New Heights

Come Let Us Adore Him: An Evening of Worship for Women

Take some time during this busy season to Worship and celebrate Jesus! When we slow down just a little, our focus becomes clearer and suddenly...we can see the gift of Jesus everywhere!

Come Let Us Adore Him: An Evening of Worship for Women - Sunday, December 12th  6:00-9:00pm at New Heights

Cost: $35 (includes refreshments & commemorative tee) OR $20 (without tee)

Payments can be made HERE or on our website. When making a payment, please indicate shirt size, if ordering.

Date: 12/12/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm CST

Location: New Heights Lutheran Church
1705 Center St, Black Earth, WI 53515

Created by:   New Heights

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Patricia Nicholes (1 guest)

Kourtney Higgins (1 guest)

Jackie Johnson-Kruse (1 guest)

Karine Disrud (1 guest)

Tracy Borgen (1 guest)

Cindy Hach (1 guest)

Linda Weber (1 guest)

Patty Borgen (1 guest)

Kaia Nelson (1 guest)

Meghan Nygren (1 guest)

Joan Egen (1 guest)

Janet Kraemer (1 guest)

Heather Richter (1 guest)

Leah White (2 guests)
+Jen Deitrich

Kali Schreiber (1 guest)

Auna Nelson (1 guest)

Brittany Wendt (1 guest)

Rachelle Wendt (1 guest)

Kaia Weber (1 guest)

Janet Balster (1 guest)

Jackie Masta (1 guest)

Leona Schaefer (1 guest)

Betsy Hanna (1 guest)

Barbara Wahl (1 guest)

Nancy Schara (1 guest)

Vicki Beres (1 guest)

Jen Keller (1 guest)

Shirley Kalsow (1 guest)

Ginny Nelson (1 guest)

Lynn Gates (1 guest)

Kim Amundson (1 guest)

Kristy Meyer (1 guest)

Nancy Kalsow (1 guest)

Rita Pauley (1 guest)

Annette Stone (1 guest)

Faith Fehlen (1 guest)

Jamie Mawhinney (1 guest)

Sarah Wedige (1 guest)

Lu Hodgson (1 guest)

Janean Hill (1 guest)

Francine Rask (1 guest)