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Thank you so much for volunteering to be a Buddy at this year's Night To Shine, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, and hosted by Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church!  As a Buddy you will be a companion to one of our special guests. You will spend the night having dinner, dancing, and doing many other fun activities.  PLEASE ARRIVE BETWEEN 4:00 AND 5:00.

Date: 02/08/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 4:00pm - 10:00pm EST

Location: Holiday Inn Cleveland-Strongsville (Arpt)
15471 Royalton Rd, Strongsville, OH 44136

Created by:   Wendy Hengeli
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As a buddy, you will be spending the night with one of our special guests. You will spend the night having dinner, dancing, and doing many other fun activities. PLEASE ARRIVE BETWEEN 4:00 and 5:00.

All slots filled
Jessica Schaefer
Would love to partner up with someone new but also loved my buddy last year!
Erin Hayes
Lilly Makee
Anna Ward
Marissa Golem
Loved my buddy from last year, but would be open to having a new buddy!
Caroline Glickberg
Please feel free to pair me with whoever! I’m open to being anyones buddy.
Callie Stoffer
Casey Lindstrom
Laura Roncagli
I loved my buddy from last year but am open to anyone that needs a buddy
Gail Brown
I love to dance but am open to being anyone’s buddy
Dave Brown
I would love to meet someone new this year. Had a blast last year
Kate Rein
Corrie and Patsy were a blast last year! I’d love to be matched with either of them again...or someone new.
Madison Levy
Maura Wallace
Marlene McGarrity
Kim Virzi
Grace Vishnick
Anna Masica
Austin Dunlop
Mark Trojan
Buddy to Ashley Trojan. Please seat with wife, Buddy, Lisa Trojan
Lisa Trojan
Please match with a guest in late teens or twenties. Seat with Buddy Mark Trojan and guest Ashley Trojan
Barb Gunar
Would love same partner a surprise last year
Brianne Baker
Amy Messina
Ron Devaty
Anneke Carlo
Brittney Ditzler
Elizabeth Pona
Jenna Wiltzer Karim
Randy Karim
Randa Nemer
Sharon Hampu
Amanda Leuenberger
Valeria Ludwig
John Gazzo Gazzo
Jessie Showalter
Olivia Cooley
seat with Mary Jean Cooley
Mary Jean Cooley
Seat with Olivia Cooley
Spencer Frye
Sierra Capretta
Joanne Meyers
Partner with nicholas meyers
lashawn sims
tressa hill
i would like to buddy with my own individual adreyell montgomery
Shelley Kazimore
Christine Oehlstrom (2)
Michael Oehlstrom
Michele & Margaret Dennes (2)
MARTHA Dennes and Jessica Isom are together with buddies Michele & Margaret Dennes
Stacey Urban
Halle Milota
kathy dapsis
Paige Dapsis
Bill Dapsis
Amber Meholif
Owen Wolf
Katie O’Connell
Caitlin Matthews
Donna Hwodeky
Buddy To Derek Reid
Alexys Dean
Buddy to Deon White
Carleta Bramante
Buddy to Ilya Bukhman
Elizabeth Scheible
Buddy to Thomas Doyle
Beth Howard
Buddy to Rodney Winters
George Jukoryan
Buddy to Samuel Schrieber
Katherine Simmons
Buddy to John Parks
Rosalind Hayes
Buddy to Darrell Rice
Joshua Ellison
Buddy to James Novak
Evelyn Jones
Buddy for Scott Jones
Vanessa Davila
Buddy Kathy Shores
Antwaniesha Whitfield
Buddy Janet Akiya - Antwaniesh is the house supervisor
Tanya Cook
Buddy with Matt Mahoney
Sandra Ruiz
Buddy for Steven Heinrich
Jose Pagan
Buddy for Stephen Dunn
Jackie Jeffrey
Buddy for Jeff Ciganko
Alyson Kane
Joanne Kane
Abeer Saadeh
I’m Bilal’s mom I want to be his buddy (:
Kris Widenhofer
Jerry Widenhofer
Conner Bogard
Trish Calanni
Sue Pellechia
Yassmine Garcia
Derrick Farmers Buddy
Erick Pineda
Eric Dennis is my buddy
Shannon Sliwinski
Rick Stanley is my buddy
Nikki Sieg
Darnelle Stradford is my buddy
Cathy Lizama
Helper of Darnelle, Rick, Eric and Derrick
Michael Pellechia
Sharon Bohland
Linda Fadel
Matthew Fadel
Maeve McMahon
Kelly Colabianchi
Michelle Christen
I'm going to the buddy for Karen Klanac
Bailey Fischer
Carrie Mack
I'm going to buddy with Lenice Swain
Norma Ray
I will be Mart Sue Coe from Center Ridge House Buddy
Evelyn Gross
Will be Jamella Hunters Buddy from Center Ridge House
lakeya eppinger
i will be nick filsinger from delta/ gamma
darius johnson
i will be jordan hernanskey buddy from delta/gamma
kierra dubose
i will be james browns buddy form delta/ gamma
pamela shelley shelley
i will be fred wyley from delta/gammas buddy
alexus johnson
i will be henry moore from delta/gammas buddy
davonna holly
i will be william bookers buddy from delta/ gamma
shanae robinson
i will be charles dorners buddy from delta /gamma
Victoria Kress
Ava Kress
Dina Cepulo
Jeany Tri
Halina Tri-leanza
Derek Naim
Nicole Montellanico
Cristein Pierce
i will be attending with Jennifer Mendel
Linda Sinclaire
Will be Barry Bennetts Buddy
Lora Hodge
WIll be Mark Paris buddy
Sam Rockwood
will be Leslie Brazina's buddy
Daneen Franczak
Happy to help
Nicki Tezlaff
I will be Ericka Woehermann buddy from Center Ridge House
Aaron Geye
Lucy Blake
Buddy to guest Rachel Blake
Elyn DeLuca
Sam DeLuca
Randy Thompson
Buddy to Danny Casey
Becky Boyette
Buddy to Arlene Gaines
Madison Tish
Selena Schtscherbak
Jeremy Leuenberger
Edjuadasia Bunch
Dominique Johnson
Veronica Moore
Marisol Santiago
Cassie Clancy
Anthony Moeglin
george ziska
Alyssa Simon
Lindsay McKnight
Elizabeth Fraas
Jessica Cook
Quinn Sobieszczanski
Jennifer Buczak
Caitlin Fitzsimmons
Diane Rinas
Brian Rinas
Allison McKibben
Olivia Schweiger
Erica Virzi
Matt Danko
Jean Gubeno
Lynn Twarog
Nicole Geringer
Crista Nativio
Dom DiFranco
Looking forward to another great event!
Robin / Lee Trimboli/ Konrad
Lee Konrad
Robin Trimboli
Jennifer Patterson
Brittany Dail
Buddy for both Lisa Skinner and Tom Gregorski high functioning boyfriend/girlfriend
Nicole Montellanico
Kathy House
Kristen Jesberger
Joan Moran
Haley Vinborg
Megan Blem
Cathy Reed Reed
Eileen Sliwinski
Brett Bartom
Amy Petti
Eric Petti
Lisa Toth
Please seat with Bill Parsons and our buddies if possible!
Bill Parsons
Please seat with Lisa Toth and our buddies if possible
Ariel Jimenez
Julia Groff
JoDee Coulter
I love to dance, hopefully my buddy does too
Luke Brown
Luke Scheetz
Rita Brewer
sign me up as a buddy or where ever you need me
alison conrad
rob conrad
chuck provance
Anthony Menendez
Abigail Seman
Susan Switzler
I'm a retired nurse
Jessica Maddux
Stacey Collier (2)
Husband and wife
Tony Collier
Ashley Hodge
Jillian Schiely
Kelsey Nemec
Andrea Wright
Buddy to Ryan Valentino
Christina Lloyd
Angela Bossone
Liz O'Grady
Amy Marlow
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