MakerSpace MarketPlace - Spring 2019

MakerSpace MarketPlace - Spring 2019

Hello!  We will have our 2nd MakerSpace MarketPlace on June 18th, in conjunction with PBL Showcase Night! 

  • K-2nd graders are making class projects during their MakerSpace time to sell on MakerSpace MarketPlace night. 
  • 3rd-5th graders are making individual or small group projects/items to sell. 
  • If your K-2nd grader would ALSO like to make a project/items to sell, this is permitted.  This project would need to be parent supervised.  


  • If your student plans to make something to sell at the event, please sign up here! 
  • Back again, by popular demand, is the Bake Sale!  You can sign up to donate or make Baked Goods to sell at this event here! 

All proceeds from the bake sale and MakerSpace Projects will go to charities aligned with their grade level PBL focus.  

If you have any questions, please contact:  Kristi Barnes ([email protected])

Date: 06/18/2019 (Tue.)

Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm PDT


Created by:   Kristi Barnes
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Available Slot

1 Dozen Cookies (6)

5 of 6 slots filled
Ali Keller
probably chocolate chip
Leslie Jaynes
Not sure what kind but I’ll bring some for sure!
Amy Royalty
Chocolate chip cookies
Charlotte Cashill
Not sure which kind yet!
Tiffany Robinson
Oatmeal raisin& Craisin (no nuts)

1 Dozen Cupcakes (6)

4 of 6 slots filled
Jody Stewart
Jonah says he's working the bake sale? So he's making brownies
Reem Santrisi (2)
Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes!
Sandra Nanney
Baby Cakes from Cupcake Royale

1 Dozen Rice Krispie Treats (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Shalini Nilakantan
Rice Krispies
Meg Kelly

1 Dozen Donuts (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Kristi Barnes (2)
Top Pot!

1 Dozen Popcorn Bags (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Rick North (2)
May do some bags truffle popcorn

1 Dozen Baked Goods or Treats (6)

5 of 6 slots filled
Christa Winquist
It is Graham’s dream to help with the bake sale and bring awesome treats he has learned to bake. Thank you!
Marna Metcalf
Audrey Metcalf
Victoria Nunes (2)
We will bring chocolate chip cookies!
Jody Stewart
Corbin made Jello Jigglers

MakerSpace Participant - SignUp Here!

Please enter your student's name, contact email, grade, teacher and project.

67 slots filled - more available
Kristi Barnes
Olivia Barnes, Grade 3, Belcher (Bags and other Crafts)
Kristin Teske
Sam will be available to help with set up and running tables.
Pia Silverlieb
Laila / 2nd grade - Dudley / scarves, coasters and other
Mayan Meuter
Mayan, Hazel, Aviva, Piera, Max, Eva - Colando 4th selling Squishies, bracelets and soap
Christa Winquist (2)
Araya Winquist and friends Hunter Winquist and friends. Two total booths/spaces, thank you! One is photography and one is art for sale.
Shalini Nilakantan
Jewelry and bags. Manisha Nilakantan Emme Osolin and Mackenzie Cashill
Shalini Nilakantan
Anjali Nilakantan. Earrings
Jana David (2)
Maddie David and Flora Bertrand - slime
Deonn Hunt (2)
Clara Hunt and Misia Pearson will be selling rainbow pride bracelets.
Jodie Scott (3)
Lilly Scott, Kate Nanney, Tatum Verhasselt - Squishies
Matilda Essmeier
T-Shirts with original designs; Colando 4th
Joel Jacobs (8)
Jaya will be selling Refrigerator Plants
Kate Ramsey
Phoebe Smallman (2nd grade) will be selling flower hair accessories
Charlie Bear
scented hot glue figures
Nicole Potter-Roy
Ellery & Kylie - 1st Grade - Mrs Knapp, hair accessories
Joelle Averbuch (2)
Asher and Henry, Dudley 2nd, eraser slime
Seth Essmeier
Not Certain, but it should be interesting. Green, 2nd
Olivia Miceli
T-shirts and Mason jar mugs
Bowie Thorner Moe (15)
Bowie skull & crossbone stuffies
Isabella Gladun
pipe cleaner art, Belcher
Marna Metcalf
Audrey Metcalf/Tatum Randall/Marin Gant - bath bombs
Marna Metcalf
Reid Metcalf- bookmarks
Katti Neshat
Nina, Oskar, Finn, Lucia will be selling coffee and displaying ads for their Viking call coffee and selling their props
Jennifer Lovin (3)
Jack, 4th, Romie, 3rd and Eloise, 1st
Ali Keller
Charlotte Keller (3rd grade), with Piper and Quinn too; candles, wood signs, magnets
Laura Jackson
Quinn - 3rd grade, misc creations
Pauline Garstang (2)
Lewis Nettleton - Cat Toys, Anna Nettleton - Lip Gloss
Mark Stewart
Corbin Stewart and Owen Reich - clay pots and wooden stands. Liner 3rd
Amy Royalty (4)
Anna, Ravenna, Annabel, and Rachel - 3rd/4th grade - Liner (craft kits, loom bands and lava lamps)
Merrick Berger
Selling purses and other cool stuff with Olivia Barnes
Delaney Berger
Selling artistic mugs/jars and pencils with Isabel Lehmann
Laura Olson
Jemma Hodgson - purses
Christina Thibault
Lena Thibault with Emmy Stewart, Sophia Marion, & Frannie Saxton, Liner/grades 3 & 4, notebooks, painted boxes, coasters
Tiffany Robinson
Audrey (&Sarah’s) Awesome Loomband Jewerly

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