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Villanova Special Olympics

Inclusion Crew Sign Up

Inclusion Crew is a great way to get involved with Special Olympics on campus!! Please sign up for 1 "cube" which will be a small group of people that you can become friends with leading up to Fall Fest. Can't wait to see you all make friends and spread inclusion all around! Below are the desciptions of some of the cubes:

Young Athletes Program: YAP focuses on children ages 2-7 (both with and without different abilities) to introduce basic sports skills while in a playful and inclusive environment! YAP IC members can expect to help by running different stations that practice a different skill (such as running, kicking, throwing, etc.) throughout the time allotted for the program. We will also need help attending to an arts and crafts table/a face-painting station! Volunteers will also have the opportunity to take the Young Athletes and their families through O-Town and to Healthy Athletes, allowing participants to really experience Fall Fest and welcome them to the world of Special Olympics. 

Awards: Volunteer to be a part of the Awards team and help celebrate the athletes’ accomplishments! Awards volunteers help with checking in the Athletes and their coaches and help with ushering, staging, and organizing medals during the ceremony. It is a great way to be involved during the weekend and a great way to commend the athletes for all the amazing things they do.

Competition: Competition volunteers cheer on the athletes, keep score and time, act as flag/line judges, and fulfill any necessary sport-specific roles. The six competition sports include: Bocce, Long Distance Running/Walking (LDR/W), Powerlifting, Rollerskating, Soccer, Flag Football (New this year!!) and Volleyball.

Support Services:  Support Services are the backbone of Fall Festival! This team ensures that athletes have the facilities and resources to succeed. For example, Support Services includes Food and Transportation. Each year, we provide food to over 1,500 athletes and guests. Volunteers may serve food or check credentials at the entrance of the dining halls. This is a great opportunity to interact with athletes outside of competition. Transportation volunteers welcome athletes, their families, and all volunteers to Fall Festival! IC members will work as parking/hype crew wherein they will organize vehicles in various parking lots around campus and create spirit lines. If you are interested in blasting music, dancing your heart out, and creating a positive first impression of Fall Festival for all in attendance, Support Services volunteering is the role for you! 

DEI/Evaluations: This small group allows you to be part of DEI and Evaluations volunteering during the weekend. DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Being a part of this cube would allow you to become an expert in disability rhetoric and support a DEI based activity for athletes and volunteers during the weekend (For example, last year DEI members helped lead a scavenger hunt for participants). Evaluations volunteers roam the venues and events of Fall Festival gathering feedback from athletes, volunteers, coaches, and spectators using a book of questions that we provide. This is a great way to see all different aspects of Fall Fest and interact with athletes!

Ceremonies: These IC members support planning/preparation for Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Planning/ Preparation may include directing fellow volunteers, creating decorations, recruiting on/off-campus performers, and more! This is a wonderful opportunity to kick off and conclude Fall Fest together. Opening Ceremonies takes place on Friday night, and Closing Ceremonies takes place on Sunday afternoon.

Entertainment: IC members would take a part in preparing and running all aspects of Olympics Town. They may help to choose decorations, and create a large banner for O-town.  Also, they would help bring the energy at Saturday night’s Victory Dance!

Healthy Athletes: Since officially launching in 1997 as a Special Olympics program, Healthy Athletes has grown to provide a multitude of health screenings for Special Olympics athletes. Healthy Athletes strives to improve athletes' ability to train and compete in Special Olympics competitions. Healthy Athletes volunteers help to run a health clinic on Saturday and Sunday of Fall Festival. In addition to the health examinations that will be conducted at Fall Fest at Villanova, Healthy Athletes sponsors a Healthy Habits fair which provides information on sun safety, hydration, nutrition, bone health, and physical activity. Lastly, we have an Active Athletes component which organizes group fitness classes.

Media & Publicity: Media & Publicity has an exciting volunteer opportunity at Fall Festival! We need volunteers to take pictures of athletes at their competitions. We also are looking for volunteers to act as sideline reporters at competition venues, feeding us real-time updates and video highlights to post on our social media platforms. This is a great opportunity to interact with the athletes and see some competition! We do ask that cube members joining this cube have a camera.

Created by:   Inclusion Crew
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EDT) Available Slot
09/19/2022 (Mon.) 7:00pm - 8:00pm  

Healthy Athletes (40)

31 of 40 slots filled
Dan Sobol
Gianna Mavilla
Ava Gjertsen
Adrienne Baker
Yara Bawab
Olivia Steinert
Julianna Stiloski
Ashlyn Latham
Olivia Trexler
Olivia Van Doren
Charlotte Irwin
Emma Kemprowski
Adrian Williams
Audrey Jaros
Jacob Philpot
Kaylee Marchese
Michelle Boadu
Richard Moulton
Nicole Gheysens
Jennifer McMahon
Anna Marcoon
Ava Rogers
Isabelle Jacowleff
Trey Soya
Kelli Mizia
Grace Morris
Annabelle Donnelly
Merritt Sullivan
Alexis Irawandi
Julia Starrett
Vanessa Rosado
8:00pm - 9:00pm  

Flag Football (40)

All slots filled
David Humphreys
CJ Hannon
Jack Byrne
Owen Knapp
Gabe Simmons
Jack Conner
Lucas McElroy
AJ Lamack
Jonathan Hunn
Michael Colbert
Kayla Gotanda
Kat Guzman
Ben Pluta
Hannah Slattery
Flag Football
Claire Steckley
Lauren Klein
Matthew Catalano
Alex Hamilton
Evan Silvia
Patrick Dunne
Tanner Hansen
Aidan Greene
Owen Connor
Christian Carroll
James Rice
Nathan Benner
Carter Berg
Michael Carroll
Quinn Galante
Stephen Eigenrauch
Chloe Bancel
Joseph Gangi
Christopher Catalano
Fiona Doherty
Vanessa Hill
Tessa Craig
Kate Sullivan
Christopher Dicso
Emily Spencer
Nate DiFulvio
8:00pm - 9:00pm  

Young Athletes Program (30)

All slots filled
Juliana Troiano
Grace Cavanagh
Max Hough
Kenneth Browne
Regan Lloyd
McKenzie Maggiano
Ryan Yen
Cecile Schuller
Madison Roth
Katie Compagno
Julianna Petrelli
Matt Zukowski
Bailey Quinn
Lauren Jones
Aarchi Desai
Jack Ruane
Ryan Haug
Michael Melchore
Rachel Taylor
Victoria Bratsos
Eitan Khromchenko
Sofia Nicastro
Xyalia Key
Olivia Sakoutis
Emilie Agras
Connor DeLuca
Chris Buysse
Nicholas Abruzzo
Hayes Rosato
Michael McCann
8:00pm - 9:00pm  

Ceremonies (40)

All slots filled
Brenna Bruffey
Tatiana Rossy
Stell Park
Emma Komoroski
Andrew O’Donnell
Mikaela Eisinger
Rachel Stanton
Madeline Okenquist
Michael Staiger
Ava Drewer
Sydney Hutchison
Eva Petron
Libby White
Patrick Casale
Grace Weiss
Cecilia Griffith
Chelsea LaPlaca
Megan Munson
Ellie Park
Olivia Coughlin
Olivia Dupre
Ryan Kryscnski
Ellie Petroutsas
Jamie Galloway
Jordan Galloway
Jane Spencer
Elizabeth Paparo
Emma Pankuck
Maia Knox
Merry Brier
Avery Junker
Gigi Mohr
Joshua Tsai
Will Corliss
Cassidy Montigelli
Jack Sheehan
Ethan Brown
Magda Lejawa
Sarah Krapels
Grace Ryan
09/20/2022 (Tue.) 5:30pm - 6:30pm  

Powerlifting (40)

All slots filled
Jackson Byrnes
Evan Perez
Anthony Severns
Daniel Sbiroli
Dan Sobol
Natalia Benitez
Emma Burnham
Hannah Park
Colin Elliott
Andrew McLaughlin
Gabriel Anderson
Aaron Rumfola
Calvin Scott
Lauren Brown
Grace Giombetti
Alexa Fegley
Allie Massimino
Dante Giampietro
Michael Ferry
Caroline Spana
Olivia Moore
Greta Horgan
Tallulah Laska
Caroline Colgan
Bianca Espaillat
Annie Dudrear
Christopher Keary
Sophie Ilkhanoff
Angela Silvi
Nick Guenther
Matthew Noone
Will Buettner
Aidan Ronayne
Rachel Butters
Abby Maroun
Sophie Shanley
Lauren Adams
Brooke Stradley
Ellie Schrock
Max Mercando
6:30pm - 7:30pm  

Volleyball (40)

All slots filled
Bella Thorne
Robert Vagnini
Jack Clemons
Camryn Browne
Jade Martorano
Claire Murphy
Drew Hanson
Vaughn Paglianite
Miko Dalakis
Olivia Heltz
Anna Callahan
Casey Ryan
Luis Hernandez
Lili Mei Granda Argianas
Liam Coster
Elaina Legere
Kevin Coppinger
Stephen Collins
Heith Turner
Vincent Graham
Carolyn Connolly
Ava Ferrentino
Wil Beyer
Kylie Lawlor
Will Bassett
Maddy Hagan
Samantha Shalgos
Helen Hulka
Jack Semke
Liam Spellios
Luke McNamara
Paige Foley
Fiona Doherty
Vanessa Hill
Philip Murray
Elizabeta Berisha
Olivia Augustine
Shane McKee
Kristen Semet
Annabelle Futuyma
i don’t know volleyball
7:00pm - 8:00pm  

Rollerskating (40)

36 of 40 slots filled
Julian Payne
Emma Stecher
Mia Badman
Ava Risoldi
Isabella Rowley
Jacob Bruck
Christopher Cokinos
Chris Jendra
Lily Kulesz
Amy Schafer
Annabel Mack
Olivia Sumberac
Hanna Young
Hope Wilder
Arianna Carioto
Marissa Zeuli
Adriana Lama
Ella Forese
Hayden Karnes
Keely Fay
Allie Stockburger
Katie Tuberosa
Gracie Harris
Valeria Torres
ciara coulter
Julian Muncan
Julia Wolfthal
Arthur Byrns
Mason Cornell
Griffin Joseph
Eva Ricciardi
Caroline Regan
Cara Krien
John Phuong
I have work from 6-9:15pm every other week
John Hill
09/21/2022 (Wed.) 5:00pm - 6:00pm  

Volleyball (40)

All slots filled
Laura Lenza
Lizzie Margol
Giuliana Vacca
Grace Maresca
Amelia Arrieta
Mimi Dioguardi
Sadie Callahan
ananya yogarajah
Letzy Aparicio
Malia Dunaway
Lindsay Shearman
Khoa Nguyen
Anna Kepes
Elizabeth DeJulius
Bobby Stevens
Skylar Momsen
Rachel Weiss
Jesley Delgado
Eileen Fay
Kelsey Sanders
Yuhan Zhang
Nick Strymish
Lindley Day
Maddie Guarin
Anna Eaise
Audrey Green
Katie Goodhines
Meghan Kilroy
Natalie Zickel
Sam Chalfant
Ryan McDonough
Andrew Pinkham
Chiara Alvarez
Emma Hekemian
Gianna Tedesco
Erin Quinn
Ryan Sabot
Melissa Silva
Gianluca Phelan
Annie O’Brien
6:00pm - 7:00pm  

Media and Publicity (40)

21 of 40 slots filled
Gabi Frank
Madison Messana
Lilly Grace
Kaley Roller
Kristina Perez
Evan Ahuja
Julia Kawalec
Nicole Kravitz
Timothy Silkowitz
Zach Tusa
Alexandra Schuster
Gigi Giuliano
Olivia Hansen
Arianna Carioto
Marissa Zeuli
Nicole Gheysens
Cooper Lemley
Joe O’Regan
Joseph Evans
Jadah Auguste
Michael Gutowski
6:30pm - 7:30pm  

Soccer (40)

All slots filled
Thomas Principe
Annette Zilkha
Nathan Fievitz
Andrew Ray
Lucas McElroy
Isabella Parsons
Isabella Espinosa
Julia Belansen
Jarvis Li
Gianna Ciccimarra
Jay Wang
Teeley Dangler
Lily Pflaum
Emma Liu
Patrick Hooley
Emily Thompson
Luke Nilson
Maria Fair
Gabby DiAntonio
Emma Knight
Dylan Krsulich
Charlie Gorman
Aadi Sharma
Lindsay Homolka
George Zheng
Emily Noble
Natalie Liberatore
Olivia Papa
Lauren Pellegrini
Peyton Walker
Nicole Cregan
Rebecca Goehring
May have to arrive a little late (attending law school fair) but I’ll come as soon as I can.
Kiran Dsouza
Ali Forsell
Maggie Kiely
Maria Kennedy
Merritt Sullivan
Rachel Sabbadini
Grace Arya
Mark Guzman Lizarazo
7:30pm - 8:30pm  

Awards (40)

All slots filled
Joseph Bilardello
Abby Hyman
Lauren Dennis
Lauren McLaughlin
Katie Keane
Marianna Johnson
Sophia Bucello
Morgan Arma
Meredith Sheftel
Reagan Hansen
Jess Mok
Alex Birle
Jenna Bellet
Jack Schloss
Ava Kaiser
Katie Jandrasits
Grace Hostetter
Laila Ghabrial
Patrick Casale
Jake Sanft
Sara Walsh
Molly Van Dyke
Ava Tower
Emily Gardella
Julianna DiCostanzo
Brianna Puorro
Carrie McKee
Margaux Barrett
Olivia Winchenbaugh
Meghan Stricker
Laine Aries
Chloe Bancel
Christian Carroll
Jack Garvey
Sam Blume
Jack Murphy
Sean Stepanek
Ryan Valcarcel
Megan Maloney
Sara Scarlett
8:00pm - 9:00pm  

Long Distance Running and Walking (40)

All slots filled
Elise Lin
Kathleen Devine
Brenna Schattenkerk
Kristina McAnally
Maddie Koenig
Caroline Mondelli
Sarah Krusen
Emily Thompson
Julia Foy
Alexandra Mollica
Alexandra Mollica
Isabella Balian
Tessa Storr
Meara Bodak
Sophie Salomone
Mariel Persico
Sophia Goertz
Angelica Ciofalo
Ava Gallo
Mackenzie Smith
Mario Turco
Shannon O'Brien
Faith Hibbert
Lily Umphred
keegan bradley
Audrey Voelker
Paige Holcombe
Adam LeBlanc
Olivia Palmieri
Anna Kepes
Mia Cunningham
Katie Borlie
Jade Schlatter
Reid Hutcherson
Alison Reilly
Abby Amann
erin lyons
Sophie Sproul
Ryan Allen
Aubrey Bowles
Bella Grube

Bocce (40)

All slots filled
Joey Gaglioti
Alexa Tavoularis
Andrew O’Donnell
Lexi Parker
Katie Stump
Emma Cahill
Sam Imseis
AnNa Hughes
Sean O'Keefe
Christopher Marinko
Elisabeth Roche
Lexie Dyke
Colleen Stroud
Sean O'Keefe
Sofia Coury
Alice Korolev
Liam Spellios
Olivia Johnson
Sophie Sproul
Marissa Zeuli
Collin Fenwick
Joseph Conca
Matt DeMarco
Giovani Pantaleon
Declan Ehret
Giovani Pantaleon
William Stozenski
Michael Leahy
Jack Szeghy
Gavin Crozier
Benjamin York
Abby Lance
Jason Verville
Ryan Perry
Elena Fassio
Joe Ducaji
Jason Bisciotti
Molly Benson
Richard Nolan
Grace Morgan
09/22/2022 (Thu.) 5:30pm - 6:30pm  

Awards (40)

All slots filled
Stella Park
Elisa Carroll
Haley Smith
Emily Ranalli
Maggie O'Hare
Averie Choi
Lilly Gabriello
Brody Hansen
Alex Hazelwood
izzy guiliano
Julia Hauck
Ryan Jordan
TJ Baylock
Catherine Bartushak
Hannah DeVita
Victoria Pearsall
Allison Inglis
Shea Burton
Amelie Devine
Hannah Fox
Sam Yi
Tara Chomienne
Ryan Kryscnski
Jolie Zangara
Katharine Rolfe
Maci Fazekas
Anna Kepes
Julia Conforti
Allie Caparelli
Amanda DeMatos
Kylie Fallon
Arieta Nasto
Brianna Reis
Emily Thompson
Rowan Fossella
Vinnie Lin
Colleen McDonald
Minata Conde
Libby Stevens
Allie Knox
6:00pm - 7:00pm  

Entertainment (40)

37 of 40 slots filled
Grace Cavanagh
Abby Stinson
Luis Hernandez
Jillian Zeiger
Ellie Smart
Lexi Toriello
Ginger Krug
Lilly Kaye
Claire McBlain
Elisabeth Ford
Jack Hobart
Zoe Kim
Kendall Fragetta
Abby Glynn
Bridget Glynn
Grace Cameron
Layna Nurse
Franceen Obeng
Faith Phillips
Samantha Sebra
Savannah Sebra
Michael Saldutti
Vincenza Julian
Leah Smith
Marissa Schrade
Grace Denninger
Jenna Bellet
Connor Barton
Ace Carr
Kaitlin Gibson
Catarina Calvo
Lily Daubenspeck
Kelly Thompson
Maura Fitzgerald
Graydon Paul
Julia Domingo
Ally Haas

DEI and Evaluations (40)

24 of 40 slots filled
Grace Goodwyn
Adriana Hackert
Alexandra Zuluaga
Tessa Nguyen
Ally Cottier
Danny LaManna
mccauley bair
maya mcfadden
Saranda Lulgjuraj
Saranda Lulgjuraj
Hannah Borrelli
Mariana Beneti Costa
Harrison Jenkins
Will Thompsen
Sam Bodmer
Jessica Singh
Christian Lee
Anna Staiger
Jordan Alvarado
Arthur Sciacca
Bobby Geroulanos
Shelby Cathey
Julia Anderson
Zach Tusa

Soccer (30)

All slots filled
James Lehman
Bobby Jackson
Caroline Kelly
Ryane Farrell
Natalee Torre
Taylor Morra
Ciara Daly
Amitha Soundararajan
Amanda McKean
Grace Lepre
Lilly Grace
Gina Imperiale
Grace Estelle
Emma Blaisdell
Sonia Marhefka
Maria Quintero
Sarah Doherty
Kaylee Tate
Ashleigh Scott
April Luders
Jennie Dapice
Annette Zilkha
Amaya Dowling
Sam Comfort
Steven Koertje
Aidan Edwards
Eric Hamilton
Joseph Gangi
Jack Paganucci
Andrew Bown

Soccer (30)

All slots filled
Angelina Sachar
Shay McDowell
Clayton Kunzweiler
Dan Boyer
Matt Domanico
Samantha Tursi
jordyn DiGiaimo
Bryn McConnell
Kendall Diamond
Lizzie Canelli
Lily Swanson
Caroline Deneen
Sullivan Norton
Connor Alchus
Matthew Owens
Andrew Dougherty
Lilianne Kopack
Trevor Coates
David Pinkowsky
Sarah Geormaneanu
Nick Valdes
Nicholas Rine
Kaylee Blain
Justin Peffers
Cant wait!
Caroline Mardirossian
Jenny Smith
natalie mulvaney
Edgar Fitzsimons
Jake Babb
Aaron Cook
7:00pm - 8:00pm  

Volleyball (40)

All slots filled
Nick Der Garabedian
Grayden Lawrence
Jack Pane
Daniel Otten
If this section is full I can switch to another one
Olivia Stevens
Anna Marcoon
Kristin Anderson
Kate Malnak
Julia Hauck
Liam Coster
Mary Kate Gallagher
Hannah Sweeney
Kristina Cooper
Julie Soutter
Kerri Giambruno
Madeline Murray
Anna Granson
Nicolette LaHood
Eden Fernandez
Matthew Magloire
Isabel Lima
Collin O’Leary
Caroline MacLaren
Sarah Moffitt
Chloe Bancel
Christian Carroll
Gabby Davignon
Julia Preskenis
Annie Arner
Liv Scerba
Felicia Froio
Emma Behrman
Kate Haywood
Anna Kepes
Rowan Fossella
Elizabeth DeJulius
Kate Van Horn
Cat Bodner
Madeline Kline
Bobby Stevens
09/23/2022 (Fri.) 1:00pm - 2:00pm  

Support Services (40)

14 of 40 slots filled
Ava LaSasso
Meghan Buri
Mark Guzman Lizarazo
Adam LeBlanc
Nicole Gheysens
Zachary Hurban
Grace Sutoris
Kevin O’Donnell
Evan Liner
Ace Carr
Kevin Liu
Jackson Hubbell
Kellsey Rogers
Joseph Ruszkowski
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