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Angel Tree

Healing House, Inc. Men's Christmas List

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. People typically spend around $100 but anything helps!  Please return wrapped gifts to the Healing House no later than December 19th.

When signing up, it would be very helpful if you list the items you plan to purchase in the comments section.  This will help prevent duplicate purchases.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or if you would like any additional information about an Angel Tree adoptee.

Thank you!

Created by:   Stephanie Hafner
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Available Slot

Dallas S., 26 years old

Wants: Guitar Center Gift Card, Laptop; Needs: Carharts (Size 29/30 pants, Size Small shirts)

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Eric M., 24 years old

Wants: Gift Cards


Jeremy C., 40 years old

Wants: Gift Cards

Edie & Dan Gates

Justin E., 36 years old

Wants: Red Chiefs Hoodie (Size XL)

Sara Stubler

Kirk S., 45 years old

Wants: Religious Reading Material and Easy to Read Books, Cologne; Needs: Shampoo, Body Wash or Spray, Long Underwear and/or Long Pajamas (Size 4XL Tall)

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Thomas Z.

Wants: Gift Cards

Janet Stultz

Travis R., 37 years old

Wants: Playstation 4 or 5; Needs: Carharts (Size XL)

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Brian A., 53 years old

Wants: Chiefs Gear; Needs: Hoodies and Winter Clothes (Size 36x30 pants, 2XL shirts)

Deb Maney

Chris B., 61 years old

Needs: Jeans, Nice Coat or Jacket (Size 32x32 pants, XL shirts)

Charlie Potter
Will get all

Jeffrey K., 49 years old

Wants: Laptop; Needs: Work Boots


Michael T., 35 years old

Wants: Knitted Stocking Caps with Pom Pom and Color Stripes; Needs: Cherokee Workwear (42% polyester, 3% spandex), S/CH/P Sizes: 28x32 pants, Small shirts


Nicholas S., 30 years old

Wants: MMA Training/Sparing Gear; Needs: Socks (Shoe Size 10.5), Gloves, Coat (Size L)

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Terry B., 62 years old

Wants: Ear Buds for Samsung RevvL4, Watch, Electric Shaver with Trim


Bob D., 62 years old

Wants: Home Depot Card, Dress Leather Jacket

Angie Reed
Davidson A+E firm

Cole K., 22 years old

Wants: Dog Toys for Roscoe; Needs: Veterinary Gift Card for Roscoe's Neuter/Shots

Eileen N
Which vet?

Corey N., 31 years old

Wants: Gift Cards, Christian Books, Study Guides, Bible Studies

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Dan L., 58 years old

Wants: A Watch


David M., 60 years old

Wants: Watch; Needs: Cell Phone


Jeremiah H., 41 years old

Wants: Cardigans, Dress Socks, Dress Clothing (34x31 or 34x32 Stretch Waist/Slim Fit Pants, 16.5 neck 34/35 Length or Large Shirts, 10.5-11.5 Shoes); Needs: Recovery Bible and Workbook


Mark B., 63 years old

Wants: Sketchers Canvas Dress Shoes (Brown or Gray, Size 12), Sweater/Long Sleeve Pullovers (Size XL); Needs: Black Jeans (Size 36x32 pants)

Barbara Sanders

Samuel S., 42 years old

Wants: Philips Norelco Dry Electric Shaver with Extra Blades, Silver Ring (Size 7); Needs: Wrench Set, Socket Set, Tools for HVAC


Sean B., 45 years old

Wants: Golf Clubs, Acoustic Guitar, AirPods; Needs: Tools


Timothy L., 29 years old

Needs: Clothes and Shoes (Size 38x34 pants, XL shirts, 13 shoes)


Justin H., 40 years old

Wants: Fire Safety Safe, Non-Disposable Razor Set (Blades), Cologne; Needs: Winter Coat and Gloves, Long Johns, House Slippers (Size 38x30 pants, 2XL shirts, 10 shoes)


Kevin R., 58 years old

Needs: Non-Stick Pots and Pans

Sara Stubler

Michael F., 63 years old

Wants: Gas Powered Bicycle or a Gas Motor for Bike; Needs: Gift Cards


Sandy C., 61 years old

Wants: Jeans (Size 42x34), Cross Necklace (prefers gold), Watch


Wade M., 56 years old

Wants: Cross Necklace (prefers gold jewelry); Needs: Dress Boots, Winter Coat, Winter Clothes (Size 33x31 pants, XL shirts, 10.5 shoes)


William (Bill) K., 60 years old

Wants: Large Hershey's Chocolate Bar; Needs: Parka type Rain Jacket (Size 2XL), Lightweight Athletic Shoes (Size 13)

Sara Stubler

Andrew S., 48 years old

Wants: Laptop; Needs: Boots (Size 9.5 shoes)


Blayne M., 33 years old

Wants: Books; Needs: Clothes (Size 30x32 pants, M shirts), Hygiene Products


Brad B., 63 years old

Wants: Tablet, Electric Razor; Needs: Sweaters, Sweats/Hoodies, T-shirts, Underwear/Socks, Gloves/Stocking Hat (Size 38-40 or XL pants, 2XL shirts, 11 shoes)


Cedric P., 36 years old

Wants: Industrial Heat Press with Timer, Epson Artisan 1430 Printer, Jordan's; Needs: Dress Clothes and Shoes, Jeans, Sweaters (Size 38x36 pants, 2XL shirts, 12 shoes)


Chuck P., 54 years old

Wants: Gift Cards to Bass Pro Shops/Academy Sports/Restaurants, Fishing Equipment


Darryl E., 61 years old

Wants: Jordan's (Size 12), Gift Cards; Needs: Basketball, T.V., Hats

Angie Reed
Davidson A+E firm

Darryl W., 54 years old

Wants: Jean Jacket, Bracelet, Beard Trimmers, Belt; Needs: Clothes, Boots, Socks & Underwear, Wallet, Gloves/Skull Caps/Scarfs (Sizes 42x32 Pants, 3XL Shirts, 12 shoes)


Duran A., 38 years old

Wants: Mathieu Chiefs Jersey (Size 2XL), Jordan Air Max (Size 13 shoes)


Dwight W., 63 years old

Wants: Snow Suit (Size L), Boots (Size 10)


Griffith H., 59 years old

Wants: Cologne, Hats and Shirts with Christian Wording on them (Size 3XL shirts); Needs: Dentures


James (JP) J., 42 years old

Wants: Cool Water or Issey Miyake Cologne, White or Grey Boots, Nike Air Max or Shox shoes in Blue (Size 9.5 shoes)


James J., 29 years old

Wants: Chef Equipment, Work Out Equipment, Earrings, Laptop; Needs: Clothes & Shoes (Size 38 pants, Med shirts, 10 shoes), Hats, a Watch


Jeff W., 48 years old

Wants: Nike Tennis Shoes (Size 10.5), Nice Watch, Cologne; Needs: Winter Clothes (Size 36 pants, 2XL shirts)


Jesse I., 38 years old

Wants: iPhone Accessories, Bose Over Head Phones; Needs; Day Spa Treatments, Self Care Items


John H., 22 years old

Wants: Flannel Shirts, Sweatshirts, Vans Shoes; Needs: Pants, Shirts, Jackets, Steel Toed Boots (Size 32x32 pants, M/L shirts, 9-9.5 shoes)

Nikki Armato

Kelly W., 50 years old

Needs: Church Pants (Size 34x30)


Kenneth W., 56 years old

Wants: Suits and Ties, Dress Shoes; Needs: Clothes (Sizes 36 pants, 17.5 shirts, 12 shoes), Coat (Size XL)


Michael B., 42 years old

Wants: Drone/RC Car, BBQ/Cooking Supplies, Bluetooth Headphones; Needs: Watch, Tackle, Clothes (Sizes: 44 pants, 4XL shirts, 13 shoes)


Mike S., 46 years old

Wants: Green Bay Apparel; Needs: Pants, Coat, Shirts, Hoodies, Shoes (Size 32x32 pants, XL shirts, 9.5 shoes)


Monty F., 51 years old

Wants: Rod and Reel, Watch, Cross Necklace; Needs: Coat and Winter Clothing, Socks/Underwear, Gloves, Tennis Shoes, Boots (Size 34x30 pants, XL shirts, 8 shoes)


Bobby D., 38 years old

Needs: Work Boots (Size 11)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Samuel M., 32 years old

Wants: Head and Shoulders Shampoo

Sharon Howerton
Will get entire list and other toiletries.

Aaron P., 32 years old

Wants: Watch, Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Earbuds; Needs: Winter Clothes, Bibs, Coveralls (Size 33 pants, L shirts)


Jessic M., 26 years old

Wants: Legendary Whitetails Flannel Shirt, Amazon Gift Card for Books; Needs: Shirts, Cargo Pants (Size 48x29/30 pants, 5XL shirts)

Angie Reed
Davidson A+E firm

Joey T., 31 years old

Wants: Bluetooth Speaker and/or Wireless Earbuds, Cologne; Needs: Thermals, Winter Hat, Socks (Size 38x32 pants, 3XL shirts, 11.5 shoes)

Angie Lewis

Michael R., 40 years old

Wants: Cologne, Axe Body Spray, Hair Trimmer with Attachments

Sharon Howerton
Will get entire list.

Reginald D., 56 years old

Wants: Wireless Earbuds, Gold Cross with Chain, Kangol Hat (XL), Leather Coat (3XL Long); Needs: Winter Work Coat, Gloves and Boots, Bibs/Coveralls, Jeans & Hoodies (Size 42x32 pants, 3XL shirts, 14 shoes)


Richard B., 35 years old

Wants: Cologne, Clothes, Denim Jacket; Needs: Boots, Thermals, Hygiene Products (Size 34x34 pants, XL shirts, 10 shoes)


Austin A., 26 years old

Wants: Power Tools

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Charles T., 52 years old

Needs: Winter Coat (Size 3XL)


David M., 41 years old

Wants: Fishing Waders, Alabama Football Comforter Set (Queen Size), Camping Gear, Dress Watch; Needs: Laptop, Steel Toe Boots, Muck Boots (Size 32x34 pants, 11 shoes)


Chase H., 35 years old

Wants: Gym Clothes and Tennis Shoes (Size 38x32 pants, L-XL Shirt, 10.5 shoes)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

David P., 41 years old

Wants: iBuy Power Gaming Desktop Computer

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Jimmy M., 42 years old

Wants: KC Chiefs Gear, Patrick Mahomes Jersey, Royals Clothing (Size 32x32 pants, L shirts, 10.5 shoes)

Stephanie Hafner
Tammy and Family

Joseph L., 54 years old

Wants: Cologne, Mach III Razors, Swifter Electric, McCafe Keurig Coffee Pods; Needs: White Hand Towels and Washcloths, Sweatpants (Black, Blue, or Gray), Black or Gray Tank Tops (50x30 pants, 4XL shirts)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Junior H., 18 years old

Wants: Nike Jumpsuit; Needs: Body Wash, Cologne


Justin S., 36 years old

Wants: Insulated Fishing Waders, Fly Fishing and Camping Gear, Camo Coat, Boots; Needs: Socks and Boxer Briefs, Gloves (Size 40x32 pants, 3XL shirts, 11 shoes)


Mark S., 39 years old

Wants: T.V., Blender, Clothes, Tennis Shoes (Size 32x32 pants, M shirts, 10.5 shoes)


Sam L., 49 years old

Wants: Gift Cards (Hot Topic, GameStop, Ross), Drone, Cooking Appliances (Crockpot, Waffle Maker, Air Fryer, George Foreman); Needs XL Black Carharts, Size 10 Shoes


Bobby W., 56 years old

Wants: House Shoes, Work Jeans; Needs: Pots/Frying Pans, T-shirts and Boxer Briefs (Size L), Thermal Tops and Bottoms, Thick Work Socks (Size 40x32 pants, 2XL shirts, 13 shoes)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Dalton T., 44 years old

Wants: T.V. (no bigger than 45 inches), Josh Jacobs Raiders Jersey, Cordless Drill; Needs: Thermal Underwear/Hoodies, Study Bible, Humidifier, Camping tent and Fishing Poles (Size 31x32 pants, M/L shirts)

Stephanie Hafner
Tammy and Family

Evan K., 40 years old

Wants: Smartwatch, Chromebook, Restaurant Gift Cards; Needs: Jacket (4XL or bigger), Dress Shoes, House Slippers (Size 10.5-11 wide)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Jeremy B., 39 years old

Wants: Bombas Socks, T.V. Needs: Long sleeve Work T-Shirts (Size 10.5 shoes, Medium shirts)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

James F., 47 years old

Wants: Laptop, Chiefs Hat, Royals Jersey & Hat, Kangol Hat; Needs: Dress Suit and Shoes, Socks, Dobb Hat (Size 36x32 pants, 2XL shirt, 11 shoes)


Cameron H., 39 years old

Wants: Leaf Blower; Needs: Socks, White Undershirt Tank Tops, Boxer Briefs (Size 34x32 pants, XL shirts, 10.5 shoes)

Healing House
getting everything

Colton G., 25 years old

Wants: Bluetooth Speakers, Tools; Needs: Shoes, Clothes, Winter Clothes (32x30 Pants, XL Shirts, 11 Shoes)


John G., 53 years old

Wants: RCA Viking Pro Laptop/Tablet 10 inch


Johnathon T., 39 years old

Wants: Tools, Socket Wrench Set, Tool Box; Needs: Socks, Work Jeans (40x32), Stocking Cap

Stephanie Hafner
Tammy and Family

Robert V., 31 years old

Wants: An all-in-one Bible with the Message/New King James/NIV/Gidean Translations


Sheldon B., 37 years old

Wants: Books, I love surprises; Needs: Jacket or Coat (Size L)

Stephanie Hafner
Tammy and Family

Will F., 59 years old

Wants: Audio/Video Equipment, Electronics; Needs: Jeans, Hoodies, Jacket, Gloves, Boots (Size 30 pants, L shirt, 8 shoes)

Stephanie Hafner
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