NTS 2020


Welcome to Night to Shine, 2020, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Organization, and hosted by Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church, in collaboration with Brunswick Reformed Church! This year's event will take place on Friday, February 7, 2020. We can't wait to see you on this special night, where all of our guests are treated like Kings and Queens!




Date: 02/07/2020 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:30pm EST

Location: Michaud's Catering & Event Center
16808 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, OH 44136

Created by:   Lynn Ebner
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GUEST (201)

All slots filled
Brandon Bertrand
Ryan Valentino
Mattie Willams
Brett Barton
Jennifer Boehnlein
Scott Boehnlein
Christine LaMarca
Adrianna Bennett
Please secure her a chaperone thank you
Nathan Mains
Abeer Saadeh
Nicholas Farran
Rebecca Humphries
Nicholas Meyers
Alex Barth
Kiernan Javorsky
Anton Kolibar
Jackson Mischler
Rory Mendat
Rory will like to be seated with his girlfriend Nancy Schueneman
Nancy Schueneman
Kimberly Wingo
Chett Kundmy
Ashley Johnson
Chloe Cassem
Nick Slygh
Rebecca Wilson
Deanna Dilley
karen Varshall
Margaret Clark
Jennifer Carlson
william Allen
Thomas Gerak
Need to have someone with him all the time
Martha Dennes
I have my buddy, Michele Dennes
Jessica Isom
Buddy M. Dennes
Robby Ratino
Joshua Kuntz
Joyce Wetzel
Kristin Skotko
Kristin Skotko
Jimmy Hayes
Adam Henning
Mallory Baker
Jonathan Parma
Sarah Greene
Aisha Powell
Alex Holstein
Brigid Balogh
Darius Tate
Darius WOODS
Emily Shultz
Francisco Castriote
Gabriel Zerkowski
Greg Rijos
Zayy adballah
Hillary Sanders
javier vargus
Jeffery Tutstone
Jocelin klan
John Keaney
John Sauer
Russell "Rusty" Flor
Ryan Oehlstrom
Stewart Jones
Tasha Cifra
Alijah Jones
Aaron Oehlstrom
Elizabeth Mulhan
would like a male buddy
Ashley Trojan
Richard Greger
Lisa Skinner
will like to seat with boyfriend Tom Gregorski
Tom Gregorski
Corrie Miller
Patsy Mitchell
Timothy O'Neil
Sandra Kramer
Eric Safarz
Alexis Wack
my daughter needs a buddy, thank you.
Tina Stanchina
Aaron Juenke
Andrew Juenke
alex tyler
Samantha Losh
Stephen Zakany
Brian Stefanik
Garrett Thompson
Zach Wright
Katie Patterson
Denise Shaniuk
Jake DOrazio
My friend Leah Ballado is going to be my date
Pam Wilson
German Vandendriessche
Meghan Drops
Alexander Terwilliger
Logan Detwiler
I’m bringing my girlfriend Alyssa Nutter and we would like to sit together at the same table
Taylor Petitti
Gregory Johnson
Alyssa Nutter
I’m bringing my boyfriend Logan Detwiler with me and we would like to sit at the same table together
Kylan Hagood
Ross Calalesina
This is a sign up for Ross Calalesina, i will be his contact my name is Gary Brualdi my info is on this signup
Emma Bower
I'm name is Emma Bower my boyfriend is Kevin Winchester we are sitting together in same table.
Jeremy Jackson
Connor Donelan
Connors mom Ginny will be his buddy
Samantha Martin
My mom, Ginger Martin, will be my buddy.
Kathy Klatka
Jennifer Douglass
Angelisa Sisson
John Paul Bandendriessche
I need seated with Jennifer Douglass
Rick Asad
Darlene Toth
Jennifer Oberacker
Mike Criss
kevin winchester
Lauren Bonus
Areck Rhue
Areck Rhue
Ruth Evans
Kory Burkett
Katie Lowe
Luke Cooper
Lisa Kovach
I'm usually Lisa's buddy. She would like someone else. She is 24/7 needs eyes on all times. I'll be there but will utilize family room
Dominic Vadini
David Scruby
Fiona Moore
Tommy Doran
Patrick Olah
Coming with caregiver
Jill Triptow
Kat Demchuk
Felicia Fago
Sydney Powell
Must sit with date David Scruby
Zach Polasko
Christian Davis
Brian Gregg
Only occasional sound sensitivity
Chelsea Hrouda
Chelsea Hrouda
Mario Akouri
Young man with autism, ADHD and OCD sweetheart somewhat verbal.
Mason Ritter
Mason would like to sit with Fiona Moore
Elizabeth Catlin
Patrick Moran
For my son Patrick Moran
Ivar Manning
Olivia Morrison
Olivia Morrison
Catherine Casey
Carrie Koenig
Carrie Koenig
Kristen Carroll
Chris Moore
Ben Perkins
Rebecca Piero
Kecia Bauer
McKenna Bauer
Megan Komar
Sarah Memberg
Would like to sit with Ben Perkins
Rachel Blake
Tasia Kikuharu
send confirmation by mail
Leah Ballado
Please seat with Jake DOrazio
Robert Snyder
seat with sister Skylar Barnett
Skylar Barnett
Seat with brother Robert Snyder
Lea Wilson
I would like to sit with my boyfriend Dwayne Scheck.
Jon Bennett
Jessica Lewis
I would like to sit next to my best friend Lea Wilson.
Mike Robertson
Please seat all Intervention for Peace guests together
Andre Williams
Please seat Intervention for Peace guests together
Gary Fromm
please seat all Intervention for Peace guests together
Tina Stevenson
Please seat all guests from Intervention for Peace together
Mary Houseman
Please seat all guests from Intervention for Peace together
Adrienne Gentile
Please seat all guests from Intervention for Peace together
Kathy Jantek
Please seat all guests from Intervention for Peace at the same table
Jon Hartman
Ashley Shook/edwards
My husband Scott Edwards and I will be buddies together please don’t split us up because we are husband and wife
Scott Edwards
My husband Scott Edwards and I will be buddies together please don’t split us up because we are husband and wife
Brandie Biley
Dwayne Scheck
Seth Sanders
Mary Merry
Daniel Vilt
Casey Pease
Casey Pease
Jason Stanton
Megan McNutt
Katherine Simmons
Katherine would like a buddy her own age
Kennedy Smith
Laura Brown will be signing up to be Kennedy's "buddy"
Adam Schoen
Adam loves to dance
Theresa Buzzelli
Kevin Richards
Matt Robin
Georgiann Gosnell
Dennis Gosnell
Billy Mitchell
Emily Carpenter
Megan Green
Chris Sockol
Email is providers email
Heather Helderman
Matt VanGilder
Chad Houseman
Rachel Hardy
Laura Brown
Arielle brown
Jill Gilbert
Jill Gilbert
TreGin Gist
Adam Cerny
Alex Knapp
Alex Knapp
Lynn Gomez
Gary Gomez
Cameron Duluc
Patrick Hadlock
Ken Pickering
Roseanne Brady
Chris McGovern
Chris will have a date, Shelli Lee. And since Chris needs 24/7 staffing, a staff will accompany them.
Shelli Lee
Shelli will be going to the prom with Chris McGovern. She will be with Chris and Chris's provider.
Maria Poling
Megan Daugherty
Please pair with her husband Josh Fry
Josh Fry
Please pair with wife Megan Daugherty
Molly Mzik
Luther Watts
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