Downey Cooperative Preschool

Outdoor Work Day 8/17

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up.

The official workday is 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, but some of the jobs can be done from home. 

After you sign up, get in contact with [email protected] about pictures, materials, or any questions.

Thank you! 

Created by:   Downey Co-Op
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Available Slot

Sand Delivery Help (4)

The sandbox needs completely refilled, so our delivery will be close to 3,000 pounds! I need some strapping women and men to help wheelbarrow sand from the delivery truck into the playground box.

All slots filled
Missy Wolfe
Eric & Missy Wolfe
Scott Drake
Marki Jared
Jen Wilkinson

Outdoor Sink Maintenance

Plumbers! The outoor sink needs a new 5-ft line run to it and the drain needs to be cleaned out.

Jason Gray

Build Wooden Storage Shelf

A new outdoor storage shelf needs to be built - similar 4' height and 5' width as the current one, but with no partitions. Can be done at home and delivered.

Sean Ray

Rebuild Rock Wall (2)

On the East edge of the playground is a raised tier of ground that is held in place by a wall of stacked flat stones that has fallen apart some. I need two people to rebuild it!

1 of 2 slots filled
James Ryan

Trim Hedges (2)

Large hedges in the playground need to be shaped and cleared for appearance and to allow safer passage for little ones.

All slots filled
Jackie Palmer
Missy Wolfe
Eric & Missy Wolfe

Weeding and Doorway Cleanup (10)

On the day, we will assign zones for weeding throughout the garden. This job will also include cleaning up the ground directly outside of classroom doorways (weed, sweep, clean mats, etc.)

All slots filled
Missy Wolfe
Eric & Missy Wolfe
Meryl Stuckey
Jimmy Ryan
Robin Cain
Robin Cain & Tiffany Dow
Niki Trolson
Eric or Sharayah Tornquist
Courtney McCorkle
Carolyn Baughman
Anna Droste-Glowinski
Nakis Toure

Boot Rack Maintenance

Dispose of leftover rubber boots and repair all 3 boot racks and place one outside of each door.

Bridget Sano

Plastic Outdoor Storage Cabinets

Dispose of current toy bin and replace with 1-2 plastic outdoor storage cabinets. Need someone who can find a good deal on these, they can get expensive.

Sonney Kayla Wiley
How big do they need to be?

Move Music Toys

Various music toys are attached to the East fence near the South end of the playground. These need to be moved to near the center of the playground, near the playhouses. If you have some extra music toys that can stand some weather, throw those up there!

Nicki Grider

Replace Plastic Playhouse (2)

Move plastic playhouse to curb, then move pallet structure at south end of playground to replace it. Use an extra pallet to add a flat roof.

All slots filled
Alycia Iaria (2)
Nick Iaria

Pallet Playhouse Maintenance (2)

The center pallet playhouse needs to be repaired. Remove and replace rotten boards (or replace roof if this is easier), fix any loose attachments, and possibly add donated shingles for weatherproofing.

All slots filled
Allison Green
Connor Green

Trim Tree Branches

Trim any low-hanging branches that are encroaching on the playground equipment. Perfect for someone with an arbor saw or saw extension.

Carlie Salisbury

Inspect and Repair Playground Equipment (2)

General inspection for safety. Look over play equipment for loose boards, protruding nails and screws, or other safety hazards.

All slots filled
NIcholas Hunot
Jim Kincaid

Metal Storage Tubs

Two donated wash tubs need to be cleaned, sanded, and clear-coated for outdoor use. If possible, remove drain pipes from center-bottom.

Brelyn Flannelly
I don’t do too well exerting myself outside due to health reasons, but this seems like something I do inside.

Lemonade Stand Repair

Wooden play lemonade stand needs wooden feet replaced, and the whole thing needs sanded and re-painted.

Jena Steele

Clean Windows (2)

Classroom windows need to be cleaned inside and out.

All slots filled
Dziyana May
Katie Drake

Tee Pee Maintenance

The kids like to climp the tee pee, so some attachments that were made with staples or finishing nails need to be reinforced with outdoor wood nails or screws.

George Jarrett
George will be representing the Jarrett family. I have to work that day. Mandy

Move Dress-Up Board - Frogs Room

In the kitchen area of the classroom, there is a board attached to the loft that is used for hanging costumes. This needs to be removed and attached to the wall on the other side of the loft.

Jeff Brooks-Gillies

Toy Sink and Stove Maintenance - Frogs Room

The board on the back of the toy stove needs reattached. The toy sink needs a new backing board that is similar to the one on the stove.

James Poisel

Toy Blocks

A small container of wooden blocks was donated, but the prints are a little dated. We need someone to sand off the prints and refinish all of the blocks.

Marika & Leland Baptist

Child Watch (3)

Keep an eye on kiddos in Century Hall as families complete their tasks.

All slots filled
Ashley Towfighi (2)
Sherri Beshears-mcneely
I will need to leave around 11:30 but can watch kiddos until then

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