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Troop 16 and Troop 2025

Survivor Challenge

The Survivor Challenge is coming up April 30 - May 2 at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, and we need adults to make it successful. Please review the available jobs below and sign up. Contact Rob Beyerly (cell 303-358-4159 or [email protected]) with questions. Thank you!

Job descriptions:

Level 1 Supervisor - Accompany a first-year scout patrol on a Saturday hiking outing around PV, learning and demonstrating survival skills. This position can be filled by parents of first-year scouts who want to hike with their scout. Level 1 patrols will be led by older youth instructors/guides; the adults will be there for supervision. Not required to spend the night, but need to be there early Saturday morning and spend the entire day (however you can spend both Friday and Saturday night in base camp; your meals will be provided). Hike distance estimated at 5-7 miles but may be longer depending on the navigation skills of the patrol. Need 2 per patrol; exact number depends on the number of scouts signing up.

Level 2 Referee - Referee the game for the Level 2 (intermediate) scouts. Will tent in basecamp Friday night, spend Saturday in the backcountry with the Level 2 patrol they are refereeing, and tent in the backcountry Saturday night with that patrol as they build their shelters (you do not have to carry your camping gear - it will be transported to you). Food will be provided to you including a hot dinner in the field. Basic duty is to observe and score the patrol as they perform their challenges. Instructions will be provided. Need 2 per patrol; exact number depends on the number of scouts signing up.

Level 3 Referee - Plan and referee the survival challenge for the Level 3 (advanced) scouts. These patrols will spend both nights in the backcountry living under austere conditions. Referees will have their camping gear brought to them; scouts will have little to no provisions and will have to improvise. We need Level 3 referees to be involved in the pre-planning of this challenge.

Camp cooks - plan/purchase/organize/cook base camp meals and provisions for level 2 & 3 patrols.

Base camp radio operator - stay in base camp and monitor and operate radio contact with all teams as they check in/out from various challenge stations.

Rover - Help with miscellaneous jobs for the event as needed, including running errands/deliveries out to the backcountry.

Date: 04/30/2021 (Fri.)

Location: Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch

Created by:   Rob Beyerly

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Level 1 Referee (5)
  All slots filled
Barry Bauer
Barry Bauer
Jim Snakard
Michael Cuccurullo
Trey Hodgson
Alan Sobran
Level 2 Referee (10)
  6 of 10 slots filled
Craig Saari
Brian Hardy
Jamie Pagnotta
Steve Crossman
Robert Holzhauser
Jerry Campbell
Level 3 Referee (2)
  All slots filled
Alan Baxter
Roger Wingate
Camp Cook (2)
  All slots filled
Daniel Faust
Eric Freund
Base Camp Radio Operator
Chuck Carboni
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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 19     Maybe: 0

YES (16) -  

Jerry Campbell (1 guest)

Robert Holzhauser (1 guest)

Steve Crossman (1 guest)

Roger Wingate (1 guest)

Jamie Pagnotta (1 guest)

Brian Hardy (1 guest)

Craig Saari (1 guest)

Alan Baxter (3 guests)

Alan Sobran (1 guest)

Chuck Carboni (2 guests)

Trey Hodgson (1 guest)

Michael Cuccurullo (1 guest)

Jim Snakard (1 guest)

Barry Bauer (1 guest)

Eric Freund (1 guest)

Daniel Faust (1 guest)

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