GHS Track & Field

End of Season BBQ

Please let us know how many family members, including athletes, will will be attending so we can anticipate how much food to provide. Please also consider signing up to bring drinks or a dessert. We also need a few volunteers to help with grilling.

Date: 05/29/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm CDT

Location: GHS Burgess Field

Created by:   Siri Pratt

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Drinks (30)
  All slots filled
Laura Lehman
Bottled water (case of 40)
Elly Dannewitz (18)
Mark Pool
Colleen Jackson
Isaiah Roeder (2)
2 packs of 24 Gatorade
Katie Miller
Case of Gatorade
Sally Longo (2)
Olivia Main
Matt Ratliff
Case of water
Katy Connelly
Sue Olenek
Dessert (93)
  All slots filled
Ann (Landon Jones
Trish Kredell
2 dozen of something!
Rita Grendze
Elayne Price
Michelle Irwin
Patty Keen
2 dozen cookies
Maureen Borodin
Maura Ryan (2)
Gluten free Rice Krispie Treats
Elena Bozan
Janice Morgan
Susan Mertka
Chris Palmquist
Jason Uhlmann
Nikki Hoover
Katarina Masters
Maria Esquivel
Stacie Grimm/Machlet
Karey Fairbanks
Cookies! :)
Dan Sustersic
Anne Cesarone (70)
homemade cookies
Katie Miller
Cookies of some sort
Kim Dietrich
Kim Branstad
Grillers (5) - Please arrive at 4:45
  All slots filled
Tim Moore
Kim Kane
Kristi Hasty
Tracy Baranauskas
Tom Hipp
Responses:     Yes: 77     No: 1     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 224     Maybe: 0

YES (77) -  

Sharon Sofiak (3 guests)
will bring dessert

Susan Martin (3 guests)

Xander Thomson (1 guest)

Micki Carbone (2 guests)

Laura Coats (3 guests)

Julie Kroeyr (2 guests)

Walinder Laura (4 guests)

Caden Naselli (3 guests)

Ryan DeMarco (3 guests)

Alia Machlet (1 guest)

Bridget McCaffrey (3 guests)

Victor Casteallanos-Esparza (1 guest)

Abby McVey (5 guests)

Amy Caballero (1 guest)

Jen Webstrr (3 guests)

Lupe Pena (1 guest)

Reiss Christensen (2 guests)

Nicole Yingst (3 guests)

Michelle Siciliano (1 guest)

Magda Nelson (4 guests)

Margaret McDonnell (2 guests)

Tom Hipp (3 guests)

Kristi Balc (3 guests)

Renee Riani (2 guests)

Carrie Brucci (4 guests)

Sandra Kuehl (4 guests)

Tracy Baranauskas (3 guests)

Kristi Hasty (3 guests)

Kim Stone-Vilim (3 guests)

Kim Kane (3 guests)

Leticia Starkov (3 guests)

Beck Family (8 guests)

Alex Iniguez (3 guests)

Kathy Silverman (3 guests)

Heidi Curry (2 guests)

Kelly Heckenberg (5 guests)

Debbie Mickelsen (3 guests)

Sue Olenek (4 guests)

Alondra Mathena (4 guests)

Tim Moore (3 guests)

Katy Connelly (3 guests)

Kim Branstad (3 guests)

Matt Ratliff (2 guests)

Kim Dietrich (3 guests)

Olivia Main (3 guests)

Sally Longo (3 guests)

Katie Miller (3 guests)

Isaiah Roeder (3 guests)

Tracy Zahorsky (3 guests)

Anne Cesarone (3 guests)

Dan Sustersic (3 guests)

Vivian Calusinski (3 guests)

Karey Fairbanks (4 guests)

Siri Pratt (4 guests)

Stacie Grimm/Machlet (4 guests)

Maria Esquivel (3 guests)

Colleen Jackson (3 guests)

Gry Larsen (3 guests)

Katarina Masters (2 guests)

Nikki Hoover (2 guests)

Jason Uhlmann (5 guests)

Ron McCoy (2 guests)

Chris Palmquist (3 guests)

Susan Mertka (3 guests)

Mark Pool (3 guests)

Janice Morgan (3 guests)

Elena Bozan (1 guest)

Maura Ryan (3 guests)

Maureen Borodin (2 guests)

Patty Keen (2 guests)

Michelle Irwin (3 guests)

Elayne Price (3 guests)

Rita Grendze (3 guests)
Valdis Slokenbergs Andris Slokenbergs

Elly Dannewitz (2 guests)

Laura Lehman (3 guests)

Trish Kredell (2 guests)

Ann (Landon Jones (4 guests)

NO (1) +