Message of Support for Diane Amos* Girl Power Tank Tops


Hello NorCal Community, and friends of Diane Amos

I am reaching out to you our Gymnastics Community with great HOPE that we can come together to help an AMAZING SOUL, OLYMPIC COACH, FRIEND, JUDGE, CHOREOGRAPHER, CLINICIAN, COLLEGE COACH, SISTER, WIFE, AND ONE OF GYMNASTICS BIGGEST SUPPORTERS Diane Amos, to help her find the STRENGTH to fight Ovarian Cancer and to kick its ***

Diane has shared her entire life of passion with thousands. She has inspired all of us and the gymnasts to be the best we can be by modeling a fantastic life of gym coaching. She has sent many to college gymnastics, and she brought Norcal into the spotlight when she coached Amy Chow in the Olympics winning Gold and Silver medals. Diane was always, and still is there to give quick coaching advice on technique, skill development, beam games and contests, team bonding ideas, teenager issues, judging, mental skills, choreography and just about any kind of help anyone ever needed! She gave so much to us over the years, and although she has not been in Norcal for the past years, she has not, and cannot be forgotten! She is fighting her battle while going into the gym everyday coaching and doing choreography!

It’s time for us to GIVE BACK!

I am presenting this idea to all:

Each club, judge, coach, gymnast, friend or anyone can support by buying a special tank top. We will donate all proceeds from the tank top to Diane. More importantly than the monetary donation is

the message of support and love we give her and send to her!

During the week before Thanksgiving, I am asking each friend, team, or gym to

SURPRISE DIANE and wear the tank top and post a message video on YouTube.

I suggest sending your own message- word, a thought, a dance, a flip, anything that will give her the message we are sending her Love, Strength, Hope, Girl power!

NorCal loves her!

Letting her know will help her FIGHT!

You can order below on the sign up

You can pick up your tanks at Level 4/5 State meet or we can have them delivered. Please be sure to leave the mailing address.

On Nov 19, 20, or 21st leading up to Thanksgiving please post your video of

Hope, Love, GIRL POWER!


She does not know about this so please try to keep the surprise!


This was the quickest and best way I could think of--- to get everyone involved and the message to Diane as soon as possible.


Diane has her chin up, is fighting this the best she can- but we all know that she needs us, she needs NorCal Power!


With great HOPE I look forward to hearing from you! Would love to know that you received this!

With lots of love

Lisa Aguirre


Created by:   lisa aguirre
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Diane Girl Power Tank Tops

Child Small

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation $20

6 slots filled - more available
Kelsey Stillinger
Emily Stebbins (2)
Christina Lee
Mike Lynch
1 womens adult medium. Thank you!
Armen Astoian

Child Medium

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation $20

1 slot filled - more available
Christina Lee

Child Large

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation $20

1 slot filled - more available
Kim Dykes

Adult Small

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation $20

21 slots filled - more available
dan Alch
Dan Alch Camp of Champions
Camilla Opperman
Lots of love to Diane - Cam
Kristina Heymann
You’re stronger than you know, Diane!
Amy Chow
Evie Schmeer
Judy Sun
Melissa Chuang
Love you Diane!!
Hatsune Akaogi
Ankita Taylor
Tricia Woo
Take care Diane!
Tiffany Tam
Sending you so much love!
Christina Lee
Tara Gilmore
Bonnie Ng
Alina Liao
Kelly Brady (6)

Adult Medium

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation $20

22 slots filled - more available
Steve Arkell
Miss seeing your smiling face Diane. Keep fighting the good fight and victory is yours. Love Steve
Kim Dykes
Mark Cook
Stay strong, you can do this. A lot of friends are praying for you good health. I am too!!
Casey Pires
Love you Diane!!!
Brenda Tierney
You got this, Diane! <3
dan Alch
Camp of Champions
Laurie Skelton
Kelsey Stillinger
Jessica Robles
Skyler Yu
West Valley Gymnastics School
Love your friends!
Abra Slater (2)
Emily Stebbins
Alicia Floyd
Lauren Mirkovich (2)
Lisa Mitzel
"Focused" on Love & Mental Powers ;)
Kristina Williams (2)
Irene Leung
Kelly Brady

Adult Large

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation $20

20 slots filled - more available
john aguirre
Kim Dykes
Chris Swircek
Love you Diane!
Anne Souza
Anne Souza
dan Alch
Camp of Champions donates $500.00
Wendy Lau
We’re all behind you, Diane!
Marta Grech
Stay strong
Larry Castle
Patricia Warren
Michelle Klimesh
Donagene Jones
Jennifer Beck
Paul Duron
Courtney O'Halloran
Lindsay Crawford
Ben Corr
Emily Stebbins
Kelly Alliger
Sending love from Accel
Evelyn Paradis
My thoughts and prayers are with you Diane.
Margret Kristjansdottir
All the Best to you Diane

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