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Angel Tree

Healing House, Inc. Women's Christmas List

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. People typically spend aroun $100 but anything helps!  Please return wrapped gifts to the Healing House no later than December 19th.

When signing up, it would be very helpful if you list the items you plan to purchase in the comments section. This will help prevent duplicate purchases. 

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or if you would like any additional information about an Angel Tree adoptee.

Thank you!

Created by:   Stephanie Hafner
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Available Slot

Deanna A., 29 years old

Wants: Cross Watch, Bracelet, Necklace; Needs: Beginners Bible, Blonde Hair Dye, Throw Blanket

Marcus McClanahan

Elisse D., 31 years old

Wants: Paints, Painting Canvas; Needs: Bible

Karen Suddath
Bible, paints and canvas

Jennifer H., 33 years old

Wants: 128 GB SD Card, Tablet


Lakeshia S., 43 years old

Wants: Dreadlock Front Lace Wig 100% Human Hair, Wig Glue; Needs: Pants (Size 9), Shoes (Size 11), Shirts (Size L), Socks


Linda S., 25 years old

Wants: Coin Holder, 2021 Planner, Tools & Tool Belt (Drill bit heads, Staple Gun, Drywall Tools), Screwdriver Set; Needs: Socks, Underwear and Bras

melissa miller
will get everything on list

Melissa J., 39 years old

Wants: Fuzzy Blanket, Jewelry (prefers silver), Perfumes; Needs: Shoes, Jeans, Hoodies (Size 7 shoes, 9/10 pants, L shirts)

Janet Stultz
Getting all items listed

Rachel G., 46 years old

Wants: Perfume, Makeup; Needs: Warm Boots (Size 7), Sweatshirts (Size Small), Bras (36A), Underwear (Size Medium)

Kathleen Randall
the current list

Raticia C., 28 years old

Wants: Jewelry (Gold), Purse (Fashionista/Diva Queen), Makeup/Purple Hair Dye; Needs: Boots (Size 10.5-11), Shirts (Size M/L), Bras/Underwear

Bob Daum
All items

Rene C., 54 years old

Wants: Perfume, Makeup, Hair Products; Needs: Winter Jacket/Gloves (Size L), Pants (Size 11/12 or Med), Boots (Size 9), Underwear/Socks

Vanessa Wooten
getting everything

Samantha P., 34 years old

Wants: Chiefs Jersey/Sweatshirts (Size L), Cross Necklace, Small Stud Earrings; Needs: Makeup, Pants (Size 7), Sneakers (Jordans, Size 7)

Bob Daum
All items

Shannon C., 30 years old

Wants: Workout Clothes, Nike Slides, Chiefs Gear; Needs: Boots, Jeans, Makeup, Hair Straightener (Size 13 or L pants, L shirts, 9 shoes)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Taylor H., 24 years old

Wants: Silver Jewelry; Needs: Clothes (Size Large), House Shoes (Size 7.5)

Bob Daum
All items

Allison C., 38 years old

Needs: Recovery Bible

Lisa F
Getting the Recovery Bible

Carrie H., 61 years old

Wants: Chiefs Scarf/Gloves and Slippers (Size 8.5), Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Perfume, Duluth Trading No-Yank Tank Tops (Size S), Sewing Machine; Needs: Sweaters (Size S/M), Small Earrings, Bikini style Underwear (Size S)

Sandee Breiby
I have a good used sewing machine to give. And i will get as much as possible from the rest of the list.

Cailin M., 22 years old

Wants: Recovery Bible, Face Masks, Cross Necklace (Gold)

Karen Suddath
Bible, face masks, gold cross necklace

Christina C., 35 years old

Wants: Clothing Racks/Coat Hook Rack, Clothing (Size 3 pants, S or M shirts), Towels; Needs: 3M Command Hooks, Sunglasses, Sanitizing Products, Acne and Hygiene Products

Sarah Gambach
Sarah G

Jennifer C., 38 years old

Wants: Recovery Bible, Makeup, Hoodie (Size M), Nose Ring; Needs: Face Masks, Coat (Size M)

Lisa F
Getting Recovery Bible, face masks, coat

Jessica M., 42 years old

Wants: Silver Rings, a Watch, Medicine Ball/Yoga Mat, Self Help Books; Needs: Lotion, Razors

Sarah Gambach
Sarah G

Laura B., 51 years old

Wants: Western Boots (Size 8.5 Men's or 9 Wide Women's); Needs: Body Wash, Makeup, Face & Eye Cream, Underwear (Size 8-10 pants), Socks

Elizabeth Zans
I look forward being able to bless Laura this Christmas. Will definitely take care of the boots, have a western wear store here in town.

Lisa J., 44 years old

Wants: Gift Cards for Bras and Hygiene Items; Needs: Beanie-Style Stocking Hat, Stretchy Gloves, Celebrate Recovery Bible

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Lisa M., 59 years old

Wants: Large Print Bible with Jesus' Words in Red, Fake Black Leather Jacket (Size XL), Wax Melts; Needs: Warm Boot-like House Slippers (Size 9)

Lisa F
Getting large print red letter version of Bible, boot-like house slippers, wax melts

Michelle H., 51 years old

Wants: Chiefs Scarf and Sweatshirt (Size 3XL), Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray, Silver Bracelets and Hoop Earrings; Needs: Size 2 or 3XL Black or Navy Hooded Sweatshirts for Work

Kendall Goff
All list

Samantha M., 26 years old

Wants: Shoes and Socks (Size 7-7.5), Inspirational and Self Help Books/Work Books, Prescription Glasses; Needs: All Toiletries, Blow Dryer for Hair

Nancy Ludwig
Glad to take care of her needs.

Amber F., 35 years old

Wants: Cross Necklace, Earrings (Prefers Gold), Hair Products; Needs: Coat (Size L), Purse, Hoodie (Size L), Leggings (Size 9/10)

Tracy Shelton
We will take care of the entire list.

Kimberly A., 53 years old

Wants: Perfume, Stud Earrings (Silver), Dremel for fingernails, Bluetooth Speaker; Needs: Bible, Non-Skinny Jeans (Size 17), Underwire Bras (40DD) & Underwear (Size 9)

Bob Daum
All items

Tiffany B., 25 years old

Wants: Versace Perfume; Needs: Bras (40C) and Underwear (Size M)

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Venessa W., 44 years old

Wants: Black Raiders Hoodie (Size 3XL), Funny Books, Angel Figurines, Turtle Stuff

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Alex I., 32 years old

Wants: Opal jewelry/Cross necklace, Nail Salon Gift Card; Needs: Winter Coat (Size L/XL), Hair Straightener, Inspirational Christian Books, Shirts/Hoodies, Supportive Shoes (Size 5.5-6)


Angela H., 36 years old

Needs: Dress Shirts (Size 2XL), Slacks (Size 44)

Stephanie Hafner
Tammy and Family

Brittani W., 32 years old

Wants: Jewelry, Purse, Makeup/Nail polish, Blanket; Needs: Stretchy Leggings, Hygiene and Laundry Items, Clothes (Size S pants, M shirts)

Kathleen Randall
the current list

Kacee S., 31 years old

Wants: Fuzzy Socks, Breast Pump and Milk Bags, Stroller, Car Seat; Needs: Maternity Clothes, Winter Clothes, Gloves (XL or 2XL pants and shirts, 8.5 shoes)

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Shella-Mae V., 48 years old

Wants: Backpack on Wheels, Bath Product Caddy/Makeup Organizer, Curling Iron/Hair Straightener, Candles; Needs: Electric Tooth Brush, Sewing Supplies (pin cushion, needles, thread, etc), Swimming Gear (Suit, shoes, goggles, nose plug, towel)

Deb Maney
Planning to get all items, except some of swim gear.

Alexis T., 24 years old

Wants: Makeup/Skin Care, Perfume, Kitchen Silverware; Needs: Shoes (Size 9), Gloves & Hat, Purse, Socks

Sharon Cornell
Please provide shoe size

Ashley M., 37 years old

Wants: Makeup, Michael Kors Purse, Smart Watch, Hygiene Products; Needs: Socks/Underwear/Sports Bras, Boots, Kitchen Stuff, Hoodies


Ashton P., 34 years old

Wants: Pajama Pants (Size M), Fleece Hooded Robe (Size S/M), Sweatshirts/Pants (Size S/M), Fuzzy socks, Wax Melts in Earthy Scents

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Jaylinn M., 16 years old

Wants: Black Sweatpants, Black Beanies, Headset for xBox 1 or PS4, Plague Doctor Plushy, Black Matte Starbucks Tumbler

Stephanie Damron
Need pant size, please. Will purchase off items.

Kashn J., 32 years old

Wants: Wax Melts; Needs: Socks (Shoe Size 9), Underwear (Pants Size 14/16), Robe (Size XL), Faith Based Books

Nikki Armato

Katie M., 33 years old

Wants: Jewelry and Jewelry Box, Set of Pots & Pans/Cooking Supplies, Queen Sheet Set (Grey or Black); Needs: Business Casual Clothes (Size 10 pants, M/L shirts), Boots/Business Casual Shoes (Size 9.5 wide)

Melissa Bennett

Kristine A., 34 years old

Wants: Car Cleaning Accessories, Nike Shoes (Size 7.5), Android Tablet, Air Fryer; Needs: Hoodies (Size M), Sweatpants, Blue Jeans (Size 7/28 pants)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Rachel D., 47 years old

Wants: Candles/Wax Melts, Bath and Body Works Sprays/Lotions, Makeup, Car Fresheners; Needs: Faith Based Wall Decor, Black Ankle Socks (Shoe Size 7.5), Hoodies (Size S)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Samantha D., 33 years old

Wants: Instapot, Bath and Body Works Sprays and Lotions

Donna Bounds
Will buy all on list.

Stephanie W., 37 years old

Wants: Instapot, Dishes/Cups, New Coffee Mug, Firestick; Needs: Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Products, Lotion, Towels (Grey or Purple)

Karen Suddath
Instapot, dishes, coffee mug, firestick, hair products, towels - grey or purple

Jennifer B., 52 years old

Wants: Chloe Eternity Perfume, Knick Knacks; Needs: Jeans, Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Black Leather Boots (Size 16 pants, XL shirts, 10 shoes)

Stephanie Hafner
Zachary Dehaemers, Everything

Jennifer S., 59 years old

Wants: Dremel Tool w/Accessories; Needs: Inspiring Christian T-Shirts (Size 3-4XL)

Jane Miller
Getting everything.

Lin B., 64 years old

Wants: Jewelry Box; Needs: Black or Gray Dress Slacks for Work (Size 16 petite)

Bob Daum
All items

Maureen R., 56 years old

Needs: Clothing (14/16 pants, XL or XXL shirts, 8.5 shoes)


Tammy W., 56 years old

Wants: Full Size Bed Sheets (Gray or Pink); Needs: Underwear (Size 8 pants), Socks (Size 6 shoes)

Jane Miller
Getting everything

Verta J., 59 years old

Wants: Coffee pot, Tennis Shoes & Socks (Size 7.5), White Diamonds Perfume, Blue or Black Jeans (Size 16); Needs: Electric Can Opener, Blue Jacket and Scarf (Size XL), Underwear (Size 10)

Verta Jackson
get everything

Jessica H., 35 years old

Wants: Gift Cards

Healing House
getting everything

Bethany C., 27 years old

Wants: Recovery Bible, Makeup, Hoodies (M/L), Tall Boots (Size 7)


Heather H., 29 years old

Wants: Jeans, Black Hoodie, Candles, Crafts to do with my son, Cookbooks, Cute Coffee Cups; Needs: Groceries


Mary H.B., 23 years old

Wants: Makeup, Daily Devotional Book, Stuff for my Car/Carwash Certificate; Needs: Hoodies, Socks, House Shoes, Lightweight Coat (Size 9 pants, M shirts, 8.5 shoes)

Megan Harju
Getting everything except "stuff for car/carwash certificate" - not sure what that means
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