Lafayette Elementary

Field Day 2018

Field Day is THURSDAY, JUNE 21st, 2018

12:45pm - 2:15pm

We need a LOT of volunteers to make Field Day happen!  Each station will be run by a teacher and at least 1 volunteer.  We also need help with setting up and serving popsicles.  Field Day is a ton of fun so please come help out! 

Thank you!!!

Date: 06/21/2018 (Thu.)

Created by:   Aimee Corr
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Location Time (PDT) Available Slot
Set Up - Meet in GYM  11:30am - 12:30pm  

Help Set Up (3)

Blow up water balloons, set up stations

All slots filled
Patti Smith
Peachy Kent
Jenny King
Activity Stations  12:25pm - 2:20pm  

Station 1 - 50 Yard Dash

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (cafeteria if raining)

Lauren Monroe

Station 2 - Servers Run

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (Students have plates and cup on top with water inside. Get down to marker and back without losing all the water)

Alana Holmquist

Station 3 - Spider Croquet

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (Spider balls that you pass to a partner with a net)

Joseph Wadden

Station 4 - Shuttle Run


Carlos DeLeon

Station 5 - Jump Roping 100 Jumps

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (cafeteria if raining)

Kirsten Franklin-Temple

Station 6 - Basketball Shots

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (cafeteria if raining)

Andrea Allen

Station 7 - Standing Long Jump

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (cafeteria if raining)

Ali Scheff

Station 8 - Sack Races

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (Racing in a potato sack)

Christy Pudduck

Station 9 - Bowling

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (cafeteria if raining)

Susanna Moore

Station 10 - Throwing Fish

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (throwing and catching rubber fish with other students)

Autumn Smith

Station 11- Chalk Drawing


Alison Rusen

Station 12 - First Aid Station

OUTSIDE - PLAYGROUND (stethoscope and wraps to practice work as a nurse)

Peter Ubaldi

Station 13 - Gym Structure



Station 14 - Rock Climbing Wall


Renee Antezana

Station 15 - Rope Climb


Meghan Hogan
Meghan Hogan

Station 16 - Vertical Jumps


Kelly Ubaldi

Station 17 - Bronco Busters

INSIDE-GYM (bouncy ball race)

Kim Van Cleave

Station 18 - Pogo Jumpers

INSIDE GYM- (jump on pogo sticks)

Sarah Nelson Cargill

Station 19 - Stilts Walking


Kristin Szabadi

Station 20 - Belly Bumpers

INSIDE - MOVEMENT ROOM (on their knees to try to bump the opponent off the mat)

Brian Valentine

Station 21 - Gladiator

INSIDE -MOVEMENT ROOM (on the balance beam with foam sticks, push the other person off the beam onto mat)

Andrew Pudduck

Station 22 - Water Polo

OUTSIDE - BY PORTABLES (Students will be spraying a ping pong ball in a kiddie pool to get it to the opponent's side of the pool)

Sam Lunsford (DeFonzo)

Station 23 - Balloon Toss

OUTSIDE - BY PORTABLES (tossing water balloons to a partner and taking a step back after each toss until the water balloon breaks)

Bethany Mastroianni

Station 24 - Diving for Treasure

OUTSIDE - BY PORTABLES (Students sit in a chair in a kiddie pool and use their feet to take out marbles placing them in a container)

Michelle Heinrichs
Cole's mom

Station 25 - Reverse Dunk Tank


glenn riddick

Station 26 - Water Blob


Jodi Hill

Station 27 - Tattoos (5)


All slots filled
Megan Bono
Ann Erickson
Ann Erickson
Dianne Koltz
Wendy Personett
Mara Benedict
Piper Shannon’s mom

Station 28 - Bubble Station


Marie LeBaron

Floater (help where needed) (3)

Please help where needed and help kids find stations

All slots filled
Diana Toledo-Palmer
90% chance I'll be there, so I'll be a floater
Sheree Rodgers
jen wheatley
Popsicle Servers  1:00pm - 2:20pm  

Popsicle Servers (4)

INSIDE - Cafeteria

All slots filled
Tricia Coulter
Camille Morgan
Erika Stromberg
Patti Smith

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