Catamount Tristate Pot Luck

Catamount U12-U19 Tri-state End of Year Potluck and Paper Plate Awards Night

Join your Catamount coaches, teammates and their families for a potluck dinner at the Cashen Farm to celebrate an amazing ski season. Thank you, Cashens, for opening up your home and inviting the troops, yet again!

We are asking each family to bring both a kid and an adult beverage, and at least one additional item.  Those who sign up to bring paper goods, utensils, and main dishes are asked to show up on time or a bit before 5:30pm.  If our attendance goes up, we may increase the quanities of items needed, so please check back.

Also, please forward a few memorable season photos to me at [email protected] for a slide show.  If you have a few shots of groups of kids and/or parents, that would be awesome, too.

Any questions? Email [email protected] or text 914-409-8447.

Date: 03/09/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm EDT

Location: The Farm at Miller's Crossing, 81 Roxbury Road, Hudson, NY 12534

Created by:   Tara Mann
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Available Slot


Please include total number, from your family, attending.

78 slots filled - more available
Spencer Schattman (3)
2 tristate kids and a parent (most likely Dad). Will let you know if anything changes.
Marshall Gringauz (3)
Meatballs and potato salad
Joo-Yung Lee (4)
Hot dogs / sausages and dessert
Deirdre Ypma (4)
Plates and tbd
Bill Mulrein (2)
Bill and Tyler
Hong Chin (3)
2 adults, 1 kid
Sonia Tatlock (4)
2 adults 2 kids!
Dina Meindl (4)
2 adults/ 2 kids
Tara Mann (5)
2 adults, 3 kids
Darren Friedman (3)
Darren Friedman
Eileen Olson (4)
Eileen & Bruce Olson and family
Moitri Savard (4)
Robert Bordier (4)
Lindsy Adams
Steve, Lindsy, and Byron
Judy Keaney (5)
2 adults + 3 teens
Miles And Ellie Smith (2)
Chips and salsa
Laura Sommers/blunt (2)
Cheesecake, Clam chowder, cheese & crackers
Jessica Brooks (2)
Please let me know where the gaps are. Will bring wine and beer and anything else needed!
Sarah Pomposello (4)
2 adults + 2 kids
Jonathan Lewis (4)
Cole slaw or similar
Carrie Herrington (5)
Rich, Carrie, Elle, Emma & Teddy
Peter Balboni (5)
4 kids! one adult
Rishin Roy
Dax and maybe Dad

Pasta Dishes (5)

Covered and ready for warming in the oven, plus a serving utensil - 1/2 tray - ex. baked ziti, lasagna, mac & cheese, etc.

4 of 5 slots filled
Spencer Schattman
Tray of Lasagna
Hong Chin
Baked Ziti
Peter Chudy
Mac & cheese
Eileen Olson
Mac and cheese

Hot Main Dishes (7)

Covered and ready for warming in the oven, plus a serving utensil - 1/2 tray - ex. meatballs, wings, pulled pork, etc.

6 of 7 slots filled
Marshall Gringauz
Tray of meatballs
Lindsy Adams
1 tray chicken nachos, 1 tray beef nachos
Judy Keaney
Tray of wings
Laura Sommers/Blunt
New England clam chowder (+ paper bowls, & spoons)
Carrie Herrington
Tray of Sausage Grinders with Rolls
Patrick Liu
marinated flank steak

Hamburgers for the grill - 2 dozen (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Bill Mulrein
2 Doz Hamburgers

Cheese slices for 25 burgers

Spencer Schattman
25 slices of American cheese

Hot dogs or sausages for the grill - 2 dozen (2)

All slots filled
Joo-Yung Lee
We’ll bring a mix of both hot dogs and sausage
Hong Chin
combo hot dogs/sausage

Hamburger Buns - 4 dozen

Sarah Pomposello

Hot dog/sausage buns - 4 dozen

Bill Mulrein
4 Doz Hot Dog/Sausage Buns

Mustard, Ketchup - 1 large bottle of each

Bill Mulrein
1 Bottle Mustard and Ketchup

Side Dishes (4)

1/2 tray - ex. roasted vegetables or potatoes, coleslaw, chopped salad, etc.

All slots filled
Marshall Gringauz
Warm potato salad
Deirdre Ypma
Mozzarella and tomato salad
Nancy Claffey
Roasted veggies with potatoes
Jonathan Lewis
Cole slaw or similar

Green Salad (3)

1/2 tray - with a dressing on the side

All slots filled
Moitri Savard
Green salad
Sonia Tatlock
Large chopped salad
John Thompson & Vivian Agura
Tri-colore salad

Dessert for 12 people (9)

All slots filled
Sarah Pomposello
Joo-Yung Lee
Brownies or cookies
Darren Friedman
Moitri Savard
Nancy Claffey
Cookies or cupcakes
Robert Bordier
Flowerless Choc. Cake
Laura Sommers/blunt
John Thompson & Vivian Agura
GF Brownies
Rishin Roy
Ice Cream

Plates for 75 (2)

Please make sure they are sturdy. Each person who signs up should bring 75.

All slots filled
Deirdre Ypma
Compostable plates
Deirdre Ypma
More compostable plates

Forks - a box of 75 or 100

Dina Meindl
100 Forks

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