Giving Tree

Thornapple Giving Tree 2018

Thank you for lighting up the holiday season for the students at Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy.   MLK students wear an uniform, so many have requested navy, khaki, or black plants and shirts to wear to school.  The student parents have to do volunteer hours for each child in the gift giving program.  The parents also come in to wrap their presents at the end.

Please purchase a gift(s) in the list and return the unwrapped item with the tag number Monday, November 26th.

Thank you for your support,

Sarah Johnson and Angela Mead

Date: 11/26/2018 (Mon.)

Location: Thornapple Elementary
6932 Bridgewater Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Created by:   sarah johnson
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Available Slot

25A3 Boy 9 Rollerskates size youth 4 and socks

Brandy Boyington

25 B1 girl 7 size 10/12 turtle neck navy or white and JoJo Slim Kit

Sarah Fisher

25 B2 girl 7 Lego Friends and socks

Teri Cumming

25 B3 girl 7 Jumbo firestruck with light&sirens and long sleeve shirt size 10/12

Sarah Fisher

25C1 girl 4 Duplo lego set and outfit size 5

Colleen Gole

25 C2 girl 4 Outfit size 5 and dark skin baby doll

Melissa Dodge

25 C3 girl 4 Rollerskates size toddler 9 and socks


25 D1 Girl 7 "Doodle Deco Scrapbook kit" and socks


25 D2 Girl 7 JoJo bow maker and Jean size 7slim


25 D3 Girl 7 JoJo Slim kit and long sleeve shirt size


27 A1 Girl 12 Sequins/fuzzy pillow (blue) and slipper size womens 8


27 A2 Girl 12 fun, blue bedroom rug and pajamas adult medium

Estee Loga

27A3 Girl 12 Cute, bedroom trash can (blue) and 36C bra (black or white)

Estee Loga

27 B1 Girl 11 Sequin/fuzzy pillow (pink) and 32B bra (black or white)

Tina Heffron

27 B2 Girl 11 Crossbody purse and jeans size 12/14


27 B3 Girl 11 Pink room accessories and shirt size 12/14


27 C1 girl 8 Hatchable 4pack and blue school pants size 8/10


27 C2 girl 8 Easy bake oven mixes and casual boots size 2


27 C3 girl 8 pajamas size 8/10 and "Cool Baker magic mixer" pink


27 E1 girl 6 "Elena of Avalor" doll and little sister Isabel and shirt size 6 (pink or purple)

Heather Gietzen

27 E2 girl 6 "Learning Resources new sprout Health Dinner" and casual boots size 12


27 E3 Girl 6 "Skylar of Avalor doll" and skinny jeans size 6

Sarah Fisher

27 F1 Girl 6 steel pots and pans and skinny jeans size 6


27 F2 Girl 6 casual boots size 12 and plastic breakfast food set

Melissa Dodge

27 F3 Girl 6 "LOL Surprise little sister" and shirt size 6 (purple or pink)

Melissa Dodge

62A1 Girl 10 "Clumsy Thief" game and jogging suit size 14


62A2 Girl 10 "Lego Chain recaction kit" and Hoodie size 14


62 A3 Girl 10 JoJo hair bows and pajamas size 14


62 B1 Girl 7 "Memory Palace Storytelling game" and pants size 12


62 B2 Girl 7 Frozen Lego playground and Shirt size 12


62B3 Girl 7 Pajamas size 12 and "Blink" card game

Teri Cumming

62 C1 Boy 10 months 18-24 months outfit, V-tech Pull and Sing Puppy

Tiffany Wattles

62 C2 Boy 10 months 18-24 month sleepers, and shape sorting toys

Jakob Rietema

62 C3 Boy 10 months 18-24 month hoodie aned bath toys

Carrie Distler

63 A1 Boy 2 V-tech learning toy and outfit size 2T

Carrie Distler

63 A2 Boy 2 V-tech "drop and go dump truck" and pajamas size 2T

Sara Seabright

63 A3 Boy 2 toddler ball set and outfit 2T

Tina Heffron

63 B1 girl 9 JoJo hair bow maker and skinny jean size 10


63 B2 girl 9 "Memory Palace Storytelling game" and animal character pajamas size 12


63 B3 girl 9 Disnsey princess doll and jogging suit size 10


63 C1 girl 12 Diary that locks and pants navy, Khaki size 14/16


63 C2 girl 12 Sequence Game and warm pajamas size 14/16

Jen Kivi

63 C3 girl 12 Basketball and Hoddie size 14/16

Kimberly Krampe

63 D1 boy 3 puzzle set and winter coact 3T


63 D2 boy 3 "Cartoon Remote Control Race Car" and Sock& underwear 3 T


63 d3 boy 3 "Count your chickens" game and warm outfit size 3T blue or red

Teage Wiseman

64 A1 boy 4 ABC learning game and jogging suite size 4


64A2 boy 4 "Candy Land" game and sweater outfit size 4

Tina Heffron

64A3 boy 4 Car & truck set and underwear & socks size 4-6

Gwenn Kozlow

64 B1 boy 6 Hotwheels playset and blue sweatshirt size 8

Jen Kivi

64 B2 boy 6 Rumikub game and coat size 8

Carrie Distler

64 B3 boy 6 Topple chrome game and underwear size 8


65 A1 girl 9 Dark skin Barbie with clothes and Warm, colorful top size 12


65 A2 girl 9 Craft kit and pants navy or black size 12


65 A3 girl 9 Rumikub game and warm pajamas size 12


65B1 girl 10 Twister game and skinny jeans size 12


65 B2 girl 10 Jewerly craft kit and shirt size 12 (girly)

Jakob Rietema

65 B3 girl 10 Elena of Avolon doll and warm pjamas size 12

Teage Wiseman

65 C1 girl 12 Connect Four Game and sweater adult medium


65 C2 girl 12 Jump Ropes (long & short) and Elastic waist pants (no legging) size womens 10 navy or black


65 C3 girl 12 insultated mittens and pajamas size adult medium

Jakob Rietema

66 A1 boy 6 "Dinosaur Escape" and pajamas size 6

Laura Demarest

66 A2 boy 6 Car set and Hoodie outfit size 6


66A3 boy 6 V-tech learning toy and jeans size 6


66 B1 Girl 7 Playdough playset and underwear size 10/12


66B2 Girl 7 Tinkerbell toy and sweater with sparkles size 10/12

Tina Heffron

66 B3 Girl 7 Craft kit and pants navy or khaki size 10


66 C1 Girl 12 Sequence Game and shirt adult small

Jakob Rietema

66C2 Girl 12 Jewerly making kit, sweater adult small


66C3 Girl 12 Boggle game and pants size 18/20 navy


66 D1 Girl 10 Craft set and jeans black size 10


66D2 Girl 10 Topple chome game and blue jeans size 10


66 D3 Girl 10 lotion & nail set and sweater size 10

Robin Kleinjans-McKee

67 A1 boy 6 Build set and boxer shorts size boys medium

Mandy Murray

67 A2 boy 6 Puzzle up to 100 pieces and hoodie and pants size 8

Angela Mead

67 A3 boy 6 Football and pajamas size 8

Tiffany Wattles

67 B1 girl 7 Dora the Explorer toy and colorful socks


67 B2 girl 7 Play food or tea set and jeans size 8


67 B3 girl 7 Stroller or grocery cart and colorful hoddie size 8


67 C1 Boy 10 Spider Man set and Navy pants size 12


67 C2 Boy 10 Zingo Game and college team hoodie sie 12

Angela Mead

67 C3 Boy 10 Q-Ba Maze 2.0 and insulated gloves


68 A 1 Boy 6 Action figures and Navy pants size 7/8


68A2 Boy 6 Handheld sports game and long sleeve shirt size 7/8


68 A3 Boy 6 Soccer ball and pajamas size 7/8

Mandy Murray

68 B1 Girl 8 Mouse trap game and slippers size 2


68B2 Girl 8 dark skin barbie doll & accessories and fleece/warm outfit size 10/12

Gwenn Kozlow

68B3 Girl 8 Lego Frozen playground and insulated mittens


68 C1 Girl 9 months V-Tech busy learners activity cube and warm pajamas 12 month


68 c2 Girl 9 months Baby Gund Princess Castle Stuffed playset and dress size 18 month


68 C3 Girl 9 months Musical toy and 12 month winter outfit

Mandy Murray

68 D1 Boy 11 Science/ building kit and pajamas size 16


68 D2 Boy 11 Model car kit and jeans size 16


68D3 Boy 11 Chapter book on sports (5th grade level) and sweat shirt size 16


69A1 Boy 7 Toy Story 3 toy and pajamas 8/10


69 A2 Boy 7 Transformers toy and socks

Leigh D'Avila

69 aA3 Boy 7 Hotwheels playset and jeans size 8


69 B1 Boy 8 "Spot It" game and Khaki pants size 10/12


69 B2 Boy 8 Lego set and socks

Brandy Boyington

69 B3 Boy 8 Hotwheels set and pajamas size 10/12

Robin Kleinjans-McKee

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