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Ss. Faith Hope & Charity

Marriage, Divorce and Annulment Event

Fr. James Wallace, Pastor and Canon Lawyer and Gail Goleas, Field Delegate will help clarify our understanding of the teaching of the Church regarding Marriage, Divorce and Annulment.  Registration is below.  The link for the livestream of this event is: https://vimeo.com/event/2904863 and can also be found on the home page of the Ss. Faith Hope and Charity website:  www.faithhope.org.

Date: 02/27/2023 (Mon.)

Created by:  Pamela Coster

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Responses:     Yes: 42     No: 3     Maybe: 5    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 54     Maybe: 6

YES (42) -  

  John Murray (1 guest)

  Ann Hercik (1 guest)

  Michael Bacik (1 guest)

  Jeanne Jacobson (1 guest)

  Anita Worthington (2 guests)

  Patty Brummet (1 guest)

  Jim Carey (1 guest)

  Marilyn Valko (1 guest)

  Amy ODonoghue (1 guest)

  Pamela Coster (1 guest)

  Kristin Even (2 guests)

  Laura G (1 guest)

  D Dury (1 guest)

  Edward Vesely (1 guest)

  Linda McNelley (1 guest)

  Sarah Anzevino (1 guest)

  Teresa Tario (1 guest)

  Pam McEnroe (1 guest)
Thank you Pam

  Ronnie Murillo (1 guest)

  Lestie B (1 guest)

  amy bauer (1 guest)

  Jack Smyth (1 guest)

  Veronica Dorado (2 guests)

  Anna Zawa (2 guests)

  Fred Schulz (2 guests)

  Paula Humbach (1 guest)

  Anne Luburic (1 guest)
Virtual attendance

  Susan Baumann (2 guests)

  Kristin D (1 guest)

  Janis Meyer (1 guest)

  Colleen O’Dowd (1 guest)

  Barbara Vazquez (2 guests)


  Michal Szczupak (2 guests)

  Katie Vail (2 guests)

  Christine Kengott (1 guest)

  Michael Cavanaugh (2 guests)
Virtual attendance

  Kathleen Clarke (1 guest)

  Mary Slocum (2 guests)

  Maureen Flynn (1 guest)

  james young (2 guests)

  Patricia Sanfilippo (1 guest)

NO (3) +  

MAYBE (5) +  

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