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Ocracoke School

Ocracoke School Fall Portrait Sign-Up



9:00-10:30 will be reserved for SENIOR PICTURES only.

10:30-4:00 will be reserved for PreK to 11th grade students.

YOU MUST SIGN UP EACH INDIVIDUAL CHILD IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD IN A SEPARATE TIME SLOT.  We are sorry but we unable to accommodate any community pictures or children who don’t attend Ocracoke School due to the limited amount of spaces. 

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up your individual student. Thank you!

Please remember to wear a mask, maintain 6 ft. and be on time.  Thank you.

You may choose to order before Picture Day on mylifetouch.com using your Picture Day ID: EVTCBRSVK.  If you would like a paper copy of the form to bring with to your appointment, they will be placed on the blue table on the porch at the Daycare.

Please Note Due to COVID-19: Photographers will not make any physical contact, with customers, and other employees. They will be implementing 'No-Touch' posing, as well. Our staff must maintain a 6ft distance from all subjects and will be wearing masks.

Date: 11/16/2020 (Mon.)

Created by:   Lynn King-Bowen
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Location Time (EST) Available Slot
SENIORS ONLY Ocracoke Community Center  9:00am - 10:25am  

9:00 AM

Alexander O'Neal

9:10 AM

Russell Stevens

9:20 AM

Laura Belch
Hannah Belch

9:30 AM

Dylan Esham

9:40 AM

Mason Fuller

9:50 AM

Joseph Suazo

10:00 AM

Becky Boos

10:10 AM

Parker Gaskill

10:20 AM

Christian Trejo
PREK-11th Grade & Teachers Ocracoke Community Center  10:40am - 4:00pm  

10:30 AM

Chandler ONeal

10:32 AM

Daymon Esham

10:34 AM

Rachel O'Neal
Austin O'Neal

10:36 AM

Rahnier Lyons
Rahnier Lyons

10:38 AM

Mike ONeal
Brian ONeal

10:40 AM

Christian Stevens

10:42 AM

Quinten Brooks

10:44 AM

Landon Fuller

10:46 AM

Mary McKnight

10:48 AM

Iris McClain

10:50 AM

Katie Kinnion

10:52 AM

Julian Bennink

10:54 AM

Yazmin Rodriguez

10:56 AM

Osiris Trejo

10:58 AM

Marlene Tellez

11:00 AM

Lillian Perez

11:02 AM

Odalys Garcia

11:04 AM

Ángel Garcia

11:06 AM

Jessica Caldwell

11:08 AM

Jessica Caldwell

11:10 AM

Flavia Burton

11:12 AM

Emilia Jordan

11:14 AM

Lamarr Sallee

11:16 AM

Lena O’Neal
Maren Donlon

11:18 AM

Lena O’Neal
Paxton O’Neal

11:20 AM

Rebecca Gallaher
Emmett Gallaher

11:22 AM

Rebecca Gallaher
Luke Gallaher

11:24 AM

Juliette Jordan

11:26 AM

Edith Trejo

11:28 AM

Dellanira Romero
Evelyn Contreras

11:30 AM

Cheri Ely

11:32 AM

Dellanira Romero
Nathen Contreras

11:34 AM

Veronica Flores
Angela Flores

11:36 AM

Margarita González
Eliana Contreras

11:38 AM

Noah Turner

11:40 AM

Maggie Evans

11:42 AM

Karen Ritchie
Jordan Suazo-Dominguez

11:44 AM

Karen Ritchie
Jayden Suazo-Dominguez

11:46 AM

Preston Mason

11:48 AM

Melanie Perez-Benitez

11:50 AM

Arianna Strissel

11:52 AM

Chrissy ONeal
Charlie O'Neal

11:54 AM

Chrissy ONeal
Daisy O'Neal

11:56 AM

Susan Sumner
Arrington Sumner

11:58 AM

Susan Sumner
Ford Sumner

12:00 PM

Ammy Ortiz

12:02 PM

Angel Hernandez

12:04 PM

Jacob Daniels

12:06 PM

Jonah Daniels

12:08 PM

Catherine Todd

12:10 PM

Nicole ONeal
Kyler Luna

12:12 PM

Nicole ONeal
Amaya Luna

12:14 PM

Yuletzy Ibarra

12:16 PM

Elsie Kattenburg

12:18 PM

Mariah Temple

12:20 PM

Carter O’Neal

12:22 PM

Adam Burleson

12:24 PM

Adam Burleson

12:26 PM

Adam Burleson

12:28 PM

Kimberly Jaramillo
Kimberly Jaramillo Moreno

12:30 PM

Courtney Pacanins
Lillian Pacanins

12:32 PM

Courtney Pacanins
Chase Pacanins

12:34 PM

Marilyn Espinosa- Monter

12:36 PM

Jade Lopez
Fryda Melissa Suazo Lopez

12:38 PM

Yossbany Ibarra

12:40 PM

Shayna Brooks

12:42 PM

javier Ibarra

12:44 PM

Emilie Mason
Asher Mason

12:46 PM

Emilie Mason
Dallas Mason

12:48 PM

Griffin Wells

12:50 PM

Zoe Modlin

12:52 PM

Isaac Rosales
Yessenia Trejo

12:54 PM

Laura McClain

12:56 PM

Payce Howarth

12:58 PM

Amy Srail

1:00 PM

Daleyza Resendiz-Espinoza

1:02 PM

Tatiana Martinez

1:04 PM

Leslie Cole
Nicholas Cole

1:06 PM

Vanessa Perez
Jami . Genesis and Jonathan

1:08 PM

Kai King

1:10 PM

Edwin Perez- Benitez

1:12 PM

Jivan Bassell
Emma gonzalez

1:14 PM

Jivan Bassell
Adrian gonzalez

1:16 PM

Jivan Bassell
Nicolas gonzalez

1:18 PM

Agelica Paz
Joseph Suazo

1:20 PM

Ange Paz

1:22 PM

Goldie Volotovskaia

1:24 PM

Samantha Hodson
Charles Hodson

1:26 PM

Samantha Hodson
Savannah Hodson

1:28 PM

Lisa Vergara

1:30 PM

Caroline Stocks

1:32 PM

Luis Zapata

1:34 PM

Selena Medina
Jose Armando Perez

1:36 PM

Selena Medina
Mia Perez

1:38 PM

Robert Chestnut

1:40 PM

Catalina Perez
Gael Guerrero _perez

1:42 PM

Paige Bennett
Auggie Giagu

1:44 PM

Paige Bennett
Wyatt Giagu

1:46 PM


1:48 PM


1:50 PM

Jackson Strange

1:52 PM


1:54 PM


1:56 PM


1:58 PM


2:00 PM

Jennifer Wilson
Lily Wilson

2:02 PM

Jennifer Wilson
Stevie Wilson

2:04 PM

Sara Rodriguez
Nadia Rodriguez

2:06 PM

Sara Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez

2:08 PM

Finn Kattenburg

2:10 PM


2:12 PM


2:14 PM

Chloe O’Neal

2:16 PM


2:18 PM


2:20 PM

Katie O’Neal

2:22 PM

Sue O’Neal
Noah O’Neal

2:24 PM


2:26 PM

Jennifer Daniels

2:28 PM

Jessica Fawcett

2:30 PM

Susan Pentz

2:32 PM


2:34 PM


2:36 PM

Maranda Oneal

2:38 PM

William Oneal

2:40 PM

Brandt Oneal

2:42 PM

Heather Oneal

2:44 PM

Max Elicker

2:46 PM

Charles Temple

2:48 PM

Daniela García

2:50 PM

Yamileth Garcia

2:52 PM

Jenny Garcia

2:54 PM

Yuriko Castañón

2:56 PM

Dulce Juarez

2:58 PM

Romeo Juarez

3:00 PM

Ashlyn Bryan

3:02 PM

Pierce Bryan

3:04 PM

Fide Villanueva
Isaid Bravo

3:06 PM

Fide Villanueva
Rosalio Villanueva

3:08 PM

Heidy Lora
Heidy Lora

3:10 PM

Stephanie Flores

3:12 PM

Alexis Villanueva
Alexis Villanueva

3:14 PM

Karen Teklinsky

3:16 PM

Elvis Monter
Elvis Monter

3:18 PM


3:20 PM

Denisse rubio

3:22 PM

Denisse rubio

3:24 PM

Oscar Cuellar
Oscar Cuellar

3:26 PM

Oscar Cuellar
Oliver Cuellar

3:28 PM

Oscar Cuellar
Marlena Cuellar

3:30 PM

Galen Brown
Riely Brown

3:32 PM

Galen Brown
Gabriel Brown

3:34 PM

Shea Youell

3:36 PM

Jennifer Garrish

3:38 PM


3:40 PM

Amanda Gaskins

3:42 PM


3:44 PM


3:46 PM


3:48 PM


3:50 PM


3:52 PM


3:54 PM


3:56 PM


3:58 PM

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