Sandy Shafran
450 plates

Dessert plates-450 STURDY!

Please contact Sheri before purchasing.


Plasticware-500 Smart and Final EXTRA STURDY CLEAR plastic forks, knives and spoons

Please contact Sheri before purchasing.


Name Tags-150 (not computer labels)

Please bring on 12/23 or give to Sheri beforehand.


Paper Towels-8 pack

Please bring on 12/22 or by 2pm on 12/25.

Karen Blum
On it

Tinfoil-Large Rolls of Sturdy Foil (3)

Please bring by 2:00 pm or give to Sheri beforehand.

2 of 3 slots filled
Karen Blum (2)
On it

Salt and Pepper individual packets

Please bring by 3:45pm


Garbage Bags-Contractors size XL-50 bags

Lisa Leutwyler
Home Depot donation-100!

Garbage Bags-33 gallon-300 bags

Lisa Leutwyler
Home Depot Donation-450 bags!

Latex Gloves-1 box of size medium and 1 box of size large

Leola Dublin Macmillan
Powder Free

PineSol Cleaner for floors-1 bottle

Please bring by 3:45pm


Coffee Stirers- 1 box wooden

Please bring by 2pm.

Cyndy Later
Wish I could do more
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