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Westminster Presbyterian Church

Coming Together Zoom Coffee Hour

Join us for our Coming Together Sunday Zoom Coffee Hour on September 13. Tim Hart-Andersen will offer welcoming remarks at noon before dividing participants into small groups for conversation. We'll then come back together at the end of the hour for closing remarks. 

Register below by clicking on the button to sign up. You will be sent a Zoom link to join. (You will need to ensure you have the Zoom platform downloaded on your computer to participate. If you have any problems or would like assistance, please contact Deb Wagner at [email protected] or 612.332.3421, ext. 112, and she will connect you with someone who can help.) 

Thank you!

Date: 09/13/2020 (Sun.)

Time: 11:45am - 1:00pm CDT

Location: Zoom Meeting

Created by:   Deb Wagner

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Coffee Hour Participants (500)
  63 of 500 slots filled
Karen Gasch
C.C. Strom (2)
Manley and Ann Olson (2)
Song Lee (2)
Cathie Fischer
Kathy Dobovsky
Donna Hogenson (2)
Ken and Janet Joslyn (2)
This is a great idea!
Kathryn Decker (2)
Marie Kruskop (2)
Rob Carlson (2)
Brent Hall
Ken Huskins
Diana and Steve Warner
Jane Confer
Michelle Lavelle-Henry (2)
Lucy Quaintance (2)
Chad and Lucy
Alice Campbell
Devorah Ruf
Duane Lookingbill
Jeff Fetterman
Marcia Morine
Ida Njee
Ann Olson (8)
Want to see my Coffee hour friends
Tim Hart Andersen
Virginia Houck
Meghan Gage-Finn
Elsa Peet
David Shinn (2)
Can't wait to have a cup to coffee or tea with you all!
elisabeth heefner
Alanna Simone Tyler
Fred and Elaine Dietrich (2)
Nan Etzwiler
barbara thomas (2)
Sara Donaldson (2)
Ed and Karayn Cunnington (2)
Carol Wekesser
Jo Beld
Stacy Scott
Susan Dray
Responses:     Yes: 45     No: 0     Maybe: 4    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 62     Maybe: 6

YES (45) -  

Stacy Scott (1 guest)

Jo Beld (1 guest)

Carol Wekesser (1 guest)

Ed and Karayn Cunnington (2 guests)

Sara Donaldson (2 guests)
Looking forward to being part of the community!

barbara thomas (2 guests)
Vince Barbara Thomas

Nan Etzwiler (1 guest)

Diana Barber (1 guest)

Fred and Elaine Dietrich (2 guests)

Alanna Simone Tyler (1 guest)

elisabeth heefner (1 guest)

David Shinn (2 guests)

Elsa Peet (1 guest)

Meghan Gage-Finn (1 guest)

Virginia Houck (1 guest)

Tim Hart Andersen (1 guest)

DUREEN RUFF (1 guest)

Ida Njee (1 guest)

Marcia Morine (1 guest)

Jeff Fetterman (1 guest)

Duane Lookingbill (1 guest)

Devorah Ruf (1 guest)
Zoom is at least a step in the direction of "being with" fellow parishioners!

Alice Campbell (1 guest)

Lucy Quaintance (2 guests)

Sue Kolar (1 guest)
Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Michelle Lavelle-Henry (2 guests)

Jane Confer (1 guest)
Looking forward to it!

Diana and Steve Warner (2 guests)

Ken Huskins (1 guest)

Brent Hall (1 guest)

Mary Hess (1 guest)

Rob Carlson (2 guests)

Kathryn Decker (2 guests)

Jan Bromenschenkel (2 guests)

Ken and Janet Joslyn (2 guests)

Donna Hogenson (2 guests)

Todd McCormick (1 guest)

Kathy Dobovsky (1 guest)

Barbara Mauk (1 guest)
What a great idea!

Cathie Fischer (1 guest)

Song Lee (2 guests)

C.C. Strom (2 guests)

David Hastings (2 guests)

TERRY MCEOWEN (2 guests)

Karen Gasch (1 guest)

MAYBE (4) +  

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