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Calvary Church

My Joyful Heart Christmas Giving Tree

My Joyful Heart is a non-for-profit with a goal to share the love of Christ with Chicagoland's children in need. We serve approximately 1100 financially disadvantaged children through 5 different “gift events” where our goal is to supply the children with some basic necessities that we know are not a priority in their households.  Some of these items include shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, winter coats, hats, scarves, gloves, underwear and undergarments, socks and non-perishable food items. During some of our events we are able to include clothing, games, books, and special items that we know the kids are in need of (pillows, blankets, bedding for example). During Christmas, the goal is to get them new items and a fun or special toy or age-appropriate gift. We are thankful for your help and welcome local volunteers.  For more info, www.myjoyfulheart.org (or [email protected]).

Thank you for your kindness and generosity in participating in My Joyful Heart's Giving Tree Program.  These are only suggestions for each child taken from the child's enrollment forms. All sizes are children sizes unless indicated as adult.

If buying a toy that needs batteries please include them with gift.

All children could use pajamas or sweat outfits and toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo & bodywash are welcomed added items.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not include any shooting toys or games or violent movies. Also no Santa, vampire, supernatural, Goosebumps or Harry Potter or Monster High dolls.


Happy shopping and thank you all so very much for caring about these children. Please "choose" a childs Christmas tag by reviewing the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. 

P.S. - If you will be shopping online through Amazon, please choose smile.amazon.com and elect My Joyful Heart as your charity of choice.


Created by:   My Joyful Heart
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Available Slot

001.OL1 - RAWAN, age 12, female

Hoodie and Jeans (XL), Pac-man Board Game, Makeup/Perfume (fav color is orange)

Ronald Spengler

002.OL2 - OMAR, age 13, male

Hoodie & Sweatpants (size XL/16), Basketball Shorts, Axe Body Spray, (fav color blue)

Lisa Schnyders

003.OL3 - RIZAN, age 14, female

Sweater & Jeans (size XL/14), Ankle Boots (size 6), Game of Life (fav color red/grey/black)

Lynn Emme

004.OL4 - PRIMO, age 10, male

Sweatpants/Sweatshirts (size XXL/18), Godzilla toys, Guess Who game (fav color blue or green)

Ron Citlau

005.OL5 - DANTE, age 9, male

Outfit (size 10), WWE (Wrestling) Toys, Connect Four game (fav color red/blue)

Kathy Borello

006.OL6 - ARACELI, age 14, female

Outfit (Juniors small/5), Makeup/Hair Products, gym bag (fav color Red)

Sharon Kamphuis

007.OL7 - ARIEL, age 15, female

Outfit (Shirt Adult Small, Bottoms Juniors Size 7), Converse Shoes (size 8.5), Hoodie (Adult Small), favorite color purple

Mary Vanden Bosch

008.OL8 - ARIANNA, age 12, female

Outfit (Adult sizes XL), Snoopy Plush, Squishies (squeeze toys) (fav color pink/green)

Deb Lindemulder

009.OL9 - JOSIAH, age 5, male

Outfit (size 7/8), Spiderman Costume, shoes (size youth 13.5) (fav color blue)

Precious Anderson
Josiah, God loves you!

010.OL10 - JUSTICE, age 13, male

Outfit (size XL/14-16), LED Lights (check Amazon), Shoes size 5.5 (fav color green)

Katie Zobrist

011.OL11 - JEREMIYAH, age 6, male

Outfit (size Medium/8), Shoes (size 1), kids tumbling mat (favorite color red)

Kim Aardema

012.OL12 - JOSHUA, age 15, male

Thermals & Hoodie (size Adult Medium), shoes (size 9.5), Work out weights, (fav color blue)

Ron Citlau

013.OL13 - ELLA, age 14, femail

Sweatshirt/plain shirts (Juniors S), Grey Curtains, Picture Frames (fav color blue)

Anna-Maria Adair

014.OL14 - AIDEN, age 11, male

Sweatpants/plain shirts (size Youth XL), Jeans, baseball/bat (favorite color blue)

Mary Mikel

015.OL15 - ALEXIS, age 7, female

Sweatshirt and leggings (size Youth 8), Craft or Science kit, Phonics Bingo game (favorite color light blue)

Hannah Middel

016.OL16 - ALJAY, age 11, grade 6, husky build

Youth XL outfit/pj's, basketball, Science Kit (fav color yellow)

Olivia Reynhout

017.OL17 - JAYLA, age 13, grade 8

Outfit/PJs (size youth XXL/18-20), Volleyball, Yoga Mat (favorite color blue)

Linda Heyse-Highland

018.OL18 - MEHKI, age 14, male

Sweatpants & Sweatshirt (size Adult M), Winter Boots (size Adult 10), Art Supply kit (fav color "Lakers" purple)

Kathy Borello

019.OL19 - ARIANA, age 7, female

Sweater (size Youth 10/12) & Jeans (size Youth 8), Surprise mini brands by Zuru, New paint supplies/markers

Adriana Boerema

020.OL20 - NAYELI, age 16, grade 11

Black Leggings (size Junior M)/ White Sweatshirt (size Junior M), Insulated Waterbottle, Prisma colored pencils (fav color red)

Pam Reuther

021.OL21 - Sofia, age 11, grade 6

Shorts/Sweatshirts (size Youth 10/12), gym shoes (size womens 7), Slime (fav color grey)

Ron Citlau

022.OL22 - BRIANNA, age 11, grade 6 (tall build)

Sweatshirt/Leggings (Adult size XL), Star Galaxy Light Projector (see Amazon), shoes (adult size 9.5)

Stephanie Healy

023.OL23 - ABBY, age 14, female

Black Leggings (Juniors Medium) & Sweatshirt (Adult Small), Insulated Water Bottle, Twin sheets (light color) (fav color red)

Anna-Maria Adair

024.OL24 - AHMED, age 10, male

Outfit (size youth 10/12), shoes (size 8.5), Spy Alley board game (fav color blue)

Judith Mueller

025.OL25 - RYAN, age 8, male

Outfit (youth size 8), Shoes (size 5), Double Shutter math game (fav color blue or red)

Ron Citlau

026.OL26 - SHEHAB, age 14, male

Pants & Shirts (youth size 14/16), shoes (adult size 9.5), Naruto Anime Action Figure (fav color black)

Jessica Borkowsky

027.OL27 - AUSTIN, age 5, male (slim and short build)

Clothes (size youth 5), Winter boots (size 11.5), Sled or t-ball set (fav color blue)

Jamie Bennett

028.OL28 - ALFONSO, age 14, male

Adidas track suit/outfit (adult size S), Soccer Ball, Anything to do with WWII (fav color black)

Muriel Cunningham

029.OL29 - MARINA, age 10, female

Outfit (size youth 10/12), twin sheet set, Jewelry Making Kit (fav color purple)

Stephanie Healy

030.OL30 - CHARVELLE, age 13, female (husky build)

Clothes (size Juniors Large), Winter boots (womens size 7.5), Painting/Art set (fav color blue)

Linda Kleykamp

031.OL31 - MAKAYLA, age 16, female

Sweatshirt/Leggings (size adult 2XL), Bras with padding & underwire (size 44C), Slip on slide sandals (size 10.5) (fav color black or red)

Brette Sweeney

032.OL32 - GIOVANNI, age 5, male

Shirt/Pants (size 6/7), Shoes (size youth 13.5), Spiderman Miles Morales costume (fav color black and blue)

Heather Noort

033.OL33 - NYLANIE, age 14, female

Pants (size Juniors 2)/Shirts (size Small), TI83 graphing calculator, Bedroom decorations (fav color blue)

Carol Hart

034.OL34 - ALEXANDER, age 13, male

Pants/Joggers, Shirts/Sweaters (size youth 14/16), shoes (size 8.5 mens) (fav color green or blue, fav sport soccer)

Jessica Borkowsky
Jessy Borkowsky

035.OL35 - ARANZA, age 6, female

Leggings/Sweaters (size youth 6/7), Boots/gym shoes (size youth 12.5), Princess toy/game (fav color pink)

sandra miltzow

036.OL36 - FELIPE, age 16, male

Shirts/Joggers (size adult small), gym shoes (adult size 9.5), basketball (fav color blue)

Linda Heyse-Highland

037.OL37 - ISRAEL, age 10, male

Outfit (youth size 10/12), Shoes (size big kid 7), Soccer ball(fav color blue)

Lori Voss
Merry Christmas, Israel!

038.OL38 - VALENTE, age 13, male

Sweatshirt/Joggers (size adult large pants34x32), shoes (size adult 11), Cross Rope Jump Rope (fav color red/black)

Jeries Qtami

039.OL39 - NOAH, age 8, male

Outfit (youth size 10/12), shoes (size 3.5), Paper Airplane Kit (fav color red)

Olivia Reynhout

040.OL40 - JOLIE, age 11, female

Clothes (size Youth 18/20), shoes (size 6 women), kinetic sand (fav color purple)

Sandy Mars

041.OL41 - MEHKILA, grade 4

Under Armour Hoodie (size youth 12), Winter boots (size 4), Onesie pajamas (youth size 12) (fav color blue/white)

Claudia Looyenga

042.OL42 - MEHLIYAH, age 6, female

Winter Thermals (size youth 10/12), Winter boots (size youth 3), Kids Cooking Set/Kitchen (fav color blue/purple/green)

Lori Voss
Merry Christmas, Mehliyah!

043.OL43 - ELENA, age 12, female

Clothes (Junior size large), Winter boots (size 6.5), Hair/Nail/Makeup products/accessories (fav product purple)

Seana Ozinga

044.OL44 - JACOB, age 10, male

Shirts/Jeans (size youth 12), Winter Boots (size 6.5), Throw Throw Burrito game

Mary Vanden Bosch

045.OL45 - JENNA, age 7, female (husky and tall build)

Leggings/Sweater (youth size 10), dress shoes (size 5.5), Art kit (fav color purple)

Claudia looyenga

046.OL46 - JADEN, age 10, male

Outfit (youth size 14/16), shoes (size 4.5), Beyblade game (favorite color blue)

Deanne Bekermeier

047.OL47 - JULIANNA, age 15, female

Shirts (Juniors size small), Bras (size 34B), Rope Lights for Bedroom

Roberta DeYoung

048.OL48 - JULISSA, age 5, female

Long Sleeve Shirts/Shorts (youth sizes 6), Fall/Winter Boots (youth size 13.5), Baby Doll furniture

Corinne Ufferman

049.OL49 - JAMES, age 6, male

plain t-shirts/shorts (youths size 6/7), pajamas, battleship game (favorite color blue/red)

Corinne Ufferman

050.OL50 - ISAIAH, age 5, male (twin)

pants/t-shirts (youth size 4/5), twin bed sheets, Batman Toys (fav color black)

Corinne Ufferman

051.OL51 - MIA, age 5, female (twin)

Leggings/t-shirts (size youth 7), gym shoes (size 11.5youth), Doll accessories

Corinne Ufferman

052.OL52 - ABIGAIL, age 15, female

Outfit, (adult size M), Knee-hi dress boots (size 9.5), Current country music (favorite color purple)

Deanne Bekermeier

053.OL53 - EMILY, age 14, female

Hoodie & Joggers (adult size XL top, L bottom), Pajamas, Makeup (fav color pink)

Bev Tuitman

054.OL54 - Erika, age 11, female

Pants/Shorts (youth size 14/16), rain boots (women size 5.5), Slime (fav color orange/purple)

Brie Holtrop

055.OL55 PHILLIP, age 16, male (husky and tall build)

Outfit (Adult L/XL shirt and 38x30/31 pants), Hiking Boots (size 11.5), Camping/Magnet Fishing supplies (fav color red)

Phillip God loves you

056.OL56 - CESAR, age 9, Male (slim build)

Outfit (size youth 8), gym shoes (size 2.5), science craft or charades for kids game (fav color blue)

Olivia Reynhout

057.OL57 - Gabriel, age 11, male

Outfit (youth size 10/12, sports items (for multiplayers), gym shoes (size 3.5)

Shanda Voorn

058.OL58 - MARIO, age 10, male (husky and tall build)

Outfit (adult size L shirts, adult size medium pants), 10 lb weighted blanket, Pictionary for Kids (fav color blue/black)

Fallan Rhim-Lavin

059.OL59 - ALEXANDRA, age 16, female (husky build)

Tshirts (adult size Large)/Pants (adult size 8), shoes (size 10), Art/Painting kit (fav color blue)

Kathy Borello

060.OL60 - JOSHUA, age 11, male (husky build)

Shirts (size Adult M)/Shorts (size Adult M), Shoes (size 10), sports equipment (fav color black)

Fallan Rhim-Lavin

061.OL61 - NATHANIEL, age 14, male

Sweater/Joggers (size youth XXL or adult small), Star wars legos (fav color green/black)

Fallan Rhim-Lavin

062.OL62 - ZOEY, age 8, female

Sweater/Jeans (size youth 10/12), Shoes (size big kids 6), lego friends (fav color blue)

Judith Mueller

063.OL63 - ANN, age 4, female

Dress or Pants/Shirt (size 4/5), Shoes baby size (9.5), Original Playfoam Combo (see Amazon) (fav color pink)

Stephanie Healy

064.OL64 - JULIAN, age 10, male

Shirt/Pants (youth size 10/12), Shoes (size 5), Spy Alley board game (fav color blue)

Fallan Rhim-Lavin

065.OL65 - JALEXA, age 8, female (slim build)

Pants/Shirts (youth size 8), shoes (size 1.5), swim gear (one-piece suit/goggles/nose plug) (fav color purple)

Heather Noort

066.OL66 - JANELLE, age 8, female (slim build)

Pants/Shirts (youth size 8), gym shoes (size 1.5), Double Shutter Game (fav color pink)

Lisa Schnyders

067.OL67 - DAQUAN, age 8, male (husky build)

Jogging Outfit (youth size 10/12), shoes (size 2.5), Thinking Putty Puzzle (see amazon) (fav color blue)

Fallan Rhim-Lavin

068.OL68 - DORIAN, age 7, male

Clothes (size youth 8), shoes (size 1), remote control car (fav color blue)

Brie Holtrop

069.OL69 - KANIYA, age 9, female

Clothes (size youth 14), shoes (size 3.5), easy bake oven (fav color purple)

Dianne Nawrot

070.OL70 - KEJUAN, age 7, male

Clothes (size youth 8), shoes (size 1), remote control car (fav color blue)

Debbie Ricchio

071.OL71 - MICHAEL, age 2, pre-k

Clothes (size 3T/4T), Spiderman PJs, Spiderman Toy (fav color green)

Sheri Jager

072.OL72 - ANNALISE, age 4, female

Clothes (size 4/5), shoes (12.5), fun spinning toothbrush (fav color pink), playdoh

Laura Kamp

073.OL73 - EMMA, age 7, female (slim build)

Sweater/Pants (youth size 6/7), shoes (size 11), Squishmallows (fav color pink)

Emma Kamp

074.OL74 - EDUARDO, age 9, male

Sweater/Pants (youth size 8), shoes (size 3), pokemon legos/cards (fav color green)

Shanda Voorn

075.OL75 - SERGIO, age 5, male

Pants/Shirts (youth size 6/7), gym shoes (size 10.5), tee-ball set (fav color green)

Paula Lenderink

076.OL76 - KIMBERLY, age 13, female (slim build)

Hoodie(adult size M), Jeans (juniors size 7), graphing calculator, gym shoes (size 9) (fav color pink)

Heather Noort

077.G01 - James, male, age 14

Sweater (size Adult) Medium/Jeans (size adult S or 26x30), Boots (adult size 10), Football Gloves (size Adult M) and Arm Sleeves

Claurdia Looyenga

078.G02 - NADIA, age 11, female

Outfit (size youth 10/12), shoes or boots (size 3.5), nail polish (fav color blue)

Cheryl Westercamp
Kara Westercamp

079.G03 - AALIYAH, age 8, female (husky build)

Pajamas/Robe (size 13 Juniors)/Slippers, Black School Shoes size 3.5, Rollerskates or anything with unicorns (fav color pink/lilac)

Olga Qureshi
Noor Calvary ~ Qureshi family

080.G04 - KRISTEN, AGE 8, female

Jeans/Sweater size youth 14/16, black school shoes (size 4), LOL Doll (fav color pink)

Michelle Carter

081.G05 - AMAJI, age 10, male

Pants (youth size 12)/Sweater (youth size 10), Undershirts (size medium/10), Superman toy (fav color purple)

Sheri Jager

082.G06 - ANTONIO, age 17, male

Outfit (size ADULT M 32x32 pants), Winter Boots (size mens 9.5), Cologne or Basketball (fav color red)

Brette Sweeney

083.ZS1 - CALEB, age 7, male (tall build)

Pants/Sweaters (youths size 8), Shoes size 2.5, Toy Cars/Action Figures (fab color is blue/orange and fav superhero is batman)

Debbie Ricchio

084.ZS2 - TANIYA, age 7, female (slim build)

Pants and Sweater (youth size 10/12), Bed Sheets (FULL Size bed), LOL or Baby Alive Doll (fav color Red)

Jamie Bennett

085.ZS3 - ALEX, age 7, male (slim build)

Sweatpants/hoodie (youth size 8), winter boots (size 1.5), Wrestling Action Figures (fav color blue)

Lori Kehl

086.ZS4 - MADISON, age 6, female (husky build)

Jeans/Long sleeve shirts (size youth 8), gym shoes (size 1.5), Toy Kitchen Set (fav color pink)

Shanda Voorn

087.ZS5 - ELIZABETH, age 4, female (slim build)

Pretty Dress (size youth 4/5) or clothes, shoes (youth size 5), Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game (fav color yellow)

Sandy Mars

088.ZS6 - ENYLA, age 7, female

Shirts/Pants (youth size 8), winter boots (youths size 3), Baby Alive Eats Food or Goes Potty (fav color red)

Terri Massman

089.ZS7 - ERNEST, age 5, male

Shirts/Pants (youth size 6/7), winter boots (size 12.5 kids), PJ Mask Station (fav color blue)

Rana Haddad

090.ZS9 - MALEAK, age 7, male (slim build)

Comfy outfit (youth sz 8), winter boots (youth size 1.5), Football or Volleyball (fav color blue)

Karen VanderVliet

091.ZS10 - SKYE, age 5, female (short build)

Pants/Sweater (youth size 5), shoes (youth size 12.5), LOL Dolls (fav color pink/purple)

Brooke Miltzow

092.CHG1 - JOEL, age 8, male

Pants and Sweatshirt (youth size 8), Spikes for Soccer (size 4.5) (fav color blue)

Shanda Voorn

093.CHG2 - EZEKIEL, age 7, male (slim build)

Pants/Sweatshirt (youth size 7), shoes size 3.5, racing truck (fav color green)

Jamie Bennett

094.CHG4 - ABEL, age 10, male

sweatpants/sweatshirt (youth size 10/12), gym shoes size 5.5, Marvel Science kit (i.e., Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab) (fav color red)

Tamara Alkhouri
Merry Christmas Abel! Jesus loves you!

095.CHJ1 - HILLARY, age 6, female (slim build)

comfy outfit (youth size 7), winter boots (size 1), barbie car (fav color black/pink)

Patti Dalrymple
Merry Christmas Hillary!

096.CHJ2 - NOAH, boy, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 2.5), Headphones, Soccerball (fav color blue)

Cheryl Westercamp
Derek Westercamp

097.CHJ3 - DEVIN, boy, age 6 (husky build)

Winter boots (sz 13.5), Dice, Minecraft Glowstone Lamp (fav color blue)

Samira Qtami

098.CHJ4 - MIA, girl, age 6

Pink Sweater (sz 7), Kanoodle game (see amazon), the fairy game

Patti Dalrymple
Merry Christmas Mia!

099.CHJ5 - AMARIAH, girl, age 6

Warm Clothes (sz 6/7), gym shoes (sz 13.5), Anything Frozen (fav color pink)

Darlene Long

100.CHJ6 - DreYana, girl, age 7

Winter Boots (sz 1.5), Snowpants (sz 8), Hair Bows/Purse

Rebecca Zylstra

101.CHJ7 - ALAN, boy, age 5 (slim/short build)

Winter Boots (sz 12.5), warm outfit (shirt sz 6, pant sz 7), marble run playset (fav color green)

Sandy Mars

102.CHJ8 - DeNaeja, girl, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 2), Pink Sweater (sz 10/12), LOL Dolls

Chris Stuursma

103.CHJ9 - ELONA, girl, age 6 (slim build)

Winter Boots (sz 12.5), Headphones, Drawing Book & Supplies

Cathy Rafferty

104.CHJ10 - ISAAC, boy, age 7

Winter Boots (sz 3.5), Warm Blanket, Anything Soccer

Sandy Mars

105.CHJ11 - JOAQUIN, boy, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 11.5), Jeans (sz 8), Football or Soccer ball

Chris Stuursma

106.CHJ12 - AZENETH, girl, age 7

Winter Boots (sz 13.5), Snow Pants (sz 10), LOL Dolls (fav color pink)

Bob & Ruth Regnerus

107.CHJ13, DANIELA, girl, age 9 (slim build)

Snow pants (sz 12), LOL Dolls, Journal with drawing supplies

Jamie Bennett

108.CHJ14 - ITZAE, boy, age 6

gym shoes (sz 13.5), playdoh, star wars lego set

Megan Wise
Megan Wise

109.CHJ15 - ERIC, boy, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 1.5), warm blue outfit (sz 6/7), spiderman toy

Patrick Griffin

110.CHJ16 - EMILIO, boy, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 2), Snow pants (sz 8), Science Kit for Kids (fav color green)

Darlene Long

111.CHJ17 - XZAVIER, boy, age 6

Shoes/Boots (sz 10.5), Warm Clothes (sz 6/7), Anything Paw Patrol

Kim Aardema

112.CHJ18 - ELIAN, boy, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 1.5), batman legos, dice/building blocks

Lisa Lautenbach

113.CHJ19 - NICHOLAS, boy, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 13.5), headphones, Minecraft Lego

Rana Haddad

114.CHJ20 - XYLIA, girl, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 2.5), Headphones, Frozen Art/Painting Set (fav color pink or blue)

Tala Bader
Jesus Loves You Xylia

115.CHJ21 - ZION, boy, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 4.5), Headphones, Building Blocks/Legos (fav color red)

Tala Bader
Jesus Loves You Zion

116.CHJ22 - JALIYAH, girl, age 5

Winter Boots (sz 13.5), Snowpants (sz 7), Warm Blanket/Teddy Bear (fav color purple)

Barb Frieling

117.CHJ23 - TARON, boy, age 5

Winter Boots (sz 13.5), Headphones, Building Blocks (fav color green)

Jill Sperling

118.CHJ24 - NATHANIEL, boy, age 10 (husky and short build)

Winter Boots (sz 5.5), Headphones, How to Draw Marvel Comics and Drawing Supplies (fav color blue)

Kate Yep

119.CHJ25 - DARWIN, boy, age 6

Winter Boots (sz 10 youth), Snowpants (sz 7/8), Soccer ball or Football

Suzanne Lenderink
Merry Christmas Darwin

120.CHJ26 - JULIAN, boy, age 6 (slim build)

Winter Boots (sz 3.5), Warm Outfit (sz 6/7), remote control car (fav color green)

Donna Decker

121.CHJ27 - KIMBERLY, girl, age 10 (short build)

Warm clothes (sz youth 14/16), Shoes (sz 5.5), Science Kit (fav color Purple)

Donna Decker

122.CHJ28 - RAQUEL, girl, age 6 (slim build)

Winter Boots (sz 11.5 youth), Snowpants (sz 6/7), Shopkins (fav color pink)

Lisa Lautenbach

123.CHJ29 - ERIKA, girl, age 8

Winter Boots (sz 1.5), Headphones, Robe (sz 10)/Slippers (sz 1/2) (fav color blue)

Seana Ozinga

124CHJ30 - YURITZI, girl, age 8

Shoes & Slippers (sz 1.5), Warm Clothes (sz 8), Soft Blanket (fav color pink)

sandra miltzow

125.CHJ31 - LEA, girl, age 6

Snowpants (sz 7), Winter Boots (size 12.5), Pink Sweater (sz 8)

Donna Decker

126.CHJ32 - JAZLENE, girl, age 6

Shoes/Boots (sz 1.5), Sweaters (sz 7), Bracelet making kit (fav color pink)

Chris Stuursma

127.CHJ33 - LISETTE, girl, age 6

Shoes/Boots (sz 2.5), Sweaters (sz 8), Art Set (fav color purple)

Ruth Sinnott
Merry Christmas Lisette!

128.CHW1 - XAVIAN, boy, age 7 (husky build)

Jogging Pants/Pants (sz 16/18), Shoes (sz 4.5), Monster Jam Truck (fav color red or black)

Brett Davis

129.CHW2 - HENRY, boy, age 9 (slim build)

Warm Clothes (sz 10/12), shoes (sz 3), I CAN DO THAT HERO TRAINING (superhero game)

Brett Davis

130.CHW3 - ISAIAH, boy, age 9 (slim build)

Warm clothes (sz 10/12), Shoes (sz 5), Throw Throw Burrito Game(fav color blue)

Matthew Meyrick

131.CHW4 - MALACHI, boy, age 7

Pajamas (sz 14/16), shoes (sz 3), Trouble Game (fav color red and blue)

Diane Bandza

132.CHW5 - GERARDO, boy, age 10 (slim build)

Shoes (sz 1), Warm clothes (sz 10/12), Volleyball Spike Game set (see amazon) (fav color red)

Mary Van Dahm

133.CHW6 - ANAYA, girl, age 10

Shoes (sz 4), Warm Clothes (sz 10), Mini Brands Toys (fav color purple)

Kim Billings

134.CHW7 - ALEJANDRO, boy, age 10

Winter Clothes (sz 10/12), Shoes (sz 5.5), Volleyball Spike Game (see amazon) or Wrestlers (fav color green)

Mary Van Dahm

135.CHW8 - ELIJAH, boy, age 10

Jeans / Shirts (sz 10/12), Shoes (sz 6.5), Sketch Book & Gel Pens (fav color green or blue)

Lynn Emme

136.CHW9 - MALIK, boy, age 10

Winter Boots (sz 3), Pants/T-shirts (sz 10/12), Toy Airplane

Lynn Emme

137.CHW10 - LANAEA, girl, age 6

Pajamas (sz 6/7), Pants (sz 6/7), Play Food (fav color pink and purple)

sandra miltzow

138.CHW11 - LANISHA, girl, age 9 (husky build)

Bras (sz 14 youth), Pajamas (sz 14/16), Poopsie Slime Surprise (fav color red or black)

Kayla Bekermeier

139.CHW12 - LANYA, girl, age 8 (slim build)

Pajamas (sz 7 shirt, 8 pants), Pants (sz 8), Slime Making Kit (fav color pink or red)

Alexis Hull

140.CHW13 - DARNELL, boy, age 8 (husky build)

Hoodie/Joggers (sz 18/20), Flipside Game (see amazon), Basketball

Gina Boomsma

141.CHW14 - DANIELLE, girl, age 10 (husky build)

Shirts/Pants (Adult sz L), Desk Lamp (fav color blue/pink)

Carol Porter

142.CHW15 - MALEAH, girl, age 9 (husky/tall build)

Warm Clothes (sz Adult XL), Undershirts/Cami (sz 9/XL), Easy Bake Oven (fav color pink, red)

Carol Porter

143.CHW16 - GUADALUPE, girl, age 10 (husky build)

Clothes (sz youth 18/20), Shoes (sz 6.5), Bras (36A), Anything Unicorn (fav color purple and red)

Kim Billings

144.CHW17 - DERAMYA, girl, age 8 (tall build)

T-shirts (sz 10/12), Shoes (sz 6), newborn baby doll of color

Pam Reuther

145.CHW18 - GABINO, boy, age 6

Clothes (sz 6/7), Shoes (sz 13), Obuby Kids Light Up Drawing Board (see Amazon)

Abby Mars

146.CHW19 - REY, boy, age 7 (husky build)

Blue Outfit (top sz 12 bottom sz 14), Shoes (sz 3.5), Soccer Ball

Jeanie Sikkenga

147.CHW20 - DEBORAH, girl, age 8 (husky and tall build)

Winter Boots (sz 7.5), Jogging Clothes (top sz 18, bottoms, sz 16 youth), Robe (youth sz 18/20) (fav color purple and pink)

Kim Billings

148.CHW21 - LIZBETH, girls, age 11 (husky build)

Shoes (sz 5.5), Bra (34B), Pants (Juniors sz 1), Squishees (fav color pink)

Brooke Miltzow

149.CHW22 - YAMILETH, girls, age 8 (husky build)

Shoes (sz 13.5 youth), Pants/Blouses (sz 8 youth), Anything Frozen (fab color pink)

Jeanie Sikkenga

150.CHW23 - KENYA, girl, age 10 (slim build)

Clothes (sz 8), Shoes (sz 2.5), Doll of color (fav color purple)

Jeanie Sikkenga

151.CHW24 - KEYLA, girl, age 10

Clothes (sz 8), Shoes (sz 2), Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone (see amazon) (fav color pink)

Marcela Ibraheem

152.CHW25 - ELIZABETH, girls, age 8

Clothes (sz 10/12), Shoes (sz 3.5), Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone (see amazon)

Nancy Leffring

153.HB01 - MICHAEL, boy, age 6

Warm Clothes (sz 8), Winter Boots (sz 2.5), Ninja Turtle Toys (fav color green)

Ethan Koeneman
Merry Christmas, Michael!

154.HB02 - EMILY, girls, age 7 (tall build)

Gym shoes/boots (sz 1.5), Comforter (Full size), OMG Dolls (fav color purple)

Emerson Griffin

155.HB03 - DAMONTE, boy, age 8

Warm Clothes (sz 10/12), Socks(shoes size 2), Spiderman vs. The Green Goblin Board Game (fav color blue)

Bernadette Weber

156.HB04 - DANAYSIA, girl, age 10

Winter Boots (sz 4)/Heavy Socks, Blue Sweater (sz 16), Painting Set

Darlene Long

157.HB05 - AMARI, boy, age 8 (husky build)

Shoes (sz 4), Queen size bedding, Volleyball Spike Game (see amazon) fav color Red

Mary Van Dahm

158.HB06 - AMAZIAH, boy, age 5

Shoes (sz 12), Warm clothes (sz 8 top, 12/12 bottom), Avengers toys (fav color blue)

Colin & Hannah Middel

159.HB07 - AMIR, boy, age 8 (husky build)

Shoes (sz 2.5), Warm clothes (sz 14/16), remote control car set (fav color blue)

Sean Griffin

160.HB08 - ANTWON, boy, age 9 (husky build)

Shoes (sz 6.5), Warm Clothes (sz Adult Large), Boggle or Scrabble Game

Natalie Slavin
Natalie Slavin

161.HB09 - ASHER, boy, age 6

Shoes (sz 3.5), Warm Clothes (sz 18/20), Remote Control Train (fav color green)

S Harm

162.HB10 - ZHAIDEN, boy, age 9 (husky and short build)

T-shirts (sz 14/16) & Joggers, Gym Shoes (sz 6), Spiderman Costume (sz XL/XXL) (fav color red)

Sheri Jager

163.HB11 - DEZIYAH girl, age 8 (husky build)

Shoes (sz 4.5), Tshirts & Hoodie (sz 12), LOL Doll (fav color blue)

Natalie Slavin
Natalie Slavin

164.HB12 - JAMYLAH, girl, age 7 (slim build)

Shoes (sz 2.5), T-shirts & Hoodie (sz 7), My Life Baby & Clothes (fav color purple)


165.HB13 - ZANYLAH, girls, age 7 (slim build)

Shoes (sz 3.5), T-shirts & Hoodie (sz 7), My Life Baby & Clothes (fav color pink)


166.HB14 - JAMARIUS, boy, age 6 (slim build)

Warm Clothes (sz 7), Spiderman Bedding (full size), Spiderman toy (fav color green)


167.HB15 - AZERRIA, girl, age 6 (slim build)

Winter Boots (sz 11.5), Warm Clothes (sz 5 top, 6/7 bottom), doll house (fav color pink)

Jill Sperling

168.HB16 - GIOVANI, boy, age 9 (tall build)

Sweater (sz 10/12), Warm Clothes, Football/football gloves

Barb Frieling

169.HB17 - PERLA, girl, age 9 (husky build)

Warm Clothes (sz Adult M), Hoodie, Sequence game

Tom Boomsma

170.HB18 - ARIELLE, girl, age 9

Shoes (sz 8.5), Clothes (sz 14), Sports Bra (small), sequence game

Paula Lenderink

171.HB19 - LIZBETH, girl, age 10 (husky and tall build)

Tshirts/Leggings (sz 14/16), Hoodie, Art Supplies (fav color pink)

Rachel Mars

172.HB20 - LUIS, boy, age 6

T-shirts/Pants (sz 8), Shoes (sz 2.5), Art Supplies with Markers & Crayons (fav color red or blue)

Will Buis

173.HB21 - JAMARKUZ, boy, age 7 (slim build)

Hulk Bedding (sz Full), Warm Clothes (sz 6/7), Spiderman Car (fav color red)


174.HB22 - MATTHIEU, boy, age 8

Twin Sheet Set, Undershirts/Pants (sz 10/12), Legos (fav color black)

Bob & Ruth Regnerus

175.HB23 - CAMRON, boy, age 9 (slim build)

Warm Clothes (sz 10/12), Socks (shoes size 2), Remote Control Car (fav color blue)

Linda Danilewicz

176.HB24 - HEAVEN, girl, age 10

Warm Clothes (sz 10/12), shoes (sz 3.5), Volleyball Spike Game (see amazon)(fav color pink)

Jenny Griffin

177.HB25 - NEAVEH, girl, age 10

Warm clothes (size 10/12), shoes (sz 3.5), Art Supply Kit (fav color pink)

Joyce Morris

178.HGB01 - SHANIYAH, girls, age 11 (fav color blue)

Warm Clothes (sz 14/16), Shoes (sz 5.5), Star Projector Night Light (see Amazon)


179.HGB2 - STEPHANIE, girl, age 11 (tall build, fav color teal)

Clothes (Juniors Small), Winter Boots (sz 7.5) Gel Manicure Kit


180.HGB3 - ASHLEE, girl, age 11 (Husky build, fav color purple)

Warm Clothes (sz Junior Medium), Pajamas, Girls Basketball 28.5"


181.HGB4 - JESIAH, girl, age 13 (husky and tall build, fav color blue or pink)

Bras (sz 36C), Hoodie/Leggings (sz 1-2XL adult),Rose Gold Desk Accessories


182.HGB5 - BRIANNA, girl, age 11 (husky build, fav color gold)

Winter Boots (sz 11 adult), Hoodie (sz Adult XL), Star Projector Night Light (see amazon)

Joe & Joanie Arrigoni

183.HGB6 - DAVIONTAY, boy, age 11 (husky and short build, fav color blue)

Clothes (youth sz 10/12), Shoes/Boots (sz 7.5), Sorry Game

Anna Boomsma

184.HGB7 - JACKELYN, girl, age 11 (husky build, fav color pink)

Warm Clothes (youth sz 14/16), gym shoes/socks (shoe sz 9), SkipBo game

Kate Yep

185.HGB8 - EMMANUEL, boy, age 11

Warm clothes (sz 14/16), Shoes (sz 4.5), Science Kit


186.HGB9 - TANNIYIA, girl, age 11 (slim/tall build, fav color pink and blue)

Hoodie & Leggings (sz 10/12), shoes (sz 8), Twin Sheet Set

Linda Bonnema

187.HGB10 - RAIJON, boy, age 11 (fav color blue)

Tshirts/Joggers (sz 14/16), Full Size Bedding, Bey Blade Game

Brooke Miltzow

188.HGB11 - RLEESHA, girl, age 13 (fav color purple)

Shoes (sz 9), Clothes size 18/20, Cotton Candy or Candy making machine


189.HGB12 - NEVAEH, girl, age 12 (tall build, fav color black)

Full Size Comforter, Clothes (sz Adult Large), Nail Kit Designs


190.HGB13 - HEAVEN, girl, age 12 (fav color pink)

Shoes (sz 7.5), Track Bag, Lotions/Body Sprays


191.HGB14 - AALIYAH, girl, age 13 (slim build, fav color pink)

Clothes/Pajamas (sz Juniors Small), Arts & Crafts Kit, Glue Gun


192HGB15 - CARLOS, boy, age 12 (slim build, fav color blue or red)

Hoodie & Joggers (sz 12), socks (shoe sz 6), Volleyball Spike Game (see Amazon)

Mary Van Dahm

193.HH1 - DANIEL, boy, age 9 (slim and tall build, fav color blue)

Warm Clothes (sz 10/12), Shoes (sz 3), Gravity Maze Game (see amazon), basketball trading cards


194.HH2 - VALERIE, girl age 8 (fav color pink)

Warm Clothes (sz 8), Boots (sz 4), Rainbow scratch paper (see amazon), Any type of Artsy Kit

Abby Mars

195.HH3 - ZERNAE, girls, age 9 (husky build, fav color purple)

Warm Casual Outfit (sz 14/16), Hair accessories (bows/rubber bands), Star Projector Light (see amazon)


196.HH4 - DIEGO, boy, age 7 (fav color green)

Clothes (sz 14/16), Socks (shoes size 5), Batman Toys

Rachel Mars

197.HH5 - LORENZO, boy, age 5 (husky build, fav color green)

Clothes (sz 8 top, 7 bottoms), Church Shoes (sz13.5 wide), Pack of youth sports balls, drone


198.HH6 - ROSE, girl, age 10 (fav color blue)

Coat (sz 18/20), Clothes (sz 14/16), church shoes (sz 3.5), Hatchimals


199.HH7 - KATHERINE, girl, age 9 (slim build, fav color purple)

Shoes (sz 2.5), Sweater/Leggings (sz 10/12), Drawing Supplies/Sketch Pad

Nancy Buis

200.HH8 - CARLOS, boy, age 8 (short buid, fav color red)

Winter Boots (sz 3.5), Pajamas/Slippers (sz 8), Board Game or Remote Control Car

Laura Kamp

201.HH9 - AZARIA, girl, age 5 (fav color pink)

Clothes (sz 6/7), Shoes (sz 12.5), LOL Dolls

Tara Damhoff
Tara Damhoff

202.HH10 - Maria, girl, age 9 (fav color pink)

Winter Clothes (sz 14/16), Boots (sz 5.5), Art Supply Kit (or Painting Supplies/Canvas)

Linda Danilewicz

203.HH11 - AMANDA, girl, age 9 (fav color purple)

Clothes (sz 10/12), Shoes (sz 4.5), Sequence for Kids game

Larry Moran

204.HH12 - KHALED, boy, age 5 (fav color red)

Clothes (sz 6/7), Queen Bed Sheets, Little Kid pack of Sports Balls


205.HH13 - JULIAN, boy, age 10 (fav color blue)

Hoodie & Joggers (sz 10/12), shoes (sz 6), Flipside Game (see amazon)


206.HH14 - JAZMIN, girl, age 9 (fav color pink)

Hoodie & Pants (sz 14/16), Boots (sz 5), Doll of Color or Sequence game


207.HH15 - ALEXANDRA, girl, age 8 (slim build, fav color pink)

Shoes (sz 2.5), Sweater & Pants (sz 8), Doll of Color or Drawing Kit/Supplies

Tara Damhoff
Tara Damhoff

208.HH16 - DIONNELL, boy, age 8 (husky build, fav color green)

Clothes (sz 10/12), Shoes (sz 3.5), Wrestling ring/figures


209.HMA21 - KYLA, girl, age 8 (fav color pink)

Sweater (sz 8) & Pants (sz 12/14), Boots & Socks (sz 3.5y), Jewelry Making Kit or Dolls

Sharon Tiggelaar

210.HH17 - MIRACLE, girl, age 5 (fav color purple)

Clothes (sz 4/5), Shoes (sz 11.5), LOL Dolls

Ashley Nappo

211.HH18 - GELANI, boy, age 7 (fav color red)

Clothes (sz 8), shoes (sz 2.5), Imaginext toy

John Tiggelaar

212.HH19 - FELIX, boy, age 8 (husky build, fav color orange)

Tshirts/Sweathshirt (sz Adult Medium), Shoes (sz 8.5 MENS), Origami Crafts/Kit

Sharon Tiggelaar

213.HH20 - MELVIN, boy, age 8 (fav color green)

Winter Boots (sz 1.5), Comfy outfit (sz 10 top, 8 bottom), Any type of ball

Nannette Pachol

214.HH21 - JOSE, boy, age 9 (husky build, fav color blue)

Pants (sz 14/16), Sweatshirt, Legos

Bernadette Weber

215.HH22 - SEBASTIAN, boy, age 7 (husky build, fav color blue)

Pants (sz 14/16), Hoodie (sz 14/16), Legos, Card Games

Donna & Al Bolhuis

216.HH23 - YARELIS, girl, age 7 (fav color pink)

Clothes (sz 5 top, 6/7 bottoms, Shoes (sz 1.5), Princess Eye Found It Game

Larry Moran

217.HH24 - CHRIS, boy, age 8 (fav color blue)

Pants (sz 8), Pajamas/Slippers (sz13 shoe), Sorry Game

Donna & Al Bolhuis

218.HH25 - JACE, boy, age 6 (fav color blue)

Pants/Undershirts (sz 8), Socks (shoe size 13), Monster Trucks

Ashley Nappo

219.HH26 - MARQUIS, boy, age 10 (husky build, fav color blue)

Clothes (sz 14/16), Shoes (sz 9.5W Adult), Basketball (sz 28.5) or anything sports related

Nannette Pachol

220.HH27 - HECTOR, boy, age 7 (slim build, fav color blue/green)

Bed Sheet Set (Full sz), Headphones with Mic, Shoes/Socks (sz 13.5 youth)


221.HMA1 - JAMIE, girl, age 10 (tall build, fav color blue)

Clothes (sz 14/16), The Great Brain book series (John Fitzgerald), LOL Surprise


222.HMA2 - KALIYAH, girl, age 6 (fav color purple/pink)

Clothes (sz 5/6), Shoes/Boots (sz 12.5youth), Elsa Doll/Toys

Darlene Long

223.HMA3 - REMMI, girl, age 9 (husky build, fav color pink)

Clothes (sz 18/20), Bed Sheets/Comforter (sz Full), LOL Dolls or Candy Maker


224.HMA4 - MAJESTY, girl, age 8 (fav color blue)

Pretty Clothes (sz 14/16), Shoes (sz 5.5), Hair Supplies/Nail Polish

Cheryl Voss

225.HMA5 - KAMARI, boy, age 8 (fav color red)

Sweaters (sz 16)/Pants (sz 18), Boots (sz3.5youth), Toy Car


226.HMA6 - DESIRAEE, girl, age 10 (fav color purple)

Clothing (sz 14/16), Shoes/Boots (sz 4.5), Dolls


227.HMA7 - ANIYAH, girl, age 6 (fav color pink)

Coat (sz 10/12), Shirts/Pants (sz 8), Boots (sz 2.5), Playdoh

Cheryl Voss

228.HMA8 - NEHEMIAH, boy, age 10 (fav color blue)

Clothes (sz 8), Boots & Socks (sz 4.5), Flipside game (see amazon)


229.HMA9 - KYREE, boy, age 8 (fav color red)

Shoes/Boots (sz 2.5), Clothes (sz 10/12), Magic Trick Set


230.HMA10 - CHRIS, boy, age 7 (fav color rainbow)

Thermal Underwear (sz 8), Coat (sz 12 tall), Batman robot or Hulkbuster


231.HMA11 - TENAJ, girl, age 9 (fav color pink)

Thermal underclothes (sz 10/12), Boots (sz 5), Barbie Truck or Baby Carseat


232.HMA12 - ZAHRA, girl, age 3 (fav color green)

Winter Boots (sz 12.5youth), thermal underclothes (sz 6), eeBoo Nesting Read to Me Toddler Blocks (see Amazon)

Laurie Hoge

233.HMA13 - COREY, boy, age 9 (fav color blue)

Warm clothes (sz 8), Pajamas, Batman Car/Truck

Kim Wydra

234.HMA14 - IDONIJE, boy, age 8 (fav color blue)

Clothes (sz 10/12), Shoes & Socks (sz 4), Candyland or Gravity Maze

Kirsten Davis

235.HMA15 - NEVAEH, girls, age 8 (fav color pink)

Clothing (sz 14/16), Shoes/Boots (sz 3.5), Dolls


236.HMA16 - ROBERT, boy, age 10 (fav color blue)

Clothes (sz 10/12) and Snowsuit, Boots (sz 5.5), Sequence Game


237.HMA17 - AMARI, girl, age 8 (fav color purple)

Warm outfit (sz 10/12), Pajamas, Art Supplies/Kit or LOL Dolls

Darlene Long

238.HMA18 - CEJAY, boy, age 10 (fav color blue)

Pants/Shirts (sz 10/12), Socks (shoe sz 4.5), loves Star Wars / Comics

Kevin Bolhuis

239.HMA19 - JAIDEN, boy, age 10 (fav color red)

Shoes/Socks (sz 7.5), Clothes/PJs (sz 14/16), Basketball (sz 28.5")

Lacee Sinnema

240.HMA20 - JOSIAH, boy, age 7 (fav color blue)

Shoes/Socks (sz 3.5), Clothes (sz 8), Superhero Costume

Jill Sperling

241.HW1 - SAMARI, girl, age 8 (fav color pink)

Clothes (sz 10/12), Shoes (sz 1.5), Polly Pocket or My Little Pony toys

Meg Bowers

242.HW2 - RANDY, boy, age 8 (fav color blue)

Socks & Shoes (sz 3), Thermal Long Johns & PJs (sz 8), Sorry or Life game

Diane Paarlberg

243.HW3 - SAMAJA, boy, age 6 (fav color blue)

Bed Sheets (sz Twin), Warm Clothes (sz 8), Spiderman Imaginext Toys

Diane Paarlberg

244.HW4 - DAVIA, girl, age 8 (fav color pink)

Clothes (sz 7/8), Boots (sz 1.5), Kitchen Set or Monopoly

Kim Wydra

245.HW5 - ZAIDEN, boy, age 5 (fav color red)

Long Johns/Thermals (sz 8), Pajamas (sz 8), Shoes (sz 1.5), red remote control car

Diane Paarlberg

246.HW6 - ZANAYA, girl, age 10

Shoes & Socks (sz 6.5), Thermalwear & PJs (sz 14/16) , Trouble or Life game

Derrick Mars

247.HW7 - DEAVEON, boy, age 10 (fav color blue)

Winter Clothes (sz 10/12), Thermal Wear, Superhero toys

Derrick Mars

248.HW8 - MORGAN, boy, age 5 (fav color blue)

Pajamas & Slippers (sz 6 clothes, shoe size 11.5c), Hungry Hungry Hippos

Laurie Hoge

249.HW9 - AUBREE, girl, age 7 (fav color purple/pink)

Clothes/PJs (sz 8), Shoes (sz 12.5c), Charades for Kids

Pam Cook

250.HW10 - JEREMIAH, boy, age 11 (fav color blue)

Twin size bedding, Clothes & PJs (sz 10/12), Skipbo game

Pam Cook
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