Temple Israel Men's Club

Men's Club Golf Outing

Please join us for a day out on the golf course with your fellow Men's Club members!

Cost is $39 per person, with discounts available for seniors and Golf Club members.

We will also be selling Mulligan Packages day of, with proceeds going to Rabbi's Tzedakah Fund

Date: 09/15/2020 (Tue.)

Time: 9:30am EDT

Location: Charles T. Myers Golf Course
7817 Harrisburg Rd, Charlotte, NC 28215

Created by:   Erik Wind

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Ruben Sidranski (1 guest)

Andrew Rosen (1 guest)

David Weiss (1 guest)

Sam Greenfield (1 guest)

Tommy Mann (1 guest)

Tom Bowers (1 guest)
Harvey Barer's friend

Evan Boxer (1 guest)

Steven Cohen (1 guest)

harvey barer (1 guest)

Marc Sokolowicz (1 guest)

Allan Oxman (1 guest)

Josh Loewensteiner (1 guest)
Can’t wait!

Mike Fried (1 guest)

Dana Goldfarb (1 guest)

Michael Eisner (2 guests)
Jason Ackerman is my "+1"

Erik Wind (1 guest)
Is there a limit on the number of mulligan packages I can buy?